Top Tips for Savvy Shopping in the E-Commerce Age

Top Tips for Savvy Shopping in the E-Commerce Age

267 million Americans used e-commerce sites in 2024. More consumers use the internet to meet their commerce needs than ever before. But there’s a lot of choice, so getting the best deal isn’t always straightforward. Check out these top money saving tips, including how best to use a grocery cash back app and why you should always compare.

 Here’s how to save when shopping online:

Set a Budget

How much do you want to spend? Always answer this question before you shop and be very strict with yourself. Affordability is key. Buy what you can afford today, and not what you think you can afford tomorrow, next week, or after payday. You know how much money is in your bank and on your card. Keep that info in the back of your mind and don’t lose track.

Install a Grocery Cash Back App on Your Device

Earn cash back rewards on groceries with a grocery cash back app. These apps also cover a host of other everyday purchases, including gas and restaurant meals. They are free and easy to use, and they provide you with a variety of ways to save on the things you buy every day. 

Search for coupons/offers before you spend any money. Googling your chosen retailer followed by “coupons” will likely reveal a couple of discount options. If not, look for the company’s newsletter, usually found in the footer. You’re told that if you sign up, you’ll get a small discount. It’s probably only 5% or 10%, but if you seek these savings every time you shop, it’ll add up to big savings overall.

Compare the Price 

Never accept the first price that you see. Always compare. Even if you find what you’re looking for in the “sales” section of a specific retailer, and even if the price is low, you should still check other sites. Search for the product name using Google to find the best deals. You should use comparison sites, as well.

Research suggests that more than 8 out of 10 shoppers compare before they buy, but that still leaves nearly 20% that don’t compare. And many people who do compare, don’t do enough.

Shop with a Clear Head 

Don’t grocery shop if you’re hungry. Not only will it produce unpredictable results, but it’s expensive. You shop for a few fresh vegetables for dinner, but you buy an armful of candy, chips, soda, and oh… is that a new type of chocolate bar?

Save your grocery shopping for after dinner. Buy with your head and not your stomach. It’s a sensible way to shop. It’s also usually a cheaper way to shop.

The rule applies to more than food. Research suggests that hunger increases your desire to buy new things, regardless of what those things are. In one study, hungry participants spent 64% more than satiated ones. 

Similar caution is required when you’re frustrated, angry, tired, or drunk. You might not be thinking clearly, so you’re more prone to impulsive decisions, whether that means impatiently buying something without comparing or getting something that you don’t need. 

Be Wary of Sales

As noted above, just because one site has a sale doesn’t mean it’s the cheapest available price. Sales also tempt you into buying something you don’t want or need. It’s FOMO. You don’t act, the price increases, you’re annoyed and full of regret.

But there are always sales; there are always ways to save. There will be another sale and another opportunity. The dreaded FOMO effect will try to tempt you. It will lure you into spending money you don’t want to spend. Don’t let it.

We all have stuff we don’t need—instruments that are steadily detuning, fitness equipment that gathers dust. Stop and think twice. Don’t lose sight of what you need because of a tempting sale price.

Summary: Shop Smarter

E-commerce has exploded in popularity, but there’s an economic recession out there. We all spend a little too much money, and for many of us, online shopping is the crux of that. So, set a budget, download your cash back app, keep your head clear, and watch out for those sales—once you’re prepared with these steps, you’re ready to shop!

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