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My overall desire to learn and research came from the idea (which i know must people underneath want and beleive) that the human race can progress in order to not worry about their futures and with robotic bulk supplies of robotic human parts and bulk mass produced internal organs combined with the already happening robotic hospitals and surgeries.This to me seems the end result of all our work and make the world ideal.So in my studies i intend to learn and learn and feel i understand the true meaning and purpose of every robot/robotics item created.Combined with this the idea of fully self cleaning houses for people through robots doing everyones housework jobs seems right and a good chance for buisnesses.

Hi,first visit here.I make basic stamp robot kits for a year or so now with variable success.Also just recently i have found going through the latest robot/robotics stories on google news and find it fascinating every day whats new,so aswell as that to give me a feeling of achievement i send some stories to most of the worlds news websites because i have found that this sort of story goes down well with news viewers but is mostly overshadowed by less positive big events or disasters,so they miss them.Gives me a good feeling for some reason telling the world about the latest robot/robotics.I am also trying to decide whether to get the new robosapien v2 in december but i wonder if i am going to learn much from its complex circuitry and methods so maybe instead i am going to spend on robots,robot books and other information on the latest medical hospital robotic machines and military advances,as they seem to be the ones that are already saving lives and look very promising for the future.Tough but not too difficult decisions !!!!!.Thanks.

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