Virtus 998

built by Ivano Cremonesi

Target Environment Locomotion Method
Indoors 2 Legs
Sensors / Input Devices Actuators / Output Devices
ultra-sound radar
cooling fan sensor
vocal synthesizer
2 electric motors
7 hitech servos
2 pneumatic micropistons
2 pneumatic pistons
1 micropump
Control Method Power Source
PC via Radio modem Battery
CPU Type Operating System
Intel 80x86 Windows 95/98/NT/2K/CE...
Programming Lanuage Weight
Time to build Cost to build
URL for more information
Virtus 998
Antropomophic Entertainment Walking Animatronics

Virtus is an Anthropomorphic Entertainment Robot equipped with a pneumatic system and with an ultra-sound radar for obstacles' or presence's survey. Pneumatic system consists of a micropump placed in the central part of the robot's chest (Heart) and operated by an electric DC motor. Microvalves, operated by Hobby Servos, assure the movement of 4 pneumatic micropistons 2 for pliers' movement, 2 for the opening of the front shield, necessary to enter the mechanisms ruling the extremities' movement.

Virtus 998 is equipped with 7 Servo-controls + 2 electric DC Motors, assuring together the Robot's movements.

Virtus 998 is completely controlled through Computer by an easy programm for Windows 95/98 S.O.

* Head: Up/Down/Rotation Left Right
* Arms: Up-Down
* Pliers: Opened/Closed through pneumatic system
* Legs: Movements of all articulated joints of the two extremities, just like the human gait

On board electronics
* Control card (Mini SSC Board) for Servo-controls and motors
* Vocal synthetizer based on ISD processor (Starting message)
* Ultra-sound Radar for obstacles' and/or presence's survey.
* Stop cooling fan sensor
* VU-Meter elettronic card; Virtus 998 is able to talk too and the words are underlined by a led bar positioned close its mouth.

Robot Brain:
Virtus 998 is totally controlled via Computer through a easy graphic Software which does not need any programming.

If you use a couple of Modem radio, (serial cable free ;-) it is possible to control Virtus 998 via computer through a Software and also through it with voice commands in total wireless system.

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