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Who are you guys, anyway? was created by R. Steven Rainwater and Roger Arrick. Together with Jim Brown, we manage the site and try to keep things running. All three are current or past members of the DPRG. Roger and Jim are past presidents of the DPRG.

Stories are posted by a growing assortment of editors including:

Will you publish a review of my book, hardware, or software?
Maybe. We post occasional reviews in addition to daily news. To find out more about how to submit your book or product for review, see our review policies page.

Is it possible to advertise our product or service on
Yes, that's how we pay the bills. See our advertising page for details.

Can I put headlines on my website?
Please do. It's easy. For details see our Syndication page.

Can I read news on slashdot?
You bet! Slashdot users can customize the Slashdot home page to include a slashbox.

What sort of hardware/software do you use to run this site?
Here's the set-up that is currently using:

Intel PII 400mhz, 256MB RAM
CentOS Linux v4.1
Apache v2.0
Perl DBI/DBD, and assorted other modules
PostgreSQL v7. high-performance Object-Relational DBMS
mod_virgule v1.41 + modifications by steve

The site runs on 100% Free software. No Microsoft or other proprietary software is used. Images are in PNG format processed using The Gimp. HTML content is created dynamically from an XML database by mod_virgule. The server is co-located at NCC in Dallas, Texas, United States.

What's your privacy policy?
We don't sell or reveal your private information to anyone unless required by law. The account sign-up page clearly indicates which information will be displayed on your public account page and that almost all of it is optional.

Has the site won any awards?
Well, we don't like to brag but we have accumulated a few awards over the years

Top 50 Engineering Blogs, August 25, 2011

The Golden House-Sparrow Award, July 16, 2005 Weekly Link Award for an outstanding website, October 31 - November 6, 2004

Picked as one of the best science sites on the web, July 2002

Golden Web Award, 2001-2002

Sensors Magazine Web Pick, September 2001

Nasa Space Telerobotics Program Cool Robot Site of the week, June 2001's AI Best of the Net Award, April 2001

NASA Robotics Education Project
Cool Link of the month, April 2001