Is Loomly the Best Scheduler Available? (2021 Review)

Is Loomly The Best Scheduler Available? (2021 Review)

Behind every successful brand is a dedicated team that pays attention to the details and finds the right time to showcase their products and services to the market. Therefore, it is crucial for a business, whether big or small, to manage every aspect of interaction on social media — including scheduling posts. Loomly is one of the best tools to help with this.

Having a scheduler for your social media communication and website platforms not only helps in polishing your posts but also ensures that it maximizes your audience reach. Let’s take a look at Loomly and learn why it may be the tool you need for your business.


What Is Loomly?

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Loomly is a brand-success platform that helps business owners and managers organize every aspect of their image on social media. You can efficiently streamline teamwork across your entire team to achieve a better management process.

Loomly is available via a web browser and as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, with reviews praising the app’s clean and user-friendly interface.

If you are still unsure what Loomly is, imagine having a platform where you can control all your social media accounts from one central platform.


What Can Loomly Do?

Loomly provides its users with advanced analytics, useful for business owners who are just starting to get familiar with the process of online businesses. This social management tool will help you build and measure your success by creating ad campaigns and engaging your audience.

Creating traffic for your products and services is the key to a successful business. It can be hard to do these, especially with over a dozen platforms online that you can engage in. There are also many types of audiences that will be viewing what you have to offer, and that is why you need the assistance of a scheduler like Loomly.


How Do You Use Loomly?

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Linking social media to Loomly is quite simple. You can do this quickly by clicking on the Social Accounts tab of your calendar settings. You can even invite multiple accounts of your team members and give them access to the calendar.

Once you have updated the roles of the team members of your business, they can now easily manage and post on all your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more.

To sum it all up, Loomly is not only an easy-to-use scheduler for posting but also ensures the approval workflow among your team. Having an organized setup for your business will help you stay on top of the pressure with all the emerging new businesses every day.

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Loomly Subscription and Cost

Loomly Pricing
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Managing your finances is crucial, especially when your business is just starting to grow. It is important that what you invest in for helping your business grow will give back more benefits. With Loomly, you don’t have to spend a fortune to optimize your social media presence.

Loomly understands that each business will have various needs. That is why they offer 5 options that you can choose from.


Base Subscription

The Loomly pricing for this tier is affordable enough for beginners in the marketing world. With just $25 as a monthly payment, you can link 10 of your social media accounts and invite two users to manage the calendars with you.

You can already get unlimited posts and file uploads with the base subscription of Loomly. You will also have access to their other features such as automated publishing, basic analytics, calendar templates, and more. This subscription, however, has an ad budget cap of $500.


Standard Subscription

This level two option of Loomly subscription is perfect for those gaining enough traction and whose business is growing rapidly. You can invite up to six users to help you manage your business. You will also be able to link up to 20 for Loomly social media management.

The standard subscription offers all the features from the base level, and more such as post-sponsoring, context exports, advanced analytics, and your ad budget cap is increased up to $1,000.


Advanced Subscription

With the advanced subscription option, not only do you get all the base and standard features, but you can also get access to custom roles for each member of your team. You can get live analysis and online tutorial support for just $117/month.

This Loomly cost is ideal for those with an established business in the market and is looking to expand their reach. The advanced subscription increases the social media accounts you can link to it for up to 35. You can also add up to 26 more team members to manage your calendars. The ad budget cap is increased up to $2000 per month.


Premium Subscription

This is the highest tier when it comes to pre-made subscriptions for Loomly. Whether you want to maximize your audience reach or you want to make sure that all social media communications are updated, this premium option has got you covered. You will also get an ad budget cap of up to $5000 monthly.

Your presence on social media platforms won’t be missed because you can link up to 50 social media accounts and invite up to 27 other users to co-manage them with you. You will also have access to all the features from the base, standard, and advanced subscription levels.


Enterprise Subscription (Prices Vary)

What makes Loomly impressive is that they offer an enterprise option that allows you to customize the number of social media accounts you can link and users you can invite. It can be stressful managing your business when it is rapidly growing, and Loomly has the solution for that.

With this option, you can have over 51 social media accounts and 27+ members on your team all working together. There are no limits to how wide you want your audience reach will be. You will also get custom branding and support via the account manager with this subscription level. Your ad budget cap is increased to a maximum of $10,000 monthly.


Payment Methods

Loomly Payment Methods
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After choosing the suitable option for you, you can easily pay your dues using a credit card or wire transfer. For tiers base, standard, advanced, and premium, you can only use credit cards. For the enterprise option, you can use both your credit card and wire transfer.

Wire transfers are generally fast and easy to use. You can pay for your subscription electronically wherever you are in the world. All you need for a wire transfer is your bank account information and contact information to pay for the Loomly cost.


Loomly App Features

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Loomly can be useful for establishing an online identity and engaging with the audience more. The Loomly app can be synced with the Loomly web application, which offers innovative features such as:

  • Polishing your content with the app’s Post Optimization Tips
  • Managing your brand assets on the app’s Library
  • Fuelling your storytelling with unique post ideas
  • Engaging with your community through the Loomly app Interaction
  • Measuring your performance with Loomly’s advanced analytics

For a deeper review, we will be exploring the unique features of the Loomly app and discuss what makes this the best scheduler for many business owners and individuals online. Here is an in-depth explanation of each of the app’s features and how to use Loomly:


Launch Wizard

Is Loomly The Best Scheduler Available? (2021 Review)
Photo by Serpstat via Pexels


This feature helps new users navigate the app easier. After you create a Loomly account, the app immediately guides you through a detailed tutorial. It will give you helpful insights and well-structured tips so you can use the app in the future without any trouble.

The Launch Wizard will assist you in creating your first calendar, including what to call it and the timezones you want to attach to it. It will also teach you the publishing options that Loomly offers — whether you want to post directly from the app or to use Buffer to schedule your posts.


Social Media Account Integration

Since Loomly is mainly concerned with publishing and creating engaging content for your pages, connecting your social media accounts to your Loomly account is the first thing you should do. The Launch Wizard should be able to help you navigate this feature.

Note, however, that since July 2018, Facebook has controlled how third-party apps like Loomly can post on their platforms. This means that you will need to have a business page on Facebook instead of connecting your account to Loomly to continue posting your content there.


Organized Calendar

Loomly Calendar View Photo
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Having an organized calendar for your entire team ensures that you will not miss anything on your itinerary. By using the Loomly app, you can choose a workflow that is best suited for your entire team.

You can just pick from Loomly’s pre-selected workflow options for your team with more than 1 collaborator assigned to approve future posts. The six post states that your team has to go through include the following:

  • Draft
  • Pending Approval
  • Requires Edits
  • Approved
  • Scheduled
  • To be published


Ideas for Posts and Preferences

What makes the Loomly app impressive is that you don’t have to stress yourself out thinking of post ideas that will catch the attention of your audience. It has a feature that suggests ideas and automatically creates post drafts that you can edit to your liking.

The post ideas are pulled from RDF Site Summary, or RRS that gathers from your blogs and social media feeds to create post ideas that will suit your brand image perfectly.



Handling and growing a business on your own can be taxing if you are doing it alone. Loomly understands this struggle and aims to let its users collaborate with their team to manage their social media presence. You can create more engaging content with more creative minds helping you along the way.

Inviting collaborators is a simple step with the Loomly app. All you need to do is to enter the email address of the member you want to invite, assign a role to them, and an invitation to accept will be automatically sent to their email.

All in all, the Loomly mobile app also allows you to:

  • Access all your Instagram calendars and other social media account posts created on the Loomly web application.
  • Review and update the status of your posts.
  • Assign posts to team members
  • Receive notifications anytime that a post needs immediate action


Pros and Cons of Loomly



  • Excellent customer service and data analytics
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate interface design
  • Creates suggested content tailored just for your brand
  • Gives tips on how to efficiently manage all your social media accounts
  • Affordable and cost-efficient
  • Has a keyword filtering feature
  • Collaboration tools easy to use
  • Offers many subscriptions tiers


  • Calendars failing to sync with the social media accounts
  • Notifications can be a bit unclear
  • Cannot directly post on Facebook using your personal account
  • Does not have a free trial version
  • Lacks a brand tracking feature
  • Cannot copy all posts to another calendar at once


Loomly vs. Other Social Media Management Tools

There are also similar apps to Loomly that acts as a link shortener and social media management tool. In this section, we will be discussing other schedulers that are used by online business owners, and explore their upsides and downsides compared to the Loom app.


Loomly vs. Buffer

Screenshot from Buffer


If you’ve been in the online marketing business for some time, you have probably heard of Buffer. Just like Loomly, Buffer is also a social media management software that aims to help business owners in managing their social media communications.

The Buffer app features automated publishing and similar options to Loomly. Their major difference is that Buffer does not offer customer management and a 24/7 live rep for customer service, unlike the Loomly app.

The Loomly app also costs a bit more compared to the Buffer app. This is because it has more premium features. Buffer was founded in 2010, while Loomly was founded last 2016.

Check out Buffer


Loomly vs. Hootsuite

Screenshot from Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the earliest social media management platforms that was created in 2008. It offers similar features to Loomly and Buffer, including the URL shortener feature. You can integrate various social media accounts using Hootsuite, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

When it comes to pricing, Hootsuite is significantly pricier, with its subscription starting at $49 per month compared to Loomly, with almost half the price for their base subscription. The great thing about Hootsuite is that it offers a free version, which the Loomly app does not have.

The price of their subscription is justified since it offers slightly more features that are not in the Loomly app. Hootsuite offers Conversion Tracking and Contact Management in which Loomly lacks.

Check out Hootsuite


Is Loomly the Best Social Media Scheduler Available?

Considering its price and unique features, the Loomly app is definitely an impressive social media management tool. It offers just the right kind of services to get your business going and growing in a few months’ time.

The Loomly app sits between Hootsuite and Buffer — the two competitive platforms used by many social media managers. If you are someone who is just getting acquainted when it comes to the optimization of interactions for your brand, Loomly is the ideal app for you. It is easy to use both for beginners and long-time business owners who are looking to expand their team and reach a wider audience. Its enterprise subscription option is also what makes us think that this will be a worthy investment for your business.

Your choices of how many social media accounts and collaborators will be entirely up to you. This means that you won’t be feeling restricted because you are free to add as much as you want to your growing business team.

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