Atlassian’s Acquisition Of Loom: A Fair Price Or Not?


Last week, Atlassian made headlines with its acquisition of Loom, a collaboration and communication platform. Although Loom fell just short of reaching a unicorn valuation, this move by Atlassian has been deemed strategic by industry experts. Ray Wang from Constellation Research stated, “Teaming and collaboration is moving to async video, and that was the one big piece missing for Atlassian.” However, the question remains: Did Atlassian pay a fair price for Loom?

Key Takeaway

Atlassian’s acquisition of Loom fills a crucial gap in their collaboration suite, but the question of whether it was a fair price remains.

The Journey of Loom

Loom raised a substantial $130 million in 2021, achieving unicorn status at that time. Back then, video messaging was in high demand, and Loom seemed to be an attractive investment opportunity. However, in the current market climate of 2023, Loom’s profitability might not be as impressive as it once was. Nonetheless, Atlassian saw potential in Loom despite its financial performance and decided to make the acquisition.

The Value of the Acquisition

The $975 million price tag for Loom certainly raises eyebrows, considering its profitability. However, it’s essential to note that Atlassian’s motivation goes beyond immediate returns. By acquiring Loom, Atlassian fills a critical gap in their collaboration suite, allowing them to offer asynchronous video capabilities alongside their existing tools. This move aligns with the shifting trends in teaming and collaboration, emphasizing the importance of video in communication.

Future Speculations

With the acquisition of Loom under their belt, many wonder what Atlassian’s next move will be. As a company that is known for its strategic acquisitions, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Atlassian has its eyes on another target. The collaboration and communication space continue to evolve rapidly, and Atlassian’s actions reflect their commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

In conclusion, Atlassian’s acquisition of Loom fills a crucial gap in their collaboration suite. While the price paid for Loom may raise questions, it aligns with Atlassian’s strategic goals. As the landscape of teaming and collaboration evolves, companies must adapt to ensure they provide comprehensive solutions to their customers’ needs. Atlassian’s move demonstrates their commitment to staying at the forefront of this evolving industry.

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