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15 Nintendo Switch Accessories You Must Have

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AmazonBasics Playstand for Nintendo Switch

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ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case

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TomToc Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch is an experience in itself, but it doesn’t hurt to have the best Nintendo Switch accessories out there. These create a safer, richer, and more fun gaming experience. With everyone wanting a round of Super Smash Bros Ultimate these days, the market’s full of Nintendo Switch accessories that you will consider buying. Every accessory is a worthy investment—or a waste of money if you’re not clear with what you want and how you want your gaming experience to be. 

Don’t fear though; we’ve rounded out your top must-have Nintendo Switch accessories. Some of these cater to specific gaming niches, but some of these are your average joe’s gaming necessities. All you have to do is choose what you want and what’s right for your gaming experience. These are your tried-and-tested essential Nintendo Switch accessories, from the tempered glass screen protectors to your Hori Compact Playstand. You don’t have to worry about the impatient cheapskate in you—most of these are cheap Nintendo Switch accessories and are all available on Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Accessories You Must Have

When the Nintendo Switch came out in 2017, some were worried about the size and learning curve of the Joy-Cons. The Nintendo Switch proved that it was worth the hype, though, with the Joy-Cons providing more comfort than people were expecting. Still, long-time avid console gamers crave the experience of a traditional controller, especially if they want to play hours and hours on end. Seeking vengeance on Fortnite takes up a lot of time, you know. 

Cut to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, named appropriately for its users. In a long line of Amazon Nintendo Switch accessories, this is probably one of the most value-adding add-ons you can find. The gameplay is more convenient, and you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong buttons (which your fingers are still taking time to get used to) anymore. 

On top of this, the Pro Controller can be used whether or not the Switch is docked. Connect your Switch to your TV and feel like the Pro you really are. This is one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories out there.

People associate the Nintendo Switch with a new era of compact on-the-go gaming. Long gone are the days where you have to be at home or at the arcade to play video games. 

The AUZAI Portable Monitor joins the Switch in this new era. With a 1080 Full HD display, on-the-go gaming outside your four walls can now be done with others and in style. With built-in stereo speakers and a flicker-free screen, this is one of your must-have Nintendo Switch accessories because it offers (and delivers!) an elevated, end-to-end gaming experience. It’s worth the pretty buck because it isn’t just for your Nintendo Switch, too.

Nintendo Switch owners know the hassle of having to bring your Switch and dock with you on game night. Defway’s travel-sized Switch Dock has got you covered on this, and just like the Switch, it doesn’t compromise its size for its quality.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories, especially the ones for travel, don’t rob you of a quality gaming experience. Just because the Nintendo Switch is small does not mean it hasn’t revolutionized the gaming experience, right? The Defway Switch Dock supports both 720p or 1080p and has the same functions as your official Nintendo Switch dock. It also doesn’t overheat and is scratch-resistant. However, like most pocket-sized buddies, you will still need to charge it while playing with a 15V/2.6A power supply.

We get that sometimes you just don’t want to bring a monitor with you around, no matter how lightweight it is. This is where the OIVO Pro Controller Clip Mount comes in handy. The clamp securely holds your switch on top of your pro controller, and you get to have a regular Switch experience (Lite included) coupled with the easy comfort the pro controllers give you. 

With this Nintendo Switch accessory, you can play on your bed, in your kitchen, in the car, and on the go thanks to its rubber hook cushions that keep your Switch from scratching or sliding. Also, don’t worry about damaging your Nintendo Switch when you’re clipping it in; the OIVO’s sturdy design handles it seamlessly.

Enhancing your tabletop play is easier with the Hori Compact Playstand. In the line of Hori Nintendo Switch accessories, this play stand is essential. It enhances the travel-sized Switch experience by adjusting to up to three positions (30, 50, 60-degree angles), including folding flat for travel. It can also charge while you play so you don’t have to worry about battery when you start playing. 

At a height of 162mm, a width of 89mm, and a diameter of 17mm, this has rubberized grips for your Switch’s stability as you play, and is also entirely licensed by Nintendo. It has the big bosses’ blessings! However, do note that this is not bundled up with a charger, so be sure that your Switch’s charger isn’t going missing.

Cheap Nintendo Switch accessories come and go, but this one is worthwhile. AmazonBasics’ Charging Station for Joy-Con Controllers can charge up to four Joy-Cons at the same time, taking only 3.5 to four hours to reach full battery. 

In using this Nintendo Switch accessory from AmazonBasics, you are secure in knowing that your Joy-Cons have over-voltage protection. So if you’re in the middle of a big game that eats up about four hours of your time, you don’t have to fret about over-charging. Take your time and the charging station has got you covered!

It’s protocol in almost all gadgets these days to get a screen protector. For the Nintendo Switch, the sliding in and out of a dock is a common experience. This justifies the fact that out of all the Nintendo Switch accessories, this is one of the most sought out. 

For a cheap self-mandated insurance policy on your Switch, consider getting the AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It is scratch-resistant up to 9H, which is harder than most knives. You can apply it all by yourself by pressing the glass protector directly onto your Switch’s screen.

AmazonBasics offers an inexpensive collection of Switch essentials. If you’re saving up for pricier Nintendo Switch accessories, know that this play stand does its job simply but effectively. 

With other adjustable angles, the AmazonBasics Playstand holds your Switch upright and lets it charge while you’re playing. It also has a one-year Amazon warranty, so your worries about quality and price are backed up by the law.

The most notable feature of the ZeroLemon Extended Charging Case is that it adds over ten hours of playtime to your Nintendo Switch, making it one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories around. With a kickstand, you have to play it on your tabletop using any of the other angles it can adhere to, but you can also just opt to hold it while you’re bustling around.

These are made for people who don’t mind the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons but would prefer them shaped like your regular console anyway. Made with a premium rubber surface, FastSnail Grips are scratch-free, non-slip grips. These are comfortable to the touch and let you play for extended hours since your fingers have more space to move around in. 

If you’re looking for essential Nintendo Switch accessories, and you tend to get zapped in a game of Mario Cart or Street Fighter Ultra for hours on end, investing in FastSnail Grips is a good idea.

Gamer-artists need to have this in their collection of Nintendo Switch accessories. Super Mario Maker 2 is just a tip of the iceberg that this stylus can permeate. 

The AccuPoint Active Stylus makes it easier for you to tap, swipe, and draw on your Switch’s screen with its fine tip, mimicking what it feels like to write with a pen. The catch? There barely is none! This pen can go on for 12 hours of active use without the risk of blotting and making a mess all over your artwork!

Nintendo Switch uses the internet to its advantage by making their games also available for download from their online store because it makes for a faster transaction with their gamers. However, your favorite console only has 32 GB of storage once you get it, so you will eventually want to have an SD Card in your collection of Nintendo Switch accessories. Your Animal Crossing island should not be limited by storage! 

The HyperX Gaming MicroSD Card functions at 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB capacities, giving users a larger capacity to enjoy multiple games at the same time.

The 8BitDo Wireless Controller Adapter is an inexpensive, resourceful way to play on your Nintendo Switch without buying a Pro Controller. There are a lot of Nintendo Switch accessories that focus on enhancing your Joy-Cons, but this adapter brings you back to your basics. It brings you nostalgia, and it brings you comfort, especially if you have a hard time adapting to the functions of the Joy-Cons. 

You can now play your Switch using the controllers you’re used to, including ones for the PS4, PS3 Wii Mote, and Wii U. You’ll still have your rumble features, without any lags. Better yet, you’ll still have a good amount of your savings after getting this plug and play adapter.

When buying your second set of Joy-Cons, you may want to look into the Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Grip. This is a popular buy among the Nintendo Switch accessories on Amazon, and for a good reason too. 

This charging grip is perfect for when you’re playing with your friends or just when you’re playing on your TV. It charges your switch while you’re playing for a long period of time, and is overall one of the more helpful Nintendo Switch accessories because it not only lengthens your gameplay but also increases the number of players you’re playing games with.

One of the easier sales for Nintendo Switch accessories would be the TomToc Carry Case. This slim, sleek, travel-friendly case has ten game cartridges inside a heavily patented and military-tested TomToc shell. Keeping your Switch safe from knocks, bumps, and drops is a no-brainer: you want this case because you want to keep your Switch up and running for long periods of time. 

The Nintendo Switch is notoriously always on the go because of its size and functions, but whether or not you bring it outside with you or keep it at home, you’re going to want your Switch protected in the best way possible. With a 12-month warranty, you have enough time to see how easy your Switch-carrying days will be.

Things to Consider When Buying Nintendo Switch Accessories

Nintendo Switch Accessories with Nintendo Switch Controllers
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There are a few things to consider when scouting for the best Nintendo Switch accessories. Before you buy them, ask yourself what you’re using your Nintendo Switch for and how long you use them!

People have different gaming experiences and you have to make sure that your accessories fit yours because no one wants to waste money. This is our two cents on the matter:

For Streaming and Pro-Gaming

For more competitive Switch players, buying the Pro Controller or a wireless controller adapter is worth the purchase. These are must-have Nintendo Switch accessories for anyone who wants to make a living out of gaming and streaming, and/or for someone who is a passionate professional gamer!

For Adaptable and Multi-Functional Use

If you have different controllers for different consoles and you want to save some money, we suggest seriously considering the 8BitDo Wireless Controller Adapter on Amazon. Also, when you’re juggling different games at the same time, worry less by getting your Switch an SD card. These are part of a line of cheap Nintendo Switch accessories that can enrich your pro gaming experience!

For Having Fun With Friends

If you own a Switch because you want to liven up parties, consider getting FastSnail Grips for your Joy-Cons and an AmazonBasics Charging Station for your extra Joy-Con controllers. These Nintendo Switch accessories are for multiplayer gaming, so next time you plan to play a round of Overcooked! or Animal Crossing: New Horizons with your buddies, charging your Joy-Cons won’t hurt. Especially not as hurtful as your friends screaming at you for not serving the correct sushi.

For Keeping Your Switch Protected

This list also managed to provide the essential Nintendo Switch accessories. Whether you play for a long period of time on the go or only want your Switch hooked up to your TV, the importance of a good tempered-glass and a military-approved carry case for your Switch is indisputable. These never go out of season or out of style and continue to be must-have Nintendo Switch accessories for anyone of any age. Think of them as little insurance policies you can make for your console!

Final Thoughts

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
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Nintendo Switch accessories can be costly and wasteful if you don’t spend them right and wisely! So before buying any of them, make sure that you know what you’re looking for and what you’ll use them for.

These Nintendo Switch accessories change your streaming experience, your multiplayer experience, your competitiveness, and your gaming possibilities. It’s like choosing a game—not every game will be for you but the right one will exponentially change your playing experience. A Nintendo Switch in itself is already a lot of fun, but a longer, insured, multiplayer party never really hurt anyone.

15 Nintendo Switch Accessories You Must Have

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