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Is Scoro the Best Tool to Boost Your Work Productivity? (Review)

Time is very important to us humans. Everyone needs to maximize their time and be productive. So, many people have different ways to manage their time. Others have their planners keep track of their schedules and meetings, for instance. On the other hand, some invest in apps that would help them organize their schedules. As such, one program that can help you in your projects is Scoro, an app that offers various work management solutions in one platform.

Continue reading the article below to see if Scoro is the best tool to boost your individual and team productivity.


What Is Scoro?

Screenshot from Scoro’s website


Established in 2013 in Estonia, Scoro is a collaborative software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for business and project management needs. Scoro offers various business management tools to help your business. These features include time management, team management, and sales management tools. The app also has sales management and billing features.


How to Register for Scoro?

Step-by-Step Registration

Sign Up Scoro
The screenshot is taken from Scoro’s website


  1. Click on Sign Up.
  2. Fill in all the necessary details. You will be asked to create your own site name on Scoro.
  3. Be prepared with details of your work such as the number of team members and your specific role.
  4. The signup process will also identify your specific needs such as your industry and work challenges or “pain point.”
  5. Once done, click on the “Confirm and Create My Site” button.


Subscription Plans

Scoro Pricing
Screenshot from Scoro’s website


Scoro currently has four plans, which you can avail on a monthly or annual basis. Prices start at $26, and they mainly depend on the number of users and features that your team requires. A 14-day free trial is available.

After the free trial has ended, you can now choose the subscription of your choice. If you want to purchase the business plan, request a quotation by contacting Scoro. Then, you would need to pay for the subscription on a prepaid basis until the contract length expires.

As for the payment method, all major credit cards are accepted.

Check out their subscription plans today!


Scoro Features

This platform helps you streamline your business with project management features and services. In fact, there are a variety of avenues and industries where you can use Scoro. As a result of its useful and practical features, many organizations turn to Scoro. We highlight some of them in this section.


Time Management and Productivity Tools

Time Management
Screenshot from Scoro’s website


The time management features allow you to plan your team’s work, manage tasks, and compensate them accordingly. On the other hand, the team productivity features also allow you to strategize and delegate accordingly.


Time and Pay Management

  • The drag-and-drop Planner or Kanban task board allows you to prioritize work to avoid overlaps in roles and responsibilities.
  • Tools include shared calendars, timesheets, and a time tracker.
  • You can monitor billable and non-billable hours for accountability.


Team Productivity

  • Check team capacity and delegate accordingly.
  • Review current and future team capacity to make sure that everyone is utilized to gain higher team productivity.
  • Get comprehensive reports on your team’s capacity to make informed hiring, developing, or team restructuring to achieve team goals.


Project Management Tools

Project Management
Screenshot from Scoro’s website


This feature allows you to use the first real-time Gantt chart for your projects. But, additional features also allow you to track forecasted budgets. As a result, this will ensure that your team stays within the target budget.


Scoro’s Gantt Charts

  • Track project progress on a real-time basis.
  • Be able to check how hours input changes or delays your project.
  • Minimize manual updates or double bookings.



  • Get a comprehensive report on forecasted budget versus actual budget from invoices or receipts.
  • Project financial reports allow you to forecast more accurately in similar projects in the future.


Project Automation

  • Make projects more efficient by transforming project quotations into tasks.
  • Use the available pre-set project templates and task bundles.
  • Be reminded with auto alerts and notifications, so you never miss a deadline!



Screenshot from Scoro’s website


The Sales feature of Scoro allows you to never miss a deal again. This is done by ensuring that you are familiar with your customer portfolio. Also, this feature allows you to streamline the manual process of quotation and billing.


360-Degree Customer View

  • Allows you to review customer information such as contact details, communication history, quotes, and invoices.
  • Track customer closed deals on a real-time basis through a live dashboard.


Automated Billing Process

  • Simplify the billing process by using the standard client profiles, quotation formats, and multi-currency cards for clients worldwide!
  • Customize invoice based on agreed-upon client quotations and work orders. You can also turn these documents into a PDF file in just a few clicks.


Tracking Goals and Performance

Track individual and team sales goals and performance using user-friendly dashboards.

Forecast sales using statistics to be able to make informed decisions about your sales strategy.


Finance Tools

Screenshot from Scoro’s website


Tired of using Excel sheets? Time to replace them with a better alternative. Because with Scoro, you can automate your financials in just a few clicks! Also, you can use their finance features to cover any billing scenario you wish to have with your client.


Financial Project Management

  • Manage finances with multiple currencies.
  • Get an “At a Glance” report of your company’s financial state.
  • Keep track of the actual budget stays within the forecasted budget.
  • Manage financial confidentiality by assigning roles and permissions.


Automated Billing Process

  • Automate the billing process with any recurring invoices.
  • Schedule invoices.
  • Use partial or prepayment billing depending on the nature of the project.


Reporting and Dashboards

Screenshot from Scoro’s website


Facts and figures are extremely important in a business. Thus, Scoro offers easy-to-use dashboards as well as reports that do not overwhelm users.


Real-Time Dashboards

  • Analyze processes and monitor risk areas.
  • Generate a high-level report in just one click!
  • Track project management KPIs and performance in real-time.


Structured Data

  • Generate reports that provide relevant and updated information about your project.
  • Centralize workflows and eradicate double bookings to maximize team effectiveness.
  • Filter data easily by setting up unique and mandatory fields.



Another great thing about Scoro is that this software allows you to integrate it with your already-existing work applications.

  • Seamless integration with your calendar.
  • File storage capability with Scoro.
  • Financial information integration with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks.
  • Scoro and Zapier integration allows you to automate manual processes.


Pros and Cons of Using Scoro


What We Like

Comprehensive Platform and Features

Scoro’s features are all included in one powerful platform. From project management, sales, automation, and billing features.


User-Friendly Interface

It is easy to be lost or overwhelmed with so many awesome features this program offers. Fear not because, with Scoro, they give you a short tour about their awesome features right after you sign up. Lastly, their interface is easy to use.


One-Stop Shop for Project Management Needs

Due to the essential features, you’ll find it easier to run your business using Scoro.  As a result, you can focus on other value-adding activities for your organization.


What We Don’t Like

Plans Can Be Expensive

Great features usually come with a hefty price tag. Scoro has all your business management needs and more. However, it is better suited for big corporations. They have several add-on costs that can accumulate to expensive software. Lastly, the price is billed per user and not per subscription plan.


Quickbook Integration Issues

Users have also made reviews that there seems to be an issue with QuickBook integration. But, Scoro has responded that they are currently looking into this aspect.


Scoro vs Other Time Management Tools


Monday Project Management Featured
Photo from


Monday is another useful time management tool. Also, it functions similarly to Scoro. It tracks projects, including the status, the owner, and the deadlines. Lastly, teams can also collaborate easily and efficiently through the software.

However, Monday can improve in the following areas:

  • No timesheet functionality.
  • Cannot customize reports and dashboards.
  • Integration should be expanded (not just with Gmail and Outlook).
  • Cannot customize how notifications look like.



Wrike is acknowledged as an excellent project management tool. Also, it has basic business management features to help your team. These features include project creation, updates, and editing. However, reviews note that the following must be improved upon by Wright:

  • The user interface is not as friendly or as clean as Scoro or other Project Management tools.
  • Covers basic functionalities but needs to upgrade to include advanced tools and resources.
  • Issues with export and share functions.



Project management
Photo from Asana


Reviews show that Asana has a lot of great features. Which include an easy-to-use interface that won’t hinder your employees. Also, Asana has good collaboration tools and seamless integration with many apps. However, the software can improve on the following factors:

  • The visual organization of tasks is overwhelming and can be a bit busy.
  • Limited functions in the mobile app version.
  • Confusing and overwhelming notifications.


Is Scoro the Best Tool for Productivity?

With everything that Scoro offers, this platform is your one-stop shop for all your business needs. As a result, Scoro is one of the best task management tools available. However, Scoro is more suited for big businesses and corporations that handle multiple projects. But, if you want a more efficient output, you and your team can sign up to Scoro today!

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