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Currently finishing my Graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at UCSB. My research right now is mostly in radar systems and recoginition. I built several working robots. One of them was a Micromouse which won several competitions so far. My new Robot design is a tiny solar powered AI robot with several sensors. I developed a design for the DARPA challenge, but ran out of funds. I am currenly developing a low cost version of the Darpa robot, using a RC car as its base. Here is the link to the UCSB micromouse that I made Team page . Check it Out.

I've been programming projects in mostly assembly, C, and verilog . I am most familiar with PID control algorithms, software interfacing to the 629 motor controllers, building dc and brushless motor controllers, maze solving algorithms, programmable logic, PCB design tools, and overall system layouts.

Micromouse: Designed and constructed First Place self- contained autonomous maze solving robot
Ground Penetrating Radar: GPR system to reconstruct 3d underground images
Battle Bot: Lead developer of electronics for robot entered in 2002 Comedy Central BattleBots
Sphinx Cubesat: Designed and developed electrical system for a 1 kg satellite for space deployment
SumoBot completed, now working on a nano version
VLSI project: Designed, tested and fabricated a fully custom integrated circuit using MOSIS

"The Application of GPR in Florida For Detecting Forensic Burials." January 2003
"Advanced GPR System for High- Performance Tomographic Subsurface Imaging." May 2003


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Another one started up!

2 million prize.

Good job, ucsb micromouse. They ended up winning 1st place. with a best time run of a little above a 60 seconds. Not bad. Now its tiem for next years mouse. Time to start working :)

Hey anyone who lives in southern california. The official date of the Southern Area MicroMouse competition is May 15. It'll be at UCLA. Cash prizes! Just letting those who wanted to know. I will try to make it to watch the ucsb team if they finish in time :).

The latest design for tiny bot has been brought down to a 1 inch by 1 inch PCB. Going out for fab now. the processor is a pic18f6520. I have two tiny h-bridge an IRDA circuit a .5 volt step up power supply. an rs232 chip. and Inputs for 6 analog sensors. I hope this board will make the nano- bot size limit :)

looks like the there are some teams doing stuff at the grand challenge. Even though I was not able to gather enough funding for my entry. I am glad that some teams were able to finish their entrys and pass the qualifications. My bets are on the Red team to move the most distance. But I don't think anyone will finish this year. Anyone what to join me for next year. Hopefully I'll have a radar system done by then.

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