New Wind Power Technology Promises To Halve Costs


In a time when wind power projects are facing cancellation and increasing costs, AirLoom Energy, a non-traditional wind power startup, has a plan to revolutionize the industry. Led by CEO Neal Rickner, former COO of Google X wind power spinout Makani, AirLoom aims to overcome the limitations of traditional wind turbines and significantly reduce the cost of generating wind power.

Key Takeaway

AirLoom Energy, a non-traditional wind power startup, plans to overcome the limitations of traditional wind turbines and halve the cost of wind power generation.

A New Approach to Wind Power

Traditional wind turbines have limitations in terms of size and location. This restricts their deployment options and makes it challenging to find suitable sites for wind farms. AirLoom Energy recognizes these limitations and has developed a unique solution to address these issues.

At the heart of AirLoom’s technology is a prototype that features vertically-oriented blades attached to cables. The prototype, located at the company’s headquarters near Laramie, Wyoming, is designed to intercept wind along a track supported by poles. The power generated is then connected to the grid through a power takeoff system.

A Decade in the Making

AirLoom’s president and co-founder, Robert Lumley, came up with the concept over a decade ago. Inspired by his passion for kiteboarding, Lumley sketched the idea on a napkin while attending a wind energy conference in Berlin. He spent years refining the concept and bringing the company to fruition.

With its innovative approach, AirLoom Energy aims to open up new potential sites for wind farms and make wind power more cost-effective. By addressing the limitations of traditional wind turbines, the company has the potential to revolutionize the wind power industry and drive down the cost of generating renewable energy.

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