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Is Wrike Project Management the Platform for Your Team?

Wrike Project Management Featured

It is not easy to manage different projects and collaborate with a team. It takes a lot of skills, effort, and patience to execute these tasks efficiently. But thanks to project management platforms like Wrike, managing chaotic projects and enhancing team coordination are now easier.

This article will give you an idea of how Wrike makes these things possible. You will also get to know what Wrike project management is along with its valuable features and payment plans.


What Is Wrike Project Management Software?

Wrike Project Management
Photo from Wrike


This comprehensive project management solution controls all your essential tasks in just one platform. You can plan, coordinate, and manage all your work efficiently. Moreover, it will help you expedite and enhance performance while delivering competence even when team members work remotely. It is so flexible that you do not need to exert too much effort to achieve progress in any tasks. Also, it provides ready-made solutions regarding specific requirements that every company can quickly implement.

As a versatile service, Wrike is the ideal option for organizations with multiple departments. It offers functionality that helps you become more productive and more specific with your goals. Besides, it offers incredible features that let you delve deeper into a wide range of project plans and monitor every progress that your team achieves. File sharing and collaboration with every member of the team are achievable. With that, there’s no reason for you not to know everything that’s happening on your project.


Wrike Project Management Subscription and Cost

Pricing Plans
Screenshot from Wrike


Wrike offers flexible pricing plans to its users, each with different features to enjoy and the number of users it supports. For complete information on the plans, you check the Wrike’s pricing here.


The Free Plan

This is basically for personal use or a team of five members. Although the number of users is too small, it allows unlimited collaborators. However, these collaborators can only view, discuss, and contribute to the project. They can not edit or create tasks.


The Professional Plan

This costs $9.80 per month, and this is specially designed for those who offer professional services. Also, this is Wrike’s entry-level project management solution and allows five to 15 users (interval of five).


The Business Plan

This costs $24.80 per month and is the perfect option for organizations looking for a great project management solution. It allows up to 200 users, so it is also great if you handle multiple teams.


The Enterprise Plan

This is available at custom pricing and is designed for larger organizations with excellent security needs, conforming to your organization’s policies. It allows unlimited users.


Wrike for Marketers

This is Wrike’s custom account for marketing workgroups and creative teams. It can be added to Business and Enterprise Plans. You may contact the company for its price. This account will be of great help if you manage all the aspects of the entire marketing project and want to apply different marketing techniques. You can do this in a single collaborative workspace. Aside from the features, you can get from the Business plan, you can also enjoy different marketing-oriented functions. Wrike Proof for approvals and proofing of feedbacks provided by stakeholders


Wrike for Marketers Performance

This is the more advanced and upgraded version of the Wrike for Marketers. It gives you an overall view of a marketing solution that is more than what basic project management can offer. Besides, it allows you to monitor all your campaigns and workflows. You also need to contact the company’s sales team to get a custom pricing quote for this account. The reason is they do not provide the pricing online.


Wrike for Professional Services

This is the specialized account for agencies and services-based teams looking for effective resource management. This can be added to the Business and Enterprise plans, but you have to contact the company’s sales team for a custom pricing quote. In addition to the features that you can enjoy from the Business or Enterprise plan.


Wrike for Professional Services Performance

This is Wrike for Professional services upgraded and advanced versions. It offers the same features as Wrike for Professional Services, but you can connect Wrike with your CRM to enjoy what the platform has to offer.


Wrike Add-Ons

Wrike Add Ons
Screenshot from Wrike


Wrike offers a wide range of add-ons to enhance its platforms. However, Wrike does not provide information and pricing quotes for these services, so you have to contact the sales team to get further insights. Here are Wrike’s essential add-ons

  • Integrate – provides custom integration with more than 400 cloud and office applications
  • Resource – helps in resource management to enhance scheduling and improve productivity.
  • Integrate – this lets you create personalized integrations and automation
  • Lock – lets the companies manage their own encrypted
  • Review – provides users a better way to focus and update both digital asset review and approval process.
  • Publish – is for creators who want to publish all their created marketing activities online easily (digital asset management)
  • Analyze – this provides advanced analytics and reporting for further references
  • Two-way sync – it is easier to sync your software and coordinate with other teams to achieve your goals efficiently.


Wrike Project Management Features

Project Planning

Wrike Boards
Photo by Wrike


This feature lets you manage your workload with tools so you can efficiently plan, prioritize, schedule, and assign resources before designating tasks. This is possible with Wrike’s interactive and adjustable Gantt chart. You can visualize tasks and projects, set deadlines, and oversee critical paths. Also, you can adjust schedules and tasks on the Gantt chart through drag and drop capability. This will help you to reschedule and reassign tasks easily.


Resource Management

This feature makes it easier to view your team’s progress by providing your team’s current workload. This gives you an overview of how each work is allocated among the team members. With that, you will have an idea if a member is overloaded with tasks or a deadline that you will miss. As you can see if there are unassigned tasks, you can assign them to the right people. Additionally, the notifications are automatically generated, so you will not miss a deadline.



This feature helps you keep in touch with other members and improve communication channels. It lets each member automatically receive notifications and status updates when there are changes with the tasks given to all team members. In addition, each team member can easily track messages through comments and mentions. You can respond to them by adding comments to the specific project, task, or subtask. There is also the inbox to easily track email threads, and you don’t have to access them from another portal. However, you can not directly send your message from the inbox.



Wrike’s dashboard gives you a clear view of all your tasks. You can view the upcoming tasks, helpful analytics, and everything about the project. Moreover, you can achieve a personalized experience as you can customize the dashboard to conform to your needs. Besides, you can reorganize your projects and use its filtering tools to make things easier to find. There are also helpful topics in the dashboard to help you out. You can use a specialty dashboard or built-in widgets to classify your projects into active or essential tasks, things to do daily or weekly, tasks assigned to you, or tasks that are almost overdue. You can also see backlogs, so you can decide what you need to complete them.


Time Tracking

This feature lets you track your team’s billable hours. If you can not log in online, you can still log in manually and add entries if you forgot to click the start button to track time. Furthermore, this lets you see how much time is spent on a specific project. And, if you believe that a specific task is taking too much of your member’s time, other members can step in and help each other streamline things. You can also set it to receive alerts, add a due date to a task, and set the timer. Also, if you think you can’t attend to a particular task, you can set a timer for a reminder.

Time tracking is also helpful to boost the team’s productivity. If you know that someone is left behind, you can offer help to finish the task quickly. This will then help prevent backlogs.


Project Management

Active tasks
Photo from Wrike


This makes Wrike popular. This feature lets you manage all your projects efficiently. You can create tasks and subtasks and work on them accordingly by adding due dates to each. This will allow you to break complex projects and organize them into smaller pieces.

In addition, this feature includes four key areas to help you manage your project. They are the Folder, Project, Task, and Spaces.


Wrike Folder

Creating a folder structure is essential. You manage all your projects and organize all conversations and workflows. You can make a particular folder for a specific client to group all your projects and related tasks to help your team. Besides, they are color-coded, making them easily visible for all team members and help keep things run smoothly.


Wrike Project

After making a folder, you can now create a project in it. You can put the start and due dates and the tasks that were already achieved. Also, you can add titles, descriptions, status, owners, and even comments on each project. This will help you to have a preview of a specific project or task that needs your attention.


Wrike Task

This lets you monitor the project’s progress easily. You can also include a call to action and see who is working on a particular project. Moreover, you can create new tasks and tags for tasks. In addition, you can assign, schedule, and follow or unfollow tasks. These tasks need your attention, so you need to have a concrete plan for each. You can apply any approaches which you think are reliable and efficient in completing the task. Besides, you can set priorities for each task, and you can move it in a folder according to its priority level.


Wrike Spaces

This lets you group all projects. It has three different types, namely:

  • Personal Space – you alone can manage this space, so it is an ideal place to store all your private files, notes, or works.
  • Public Space – you can manage and organize all the information and make it available to all members. This will help streamline all announcements that will be helpful to all team members.
  • Private Space – this space is for members, departments, or organizations invited by the administrator. So, if you are not invited, you can’t access the necessary files in this space.


Reports and Analytics

Screenshot from Wrike


As you can generate reports on any details of your tasks and projects, you can have helpful insights into your team’s data and output. You can also have their timesheets and productivity reports. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to generate these reports as Wrike will automatically do it for you. These reports and analytics are beneficial for any decisions that you will make. Besides, you can share them with others to take action if you have no time to do it.


File Management

Wrike is handling uploading and managing all files. It also provides an excellent way for you to track the updated versions of the file attachments so you and your team members will always have the duplicate files at hand. You can save all your files within Wrike, or if you wish, you can keep them to Wrike’s integrated tools.


Automated Workflows

This feature lets you determine the things you need to work out concerning your project and then fill them with the necessary tasks. However, you need to plan it carefully, so things will work out the way you intend them to be.


Collaborative Document Editing

This feature allows all team members to create content. All of them can collaborate manually and work on files and documents simultaneously. This will ensure that no one will be left behind or will not have an idea of what’s going on. Each team member can also share the files and work on them at any time available. Moreover, this feature makes sure that everyone has the updated file, as no one will have a different file or content.


Wrike Integrations

Among Wrike’s useful integrations are the following:

  • Gmail and Outlook for making emails
  • Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, Google Chats, and Slack for team chat and messaging
  • Salesforce and Hubspot for customer relationship management
  • GitHub and Jira for software integrations
  • Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, and Evernote for file storage
  • Google Sheets for forms
  • WordPress for content management system
  • MS Project, MS Excel, and MS Office 365 Add-in for importing and exporting files
  • Zapier for automation
  • Zendesk and SurveyMonkey for customer support


Wrike Project Management Pros & Cons


  • Free version available
  • Flexible and easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Multiple forms of task management
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Dark mode
  • Visual timelines
  • Enterprise-level functionality
  • Department-specific solutions
  • Custom request forms
  • Provides multiple templates
  • Full workload transparency
  • Deadline visualization


  • Expensive, especially to start-ups
  • Steep learning curve
  • No proper task estimation tools
  • Lacks billing option
  • Limited mobile functionality
  • No live chat
  • Lack of filtering options


Project Management Platforms Like Wrike


Asana App
Photo from Asana


Asana is a collaborative task management tool that lets teams manage a wide range of tasks. It offers impressive features so that teams can handle complex projects efficiently. This tool is easy to use and simple and provides a Kanban-style user interface. In addition, it is an ideal choice for businesses that need up-to-date customization competencies. Also, it is flexible and offers a free plan which makes it easier to know if it will suit your business or not.



Project Manager
Photo from Trello


Trello is an incredible free project management software that sorts out your projects into boards. Its Kanban-style task management dashboard makes it easier for everyone to visualize what is happening on the project. This includes who’s working on a particular task and what is being worked on. What’s great about this tool is that it is easy to use, and technical knowledge is not needed to work on it. Its digital board uses cards and helps you create, prioritize, and manage everything with just a simple drag and drop here and there. You can move the cards on the board when you need to schedule a task or assign a task to efficient team members. There’s nothing to worry about since all the team members will know the changes made on the board.



Online Project Management Software | Binfire

Binfire is an online project management and collaboration tool that helps teams plan, monitor, and manage and coordinate a handful of projects in a single platform. It features an interactive whiteboard where team members can deal with each other. They can also do it through group chat and tagging. Thus, it is a virtual office space that helps improve communication and collaboration within the team. They can access all the files and tasks in this tool, making it easier to discuss the project. Moreover, they can see and apply changes to the board, which can aid the team’s productivity.


Is Wrike the Project Management Platform for Your Team?


Collaboration and communication have always been an issue for every business and organization. However, innovation makes it possible to do them efficiently among teams. This is through the availability of project management platforms, including Wrike. These platforms have so much to offer and definitely can provide what the team needs. Nevertheless, depending on their features, there is always one that can be essential to a team. Wrike can be an ideal choice for your team. Even so, there are other platforms like Asana, Trello, and Binfire that can also meet your requirements. Whatever platform you choose for your team, it is always needed to exert effort and be patient when doing a project. That way, success is always within reach.

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