Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game: What’s New with the 2021 Release?

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is one of the bigger 2021 E3 releases. With a gameplay preview available to the public, many wonder about its new features, storyline, and single-player setup.

Many Marvel titles have been released in this century, and “What’s new with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game?” is a question worth asking. Join Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot, and Drax on their latest adventure set for October 2021.

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  4. Where Does the Guardians of the Galaxy Game Fall Under Continuity?
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy Game vs Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series
  6. Other Popular Marvel Games
    1. Marvel Realm of Champions
    2. Spider-Man: Miles Morales
    3. Marvel’s Avengers (2020)
    4. Iron Man VR
    5. Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
    6. Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
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What Is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game?

What Kind of Game Is It?

Marvel's Gotg About
Picture from Steam

Reunite with Marvel’s most popular group of aliens in this new Guardians of the Galaxy game. In this sci-fi action-adventure experience, you take on outer space as Star-Lord (Peter Quill). Face combat against the galaxy’s most dangerous foes—and even between Guardians members. Played from the third-person perspective, the game tasks you to lead the Guardians of the Galaxy on their adventures. While there have been a few Guardians of the Galaxy game titles already, nothing captures the group’s individual personalities better than this title from Eidos Montreal.

With strong (and lone wolf) personalities, there will be friction amongst the Guardians of the Galaxy. As Peter Quill, you will be the one to call the shots. Needless to say, not every group member will be pleased. This is not an open-world title, though it does give similar freedoms. Get ready to save the galaxy with this volatile group of misfits. Shape your combat, your story, and your team’s future.

All while a mixtape with the best 80s songs plays in the background, of course.


Eidos Montreal
Photo from Eidos Montreal’s Official Website

The developer for this Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Game is Eidos Montreal. Founded in 2008, this company has had many successful titles up its sleeve. Examples of these include 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, 2020’s Marvel’s Avengers, and 2016’s Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Based in Canada, this game development company seeks to diversify video games. With their team of creatives from different backgrounds, they churn out titles that champion collaboration and innovation. Eidos uses technologies such as AI, motion capture, and photogrammetry in their video games. By doing this, they distribute immersive landscapes and riveting stories.

At the heart of it all, still, are complex characters. Such is the case with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game. Based on comic books and a series of blockbuster movies, its leading characters are aliens of different descents. They are outcasts of their own worlds, and they bond together because of it. Eidos had the privilege of working with people who know the Guardians of the Galaxy the best: Bill Roseman and Dan Abnett. Roseman is currently the Vice President of Marvel Games’ Creative Department. Abnett, contrastingly, was a contributor for the Guardians comics themselves.

Who can work better on a band of alien misfits than Eidos Montreal?

Release Date

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game will be available on all platforms on October 27, 2021. The last Guardians of the Galaxy game, The Telltale Series, was released in April 2017, though not by Eidos Montreal.


Guardians of the Galaxy game PS5
Picture from Amazon

This game will be available on consoles such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S. PC players can also join in on the fun, as long as they have a 64-bit processor and operating system.

Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version) users can also enjoy Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game come October.

Pre-order Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game on Steam


Guardians of the Galaxy game Pre-order
Picture from Amazon

Prices for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game range from USD 60 to USD 80. There are Standard and Deluxe Versions, both in digital and physical purchases. Included in the Digital Deluxe bundle are early unlocks for two of Star-Lord’s outfits, a digital download of the game soundtrack, and a digital copy of the game’s Mini Artbook.

The physical deluxe version, also known as the “Cosmic Deluxe,” includes a Steelbook Case, early unlocks for two Star-Lord outfits, and a hardback copy of the game’s Mini Artbook. This also dons digital download links for the game’s soundtrack.

These deluxe versions already include the full Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. Those who pre-order the Guardians of the Galaxy game can receive a copy of the game’s prequel comic. Called Star-Lord: Space Rider, there are only limited copies of this.

Pre-order Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game on Amazon

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game Preview


Compared to other Guardians of the Galaxy game titles, Eidos highlights the team’s dynamics. The gameplay preview revealed that when the Guardians were low on resources, hatching a plan to get what they want. This plan may or may have included “selling” a few members—a choice you get to decide.

Playing as Star-Lord, you are the voice of reason and strategy of your group. You call the shots: who to target, how to target, and where to go.

However, with four lone wolves by your side, be ready for friction from within. Choose between which members you should listen to, or maybe even throw across the edge of an alien terrain. These decisions can range from the most lighthearted of issues to the most critical.

The Guardians also love to talk, which is why dialogue choices are a big part of this game. Their sentiments and opinions shape the story’s flow. In turn, you are the one making it for them. Thus, this Guardians of the Galaxy game is more personalized than it ever has been.

Each decision has a corresponding reaction from your members. This is planned by developers because Eidos wanted the power of choice and consequence as one of the focal points of the game. Your job is to keep your team intact while saving the galaxy.


Combat Style

Guardians of the Galaxy game combat
Picture from Amazon

For combat style, gameplay previews show that you will not be fighting alone. While this game is not multiplayer, each member of the Guardians will be fighting alongside you for most of the time. As their leader, you can strategize fights around each member’s strengths. The enemies and terrain you face will differ, so you will have to change your gameplay up now and then. Again, the preview reveals the Guardians on planet Seknarf 9, where they had to face a monster queen. It has been revealed here that Quill will be sporting his rocket boots in the game.

No word yet on the range of weapons and outfits Quill will have. Either way, based on Quill’s boots, it will shape gameplay and combat style.

Traverse the universe and shape everyone’s fate in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. As the comics and movies have revealed, the universe never runs out of threats. This game lets you show the tricks you have up your sleeve—projected on Peter Quill.


Guardians of the galaxy game story
Picture from Steam

There are over 50 years of stories and lore under the Guardians of the Galaxy title. These characters have been loved by many throughout time, and have had their stories shared time and time again. They exist in comic books, movies, fanfiction stories, and even cartoons.

By collaborating with the Marvel team, Eidos Montreal breathes new life into these characters. Set early on in the Guardians’ founding, this game dives into their first sets of missions. These are done in the namesake of adventure, profit, and/or peace.

While there are years of Guardians of the Galaxy content to sort through, a theme that ties them together is their history as outcasts. Each member of the team has a past to heal from, and adventures across the galaxy do the trick. What sets the stage for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game is a seemingly harmless adventure. In previews, we see Star-Lord lead his group into an unexplored area of a desolate planet. Despite space debris, they power through the planet and face hidden monsters along the way.

In the middle of this mission, the Guardians make a bet that unexpectedly has a domino effect across the universe. Destruction hits planets, and the Guardians have to make things right. At the same time, the Guardians also have an alien named Lady Hellbender on their trail. While not much is known about her yet, one thing is for sure: this is not good news.

As you traverse across the galaxy, you will meet many beloved Marvel characters along the way. Everyone is trying to recover from a massive galactic war, which also provides the context of the game.



Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

Peter Quill
Picture from


Born on planet Earth but taken when he was a young boy, he is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Before Guardians, he was associated with the Ravagers—a famous group of space pirates. Quill grew up to be a bold and charismatic space traveler because of this.

As a Guardians member, his main role is to keep the group together. However, he is not always the best guy for the job. It takes only a few adventures for him to realize that owning a spaceship, weapons, and a great 80s playlist is not enough.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon
Picture from


Hailing from planet Halfworld, Rocket Raccoon is a genetically modified creature. Despite his small frame and cute face, he is the toughest member of the group. He is quick to badmouth anyone (or anything) that comes his way. However, he also walks the talk.

A genius, Rocket Raccoon, is a mechanical genius. He is the guy that keeps their artillery and technology up and running. The only one who gets to see his soft side is Groot, who was his thieving partner before they joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.



Picture from


Best known for “I am Groot,” this tree-looking alien is the last of his kind. While he was Rocket’s partner in (literal) crime, Groot is actually an empathetic and quiet being.

However, there is more to this small-talking alien. He never would have been Rocket’s partner if there wasn’t.

Underneath all that wood is an incomparable physical strength. Groot can shoot people up in the air and throw them miles away. He is a big threat to anyone who comes his way, and necessary addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy. His powers include regeneration, superstrength, sporing, and reshaping.


Picture from

Step-daughter of Thanos, Gamora was taken from her planet at an early age. This evildoing was not enough for Thanos the tyrant though—he made sure that there was no home for Gamora to come back to by massacring her whole planet.

Gamora has been a trained warrior ever since, only knowing her stepfather’s conditional “love,” which would only arrive at the sight of victory.

Throughout her life, Gamora only did her father’s bidding. While this shaped her into being a powerful soldier, it also made her a lone wolf. By joining the Guardians, she breathes a new life. She redeems the bad she’s done in her life and tries to make things right.

Gamora’s powers include masterful combat, incredible stealth, and superhuman strength because of years of physical alterations from her father, Thanos.


Picture from


Gamora is not the only one scarred by Thanos. Drax, known by most as “Drax the Destroyer,” lost his entire family to the space tyrant.

Since then, he has spent his life hunting Thanos for killing his wife and kid. That is all he has done since tragedy befell him, and all he was doing until he met the Guardians.

Equipped with superhuman strength and masterful combat skills, Drax became an important addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy. His intimidating demeanor is a bonus too, with his large frame covered in tattoos.


Guardians of the Galaxy game Story
Picture from Steam

From the game previews, it looks like the graphics for the Guardians of the Galaxy game are crisp and dynamic. Hopping from one planet to another, Eidos has to develop an identity for each location. The first planet the Guardians visit, Seknarf 9, has vibrant alien terrain.

Fans have to wait until October 2021 to know the full Guardians’ graphics treatment. It is looking promising so far, though, especially the game-to-story cuts.

New Features

It would not be a Guardians of the Galaxy game without a smashing 80s playlist. This feature is what skyrocketed this group of misfits straight to the Billboard and the movie blockbuster charts. The game would be amiss without it.

Playing as Star-Lord, you have access to a mixtape of 80s music. The genre is scattered: from rock bands like Iron Maiden to pop legends like Rick Astley. Some artist choices are truly a product of his time, like New Kids On The Block.

The importance of music is not lost on the team at Eidos Montreal. Because of this, players with Deluxe Editions of the game can download its original soundtrack. Rock out to Star-Lord when you are all alone.

Deluxe Editions

Guardians of the galaxy game deluxe
Picture from Steam

As mentioned above, there are different editions of the game that can be purchased. Included in these are the Cosmic Deluxe and Digital Deluxe editions. The inclusions for these reveal the new features of the game.

For example, both deluxe editions include two outfit changes for Star-Lord. One is called the “Sun-Lord” outfit while the other is called the “City-Lord” outfit. Players can already expect many costume changes for their own personal version of Star-Lord.

Pre-order Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game (Deluxe) on Amazon


Guardians of the Galaxy game replay
Picture from Amazon

This Guardians of the Galaxy game title does highlight the autonomy of each character. However, there is still no word on how far this autonomy can affect your gameplay.

Should your decisions cause significant effects or damages to your team, then this game has high replayability. On the other hand, if these simply result in tiny bickers or different dialogue, then replayability may be low.

However, if you are into game graphics, you may enjoy the Guardians of the Galaxy game through and through. Reliving the Star-Lord experience includes immersing in his playlists, adventures, and quips. In this case, replayability is high.


There is already value in owning the Guardians of the Galaxy game before official reviews come out for Marvel fans. Experiencing planets and meeting characters from the Marvel world provides a lot of value already.

Those who appreciate art and sci-fi may also enjoy a couple of rounds of this game. The previews suggest a thirst for adventure that results in traversing across vibrant terrains and environments.

Again, the jury is out on the game’s value for the common player. The hype for this game is lower compared to other Marvel titles, but there are still a lot looking forward to it.

How Many Players for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game?

Guardians of the Galaxy game players
Picture from


Driven by characters, people expect the Guardians of the Galaxy game to be multiplayer. The team is full of headstrong personalities and motivations, to begin with. Thus, choosing a character can breed more dynamic gameplay and a richer storyline.

However, this is a herculean task. While it is interesting to see each character’s qualities, thoughts, and flaws, Eidos envisioned something different. The Guardians of the Galaxy game is not multiplayer or co-op. It is a single-player experience where you assume the role of its leader, Star-Lord (Peter Quill).

By doing this, Eidos puts all of their eggs in one basket. Every player will find themselves in Quill’s trials and tribulations—developed meticulously by Eidos Montreal.

This game avoids being a case of jack of all trades. It masters the story and characterization of Quill, for the enjoyment of all players.

Unlike other Marvel titles like Marvel’s The Avengers, Guardians focuses on your reaction to the characters around you. The game does not fixate on you becoming these characters. Because of this, the Guardians of the Galaxy game translates as a more immersive experience.

There is no need to body hop from one character to the other. Quill’s story is extensive and unique, making the game’s playtime enough to explore each aspect of his character.

Of course, this is not a complete net positive. Some want to play the Guardians of the Galaxy game with their friends. For these people, they will have to wait a few years more, depending on the reception of this game.

Where Does the Guardians of the Galaxy Game Fall Under Continuity?

Guardians of the Galaxy Continuity
Picture from Marvel Database – Fandom

A challenge for any comic book byproduct is sorting through its lore. The Guardians of the Galaxy game deals with this too, especially with a movie series and cartoon to base off of.

Eidos Montreal revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy game had the freedom to choose whatever source material it wanted. They had access to a library of shows, movies, and comics. Thus, it gave this game-rich character and story content. Many are looking forward to seeing people like Cosmo and Mantis eventually join the game guardians team.

This has been hinted at by Eidos too.

People are yet to play this game, so the answer to this question is still quite unclear. Still, the character and world design from the game previews do reveal a similarity to the movies.

Story-wise, the Guardians of the Galaxy game can still take after the comics. Pre-orders include a “special prequel comic” in the first place.

Guardians of the Galaxy Game vs Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Before Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game reveal, the main Guardians title was from The Telltale Series. Published by Telltale, this is a role-playing game that includes all Guardians and Yondu, Quill’s stepfather. It is still available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows PCs.

Compared to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, this series is focused on storytelling. It is an “interactive, episodic” game from Telltale where you join Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot across the universe. They come across the space-pirate group called the Ravagers and other creatures.

Story-driven, this title from Telltale centers its gameplay on character dialogue, exploring environments, and interacting with them. This is not the game for those looking for combat. Players who want to lead the Guardians into battle are better off playing Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game.

In this Telltale title, the Guardians take hold of an important artifact that holds a lot of power. Everyone wants a piece of it, including an alien with nothing else to lose. Play as Star-Lord and watch the episodes unfold.

Other Popular Marvel Games

There are still a few months to go before the release of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. While it is not in succession to any other game, there are a lot of other Marvel games to explore.

From battle royales to character studies, here are the other popular Marvel Games you can play.

Marvel Realm of Champions

Marvel Realm of Champions
Picture from Marvel


Marvel gets the battle royale treatment in Marvel Realm of Champions. It reimagines Marvel comic books inside a player vs player and player vs environment game. Collect weapons, dress up your character and be a “Champion” in the Marvel universe.

Many wars are happening across the galaxy, and you have the responsibility to step up to the plate. Climb up the ranks from rookie to hero with Marvel’s Realm of Champions.

Unlike the Guardians of the Galaxy game, this title is for multiplayer. Set in Battleworld, there are alternate realities for you and your friends to enjoy. Win battles across the multiverse and bring back peace in Battleworld, which left when its leader, the Maestro, was assassinated.

There is more to the Marvel Realm of Champions than meets the eye. Underneath this combat game is rich Marvel lore, introducing its own “House of Barons.” Fight for the control of Battleworld.

Marvel Realm of Champions is a mobile game available on iOS and Android.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Picture from PlayStation’s Official Youtube Channel


Besides Eidos Montreal, another game development company trusted by Marvel is Insomniac Games. With the critically-acclaimed success of Spider-Man, many rallied for a sequel.

This came in the form of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, an open-world adventure. Here, Insomniac shows you the ropes (or webs) of the Spider-Man multiverse. Miles Morales breathes new life into the Spider-Man origin story but does not stray away from its lessons.

In fact, this game reveals more to it than you think. Join Miles as he masters his powers and shapes his destiny. Battle enemies both old and new, and fight to keep the Spider-Man spirit alive.

Miles Morales has an “Advanced Tech Suit” that is a fan favorite. It is one of the many features of the game that is based on comics.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It met people’s expectations and still is one of the PS5’s best-selling games today.

Pre-order Spider-Man: Miles Morales on Amazon

Marvel’s Avengers (2020)

Marvel’s Avengers (2020)
Picture from Steam


Going back to Eidos Montreal originals, Marvel’s Avengers (2020) is a third-person action-adventure game that is unlike Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game. While they are both ensemble casts, Avengers has both single-player and cooperative gameplay. To everyone’s surprise, the Guardians game only has a single-player setting.

Marvel’s Avengers (2020) is set after a catastrophe in San Francisco. During this period, the Avengers are disbanded as the world is slowly being populated with Inhumans. In their absence, a new group is rising: AIM, or Advanced Idea Mechanics.

But when Kamala Khan realizes that AIM is not what it seems, she finds the need to bring the Avengers back again. Reunite the Avengers and play each member as you find them. Live their lives and fight their battles with their signature moves.

This game can accommodate up to four players online. Together you can train your powers, grow your team of heroes, and fight battles. Single-players can enjoy the “Avengers Initiative” and dive deep into their character of choice. There are many global missions to go on, and you are the person for the job.

This game knows how to keep things replayable. When you finish the game’s main plot, you can still go on Avengers missions around the world. There are many locations and missions to choose from. In addition, there are many new heroes to work with.

As a bonus, there are also many customization features for your character/s. Marvel’s Avengers (2020) dives deep into gear and equipment lore.

Pre-order Marvel’s Avengers (2020) on Amazon

Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR
Picture from Marvel Entertainment


Who doesn’t want to live like Tony Stark? With the Iron Man VR, you can now see what it means to be Iron Man. Have complete access to his weaponry, innovations, and suits.

Developed by Camouflaj, this game is an action-adventure experience. Available only on the PSVR, Iron Man VR focuses on Stark’s battles against Ghost and Living Laser, who want to burn Stark Industries down to the ground.

Stark’s journey in Iron Man VR includes confronting his past mistakes and decisions. However, as a VR game, this is not shown as a completely inward experience. Fly to the sky and come face-to-face with your enemies in Iron Man VR.

Pre-order Iron Man VR on Amazon

Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
Picture from Nintendo


Ten years after the last Ultimate Alliance is Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Like the Guardians of the Galaxy game, this title is an ensemble experience. Ultimate Alliance takes this further, however, with co-op gaming.

An action RPG, The Black Order was developed by Koei Tecmo/Team Ninja for the Nintendo Switch. Use characters from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even the X-Men in this game.

The sky’s the limit and let your imagination run wild, as we rarely see all of these characters on the big screen.

Assemble your team of heroes and fight the ultimate Marvel bad guy, Thanos, who has a team of his own—The Black Order. Find the Infinity Stones before Thanos does and save the galaxy in the process.

Released in July 2019, this game followed Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War movie. It boasts different game perspectives (like the “Heroic Camera” perspective) and multiplayer of up to four systems.

With The Black Order, the more the merrier. You can play online, offline, or by sharing a Joy-Con with another friend. There are other special accessories for Switch multiplayer such as nail grips and a “pro-controller,” as seen in 15 Nintendo Switch Accessories You Must Have.

Pre-order Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on Amazon

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
Picture from Steam


Another Marvel game for single-player and multiplayer is Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. Published by Capcom, this title is for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows PCs. A fighting game, this has three mission modes presented in cinematic settings.

Play under Arcade, Training, Mission, or Story modes. Learn who Ultron Sigma is, and do everything you can to stop it. Watch as characters like Captain Marvel and Mega Man X interact with each other, and revel at their glorious battles.

Create team combinations you have never imagined with this game. Battle for supremacy and decide which group has a stronger roster of players. As always, the Infinity Stones play a large part in causing and maintaining order in the galaxy.

Pre-order Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite on Amazon

Final Word

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game has flown under the radar of many gamers. Now that its release date is out, more and more people are getting excited for what it brings. While it is not a multiplayer co-op as some may have expected, it takes you deeper into the lore of the Guardians and Star-Lord.

Playing as their leader, you are immersed into their world like never before in the Guardians of the Galaxy game. There is no need to be on the outside looking in, as you build rapport with your members in real-time.

Build strong bonds and strategize team fights in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Game. As a single-player game featuring an ensemble cast, this game is nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Like the Guardians themselves, giving this a chance may be a pleasant surprise to you.

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