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Software Download for PC: The Essential Ones Today

Software download for pc

Software download for PC is essential when setting up your computer. While a PC is already useful on its own, you cannot use it to its full potential without these essential software. You can do a lot of things with these software such as PC maintenance, video and image editing, gaming, and audio and video streaming.

Here is a guide to the essential software download for your PC to get today.


Best Security Software Download for PC

Security software is definitely a must-have for your PC. This software keeps your PC from threats such as viruses and malware. While there are more ways to keep your PC safe, security software is essential.

There is a lot of security software out there offering various features. But, for security software, more doesn’t mean better. Having a lot of security software on your PC might cause issues. This issue would make security software confuse security software as a threat to your PC. For this reason, you would need to choose only one security software.

Here are some of the best security software download for PC.



McAfee is a US-based company known for offering security software. It claims itself to be the world’s largest technology security company. As such, McAfee has a wide variety of security software.

One of such software is the McAfee Total Protection which is security software for PC. This software mixes antivirus, safe web browsing, and password manager features. It can detect PC threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware. Added features include safe browsing on public Wi-Fi and identity theft protection.

McAfee Total Protection is available starting at an affordable price for the first year of individual use. You can also access this software for multi-device and family uses. McAfee also offers a free 30-day trial for McAfee Total Protection. For total protection, check out McAfee Total Protection.

NortonLifeLocks is another company based in the United States that offers cybersecurity. It has services that include securities for devices, identity, and online use. There are also family and home features such as parental control for devices.

NortonLifeLocks offers a security software called Norton 360 Deluxe. This software mixes usual antivirus features with a password manager and cloud storage. It also features online threat protection, smart firewall, and virus protection promise. The cloud storage allows up to 2 GB storage that allows for file backups.

Norton AntiVirus Plus is available starting at an affordable price for the first year of use. This is available for use on only one PC.

Kaspersky Antivirus is a well-known security software developed by Russia-based Kaspersky Lab. The company is a leader among software companies as well as in being a software vendor. As such, their software is also well known with over 400 million users.

Kaspersky Antivirus protects your PC from viruses, malware, ransomware, and spyware. It also provides protection for your PC against cryptolockers and unwanted cryptocurrency mining. This security software focuses on allowing your PC to do its designed performance.

Kaspersky Antivirus allows you to use their security software on one PC for one year for a more economic price. There are also other subscription plans meant for many devices.

This security software also comes with advanced and premium versions. Aside from Kaspersky Antivirus’s features, users can also have access to added features. These features include safe browsing, password manager and file backups.


Best Tools & Utilities Software Download for PC

Another must-have software for your PC are tools and utilities software. These software help PCs achieve their intended performance. They do this by configuring, analyzing, optimizing and maintaining PCs.

You can keep PCs maintained and optimized on your own. But, tools and utilities software do a better job at this. They run their own analysis of your PC which it uses to better manage it.

Here are some of the best tools and utilities software download for PC.

CCleaner is a tool and utilities software that cleans your PC. UK-based Piriform developed the software to remove unwanted files on your PC. This helps you to create more hard disk space on your PC.

CCleaner deletes unwanted files created by programs and apps on your PC. It also deletes data such as browsing history, cookies, autocomplete and other files. The software also looks at the Windows registry to find unwanted entries and errors. CCleaner’s features will help speed up your PC’s performance.

CCleaner has a free version available for download. This version only features standard privacy protection and standard cleaning. But, for an additional price, you can access the professional version. Aside from the free version features, you also have access to added features. These include complete cleaning, storage management, and app updates.

Keyfinder is another tool and utilities software that helps recover product keys. Product keys are codes used to authenticate software during installation. This software supports a wide variety of products in recovering product keys.

Keyfinder has a free version that can recover product keys for 300 programs. This version can scan another or non-bootable Windows. It can also recover serials for Windows 7 and 8 and Office 2010.

For an affordable price, you can access Keyfinder’s recovery keys. This can help recover product keys for up to 10,000 programs. It has added features such as recover product keys for Windows from BIOS and serials for Adobe programs. It can also scan remote network computers and scan files for product keys.

FileHippo is a tools and utilities software that acts as an app manager for your PC. It can automatically update apps on your PC to their latest version. The software updates apps without the need for you to search for the source of the update.

FileHippo compares the versions of your apps if it matches the software’s library. If your PC’s app doesn’t match the latest version, the software lets you download the latest version. Clicking the download and run button on the software starts the updating process.

FileHippo App Manager is available for free download on its website.


Best Video Editing Software Download for PC

For video content creators, the best video editing software is ideal for their PCs. These software allow the improvement of raw video files. It can also process many videos at once to create a final single video file.

Here are some of the best video editing software download for PC.


Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software from Adobe Systems. This software is ideal for use in professional video editing. The film and video industry use this software especially in the editing of movies.

The software makes use of a timeline with automated tools to make video editing easy. It can process videos in any format and on any device. It also works well along with other editing apps to make video editing less of a hassle.

If you get Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll also get Premiere Rush, 100 GB of cloud storage and Adobe Fonts. There are also versions meant for use by students and teachers and by businesses. There is also a version that also comes with other creative apps for use along with Adobe Premiere Pro.

HitFilm Express is a software that provides professional video editing for free. It is a video editing software that has professional-grade tools good. It is easy to use and offers good editing results at no cost at all.

This software is a professional-grade video editor. It has features such as 2D and 3D compositing, effects and presets and tracks and transitions. HitFilm Express is a widely used software with up to 4.9 million users.

HitFilm Express is available for download on its website. You can also check out Hitflim Pro for additional features.

The DaVinci Resolve 16 is a video editing software that mixes all professional editing tools into one software. Currently developed by BlackMagic Design, it focuses on color correction, audio mixing, and visual effects. This software makes use of a dual timeline mixed with editing tools to help make video editing faster and easier.

DaVinci Resolve 16 makes use of professional tools as well as a high-performance playback engine. This allows you to create professional-looking video content with much ease. The software has a lot of built-in features that allow you to create a professional-looking output.

DaVinci Resolve 16 has a free version available for download on its site. But, this only comes with a reduced number of features for use. You can upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 as well. This adds features such as 3D tools and a lot of effects plugins.


Best Photo Editing and Graphics Software Download for PC

Photo editing and graphics software allow you to create the best photos and graphics. For photographers, these software can help enhance their photos. For artists, these software allow them to create the best looking digital graphics.

Here are some of the best photo editing and graphics software download for PC.


Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphics software from Adobe. This software is popular as being an industry standard for digital art. It is so popular that the word “photoshop” has become synonymous with photo editing.

Adobe Photoshop can edit images through the use of layers, masks, composites and color models. It can also support text in a photo as well as vector graphics, 3D graphics, and video. While Photoshop already comes with its own set of impressive features, users can make use of third-party plugins to make full use of the software.

You can get basic access to Adobe Photoshop for a great price. It also comes in photography, all apps and students’ and teachers’ versions. For those new to Photoshop, it also offers a seven-day free trial.


Adobe Illustrator is a photo editing and graphics software meant for vector graphics. Also created by Adobe, this software is mainly used to create images in vector graphics format. Vector graphics are images that make use of lines and curves to make shapes to make the final image look smooth.

Adobe Illustrator has features that make it easy to create images and artworks. It has selection tools, paintbrush tools, pen tools, pencil tools, and other tools. The user interface is also optimized for use in creating images and artworks.

Adobe Illustrator  also has other versions include one that has other creative apps, as well as versions for students and teachers and businesses. There is a free trial version that those new to Illustrator can use to know more about it.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is another photo editing and graphics software from Adobe. This software is similar to Adobe Photoshop. But, unlike Photoshop, edits on Lightroom keep the original image.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom does not have features from Photoshop despite being a photo editor. This includes doctoring, text render, and 3D object rendering. It also allows for the import, storage, and management of a large number of digital images.

You can subscribe to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom monthly. It also has a free seven-day free trial for those new to using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


Best Games Software Download for PC

While productive things are the purpose of PCs, there is nothing wrong with also using them for entertainment. One such type of software for this purpose is games software. Luckily for you, there is not a lack of games software available for PCs.

With many games software out there for these days, it could be different to choose which one to get. Here are some of the best games software download for PC.



Steam is a games software from Valve designed for access to games. Originally created for distributing Valve games, it has since become a digital distribution service for a wide range of games.

Steam allows you to gain access to a lot of Valve and third-party games. There are games, especially those that are Valve titles, that make use of Steam for matchmaking in multiplayer matches. The service also allows you to interact with a community of other Steam users.

Steam is available on its website. You can also download its client on your device. This service requires you to have an account to access its features.


Fortnite is a games software released by Epic Games in 2017. It is an online multiplayer game that is mainly known for its battle royale game mode. The game is popular with over 250 million players and is an icon in popular culture.

The game’s main game mode is battle royale. Here, players fight off against each other to become the only one surviving at the end of the game. Players can search for items as well as build structures that will help them win the game. The game is free-to-play but players have the option to buy V-bucks with real money. Players use V-bucks to buy items that will help in-game progression.

You can download this free PC game Fortnite from its official website or from Steam. Also, check out this guide on how to download Fortnite.

Minecraft is a games software developed by Mojang in 2011. Players know this game as an adventure game in a blocky, pixelated randomly-generated 3D world. It is the second best selling game of all time and is an influential icon in popular culture.

Players of the game mine resources, build structures and survive against enemy mobs. They have a choice of playing in survival game mode and creative game mode. Players can also play solo or with friends in multiplayer. Check out Minecraft to discover and create new worlds with friends.


Best Media Software Download for PC

Media software are another form of entertainment available for PCs. These media software allow you to gain access to music and videos. They also allow users to have an enhanced entertainment experience. This is done through various audio and video features and settings that these software offer.

Here are some of the best media software download for PC.



Spotify is a media software known for its music streaming service. This streaming service hosts up to 50 million music tracks. A total of 271 million users make use of this music streaming service.

Users can browse and search for their music tracks based on the artist, genre, record label, and other parameters. They can also embed specific songs or playlists on blogs, websites and social media. Users can follow artists and friends, as well as discover new tracks based on listening history.

Spotify is available for free with limited features. But you can upgrade to Spotify Premium for offline listening and more.

MusicBee is a media software used for music management. Users can store and manage music files on this and also play them. It also has options that will enhance your listening experience.

This software features an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage music files without hassle. It also allows you to get the best possible sound quality with its many options available. MusicBee can also sync with devices and support other music streaming services.

MusicBee is available for free download on its website.

VLC Media Player is a media software usually used as a video player. This software is a go-to for those who want to have the best video viewing experience. This is due to the support it offers for file formats including streaming protocols.

VLC Media Player makes use of a modular design that allows for the inclusion of many plugins. It is also open-source which means that it is very open to upgrades. This software can support a wide variety of video as well as audio files.

VLC Media Player is available for free download on its website.


Best WiFi Software Download for PC

WiFi software allows you to turn your PC into its own WiFi hotspot. This software can easily set up a WiFi hotspot. Your PC can then share an Internet connection that is accessible to any device.

Here are some of the best WiFi software download for PC.

Connectify Hotspot is a WiFi software that allows you to set up a WiFi hotspot in seconds. This software allows you to share an Internet connection with other devices. It promises to make it easy for devices to access an Internet connection.

This software allows you to create a hotspot that could share any Internet connection within seconds. This can be easily accessed by any device without any restrictions. Connectify Hotspot promises to make full use of your Internet connection.

Connectify Hotspot is free for download on its official website. It also offers a Pro version and Max version with added features not found on the free version.

MHotspot is another WiFi software that can set up an accessible and secured WiFi hotspot. It can turn any PC into a virtual WiFi router. It aims to fully maximize the use of your Internet connection.

MHotspot allows users to create a WiFi hotspot for use of up to 10 devices. Users can secure this hotspot by setting up a password or limiting the devices that can connect to it.

MHotspot is available for free download on its website.



160WiFi is a WiFi software that easily creates WiFi hotspots for free. This allows anyone to maximize their Internet connection by sharing it with other devices. It also allows you to be in full control of your WiFi hotspot.

160WiFi can create a hotspot to share any Internet connection for free. It maximizes your Internet connection by extending the range of your WiFi. Full control of the hotspot is possible through the setting of passwords and the number of devices that can connect to it.

160WiFi is available for free download.

Software Download for PC: The Essential Ones This 2020

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