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Buffer Social Media Manager Review: Should Your Business Try It?

Buffer Social Media Featured

Social media has changed our lives dramatically. With social media, we can stay updated with our family and friends’ latest happenings and learn more about news and the latest industry trends. However, there are a lot of platforms in this day and age. Fortunately, Buffer social media manager is here to help you out! We”ll take a look at Buffer and review all its features and offerings.

Continue reading below to understand how Buffer can help you be on top of your social media game.


What Is Buffer?

Buffer social media tool is an application that was designed to manage your social media accounts. It allows you to schedule a time to post on your social media accounts. It also helps you analyze your post’s performance and help you engage or network with others without the hassle of you logging in to each of your apps and doing things manually.

These features are so helpful, especially for businesses that must update and market their brands through social media. Buffer saves you so much time (and money!) because you do not have to manage your accounts one by one. With Buffer social media manager, you can do it all in one powerful app.

The application was launched in 2010 by a group of European expats who are now based in San Francisco. Because the app received great positive feedback, more and more individuals and businesses used Buffer to manage their social media accounts. The company grew, and by 2019, its scope expanded to over 15 countries and reached 4.5 million registered users globally.

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Subscription Plans

There are two main subscription plans that Buffer offers. One is for publishing, and the other is for analytics. Do note that there is a free plan for its Publishing package.


Publishing Subscription Packages

Take note that every tier comes with a 14-day free trial period.

  • Free
  • Pro – $15/monthly
  • Premium – $65/ monthly
  • Business – $99/monthly


Analytics Subscription Packages

  • Pro – $35/monthly
  • Premium – $50/monthly


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Accepted Payment Methods

  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfer


Buffer Social Media Management Features Review

Now that we are done introducing Buffer, let us review the platform as a whole. We’ll review the various features you can enjoy when using Buffer.



Screenshot from Buffer


Expand Network

With Buffer’s social media tools, you can say goodbye to boring, drabby, and outdated marketing strategies. Here, the app helps you plan and publish thumb-stopping content geared towards generating more engagement and growth for your brand through social media!


Schedule Posts

Having a lot of social media accounts can up your marketing game. But it can be quite a task if you need to post on multiple platforms. With Buffer, you can manage all your accounts in one go. It helps you schedule content based on the highest activity percentage of your friends or followers. If you have a specific time to publish it, the app also lets you customize when to publish your post. Get all these features via the Social Media calendar.


Build Instagram Content

The main purpose of having an Instagram account is to share photos with friends and acquaintances. However, many influencers have also used it as a marketing avenue. That said, Buffer can help you maximize your Instagram experience. You can curate high-quality content and schedule them at the right time! You can also include a first comment whenever you publish your first post, drive traffic sales to your page, and get reminders to publish your next post.


TikTok Integration

Buffer now has integrations with the latest social media platforms, such as TikTok. Create posts or schedule content through Buffer today.


Plan Stories

Stories are becoming a popular draw for social media platforms. This can serve as an added reminder for your followers to check out something on your page. With Buffer’s social media management feature, you can visually plan and set reminders even for your Stories!


Have Content Collaboration with Your Team

Another great feature of Buffer is that it promotes collaboration with your creatives. This platform allows you to collaborate with your team on creating high-quality content by drafting posts where everyone is encouraged to share their feedback. You can then approve it and schedule when it should go out on your page. Lastly, you do not have to worry about account management and privacy because Buffer maintains the highest security and flexibility to access each social account.



Screenshot from Buffer


Behind all the fancy photos and marketing strategies, your business boils down to data and numbers. Buffer social media manager does not only help you create and publish high-quality content, but it also helps you look at data so you can strategize your next move for your business using your social media accounts.


Social Media Analytics and Reporting

The beauty of the analytics dashboard that Buffer offers is that immediately, you can look at your social media statistics in just one simplified dashboard without having to go into the effort of consolidating it one by one.


Performance Analysis

Another cool feature that Buffer offers is the performance analysis of your social media accounts. Here are a few helpful features that will allow you to be strategic in your marketing strategy.

  • Account Analytics helps you track metrics for each site you are managing.
  • Stories and Post Analytics allow you to measure story performance, posts, and hashtags.
  • Audience Demographics allow you to understand if you are reaching your intended audience.



The Reports feature of Buffer allows you to have a simple yet comprehensive look into your social media performance. Here, you can customize reports by adding metrics and charts from your various social media accounts. Also, you’ll have a tool that can help your daily social media impact.

You can customize labels or logos to your report for visualization purposes, and lastly, the export feature is extremely easy to use. You can export it as PDFs or images and use it for your next board presentation!


Post Statistics

Buffer also helps you to analyze important aspects that will boost or drive traffic to your channel. For example, it tells you when the best time is to post, the best type of post, and the best posting frequency so as not to overwhelm your audience.



Screenshot from Buffer


The Buffer social media management app also allows you to maintain engagement with your audience and build a great customer experience.

  • You can reply to your comments via desktop. A dashboard will show you how many unanswered comments you have per social media account. With just a simple click, you can hop through from one account to the next and answer the burning questions from your customers.
  • On one social media, you may have multiple posts that have unanswered comments. Worry not because Buffer also helps you answer by showing the post and the number of unanswered comments.
  • You can also have an alert when people start posting negative comments on your channel. This way, you can prioritize and respond to them immediately.


Review of Buffer vs Other Social Media Tools


Screenshot from Hootsuite


Hootsuite offers the same features as Buffer. Initial reviews from users have pointed out that Hootsuite is not easy to use with its complicated platforms. However, Hootsuite has remedied that in their 2017 version.

In all, if you’re working on a budget, Buffer is a smarter choice as it has more affordable plans compared with Hootsuite.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social
Photo from Sprout Social


Sprout Social’s strength lies in its powerful analytics, which help you understand the performance of your social media accounts. As a result, you can use this data to create strategies to create more traffic on your page. The main criticism for Sprout Social is that, like Hootsuite, it comes with a hefty price tag.


Sprinklr Modern Engagement

What makes Sprinklr Modern Engagement stand out is its engagement dashboards that are user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to understand. However, editing widgets can be too difficult to understand.


Pros and Cons of Buffer


  • Can schedule hundreds of future posts
  • Integration with the hottest social media platforms
  • Easy to use


  • Best for Instagram posts



Should Your Business Try Buffer Social Media Tools?

The business growth of Buffer should be enough to convince you to try out their app. In just under a decade, it has expanded and grown business globally. Thus, more businesses have turned to Buffer to help manage their social media accounts. On top of all, we love Buffer for its user-friendly interface, powerful dashboard, and cool features that help manage content.

Buffer is a must-try social media management tool for budding influencers and business marketers. With this Buffer review, why not try this platform today?

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