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Asana vs Trello: Which Project Management Site is Better

Asana VS Trello

The internet is brimming with various software applications and programs that can aid in better project management. They provide users with a platform where work can be systematically delegated, monitored, and commented on. Asana and Trello are a couple of the most popular project management sites used today. They offer different tools and dedicated spaces where each team member can easily upload, download, and link assignments. Each team member is then given access to these materials as they do away with other third-party apps such as chat, email, and cloud accounts. This article aims to do an Asana vs Trello comparison, providing users with details regarding the different features that each offers.


What Are Product Management Platforms?

Project management
Photo from Asana


Before we go deep into the Asana vs Trello discussion, let’s define what project management platforms are. This will give us some much-needed context to give the two sites a fair comparison.

Asana and Trello are project management platforms that simplify workflow by providing team members with a one-stop platform that already offers almost all the different tools needed for team collaboration and synchronization. Project management platforms have all the various features that are necessary for team working. When more and more companies are turning to the internet to find better solutions to the demands of work-from-home (WFH) protocols, project management platforms allow teams to have a dedicated space for work materials.

A project management platform has features like account walls, general feed, comment/reply sections, task assignments, and so forth. In a sense, it’s like a Facebook prototype, but without the general “lifestyle” feel of the social media giant. A project management platform is a dedicated platform that allows you to focus on the different tasks at hand without being at the physical office location. Your team leader can send you the link to the project and access the various posts, links, and updates there. You and your team can, of course, use other third-party apps such as emails and cloud services.

If you want to make your team’s output better, check out our list of the best productivity apps you can get right now.


What is Asana?

Photo from Asana


Asana is a project management site that permits teams to track, organize, update, and manage their different projects in one dedicated platform. The software allows teams to keep track of their task schedules and even monitor each team member’s progress in their corresponding assignment. Deadlines and priorities can be set, and a visual, systematic workflow can be examined at a macro level.


Asana Features

Photo from Asana


Prime Features

To look deeper into what Asan has to offer, below is a list of its features.

  • It’s a freemium app. This means that it’s free to download Asana. You can enjoy its basic features, but it has other capabilities that can only be unlocked when you opt to pay for its premium version.
  • It time-tracks your progress through the Harvest app. You can enable this function under the Settings menu.
  • It is best for business management as it has a Gantt Chart capability that is essential when tracking several things at the commercial level.
  • It also has unlimited cloud storage. This means that you can place unlimited data into the app without having to worry about space.
  • Asana pricing has four (4) plans: Basic (US$0.00), Premium (US$11.23), Business ($22.77), and Enterprise (Undisclosed fee).


Work, Project, and Task Management

  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Approvals
  • Sub-tasks
  • Task Assignees
  • Sections and columns
  • Custom Fields
  • Forms
  • Rules
  • Due Dates
  • Due Times
  • Templates
  • Start Dates
  • Timeline
  • Attachments
  • Likes
  • Tasks in Multiple Projects
  • Dependencies
  • Comment-only Projects



  • Task comments
  • Proofing
  • Image proofing
  • Project conversations
  • Team pages
  • Languages
  • Rich text



  • My Tasks
  • Inbox
  • List
  • Search
  • Saved advanced searches
  • Workload
  • Calendars
  • Files View
  • Colorblind friendly mode



  • Teams
  • Followers
  • Guests
  • Permissions
  • Admin controls
  • Privacy controls
  • Data security


Integrations (third-party additions)

  • File creation and sharing
  • Communication
  • Others similar platforms


App OS Compatibility

Asana App
Photo from Asana


Asana has its website. You can access the platform using its dedicated site. However, if you prefer using your mobile phone, you can also download its app via Google PlayStore or the iOS App Store. The said project management platform is merely compatible with Apple and Android at the moment. Once you get to install the app, sign up for an account. After which, do an Asana login and you’re good to go.


What is Trello?

What is Trello
What is Trello


To have a better Asana vs Trello discussion, we also need to look into what Trello is and what it has to offer. So, what is Trello?

Like Asana, Trello is a project management platform that allows teams to track, organize, manage, update, and communicate regarding various projects. One of the most popular things that often get linked with Trello project management is its Kanban boards. Unlike Asana, however, Trello is not only a platform that helps you manage and organize your professional work. While Asana is more focused on business frameworks and flows, Trello is used for various projects, including personal ones. Numerous reviews posit that Trello can even be utilized to manage your personal life.



Project Manager
Photo from Trello


To give you a broader look into what Trello has to offer, this Trello review category provides you with a brief list of its capabilities.


To-Do Lists

Trello helps you organize just about anything. It can even aid you as you manage your routine.


Time Blocks

As you start to organize your daily list, you can even use time blocks to categorize each task. For instance, you can indicate tasks according to morning, afternoon, and evening.


Automatic Time Tracking

You can also use third-party integrations to help you automatically track your tasks’ start and finish time. You can continuously categorize To-Do and Done activities by manually dragging these tasks from one category to another.


Note Recipes and Plan Each Meal

As said, you can make Trello into your personal planner. You can make your recipe board, for instance, and specify the names of your recipe cards contained there. Copy and paste recipes from the web onto your cards. You can make a weekly timeline for your meals.

You can even sort and manage your reading list. Create another dedicated board for your books or magazines. Enlist book recommendations, collections, and whatnot. You can also add links to your board.


Create A Media or Movie Dashboard

Do you have movies that you plan to watch but find no available time for them at the moment? You can make a dedicated dashboard for all those movies. Paste the links there or even store them there. Categorize them according to your desired watching schedule. You can also make a movie wishlist if you want.


Vacation Planner

You can make a vacation planner as well to queue in several planned destinations. Make cards for each of them. Create a dedicated Vacation Board to contain them all so that your vacation will be organized.


Blog Management

If you own a blog, this Trello review is exactly what you need to read. With Trello, you can efficiently run your blog. One of the bloggers’ topmost problems is the management of posting-publishing schedules that they need to stick with. Of course, your audience would like you to have a regular posting schedule so that they know when to visit your blog or website. You can use Trello to organize these posting schedules, pasting links to share as well.


Budget Management

As mentioned, you can use Trello for anything. You can even use it to manage your finances, allowing you to examine which amount goes where and even why. Make a dedicated space for your earnings, expenses, and savings.

These are merely some of the things that you can do with Trello. When it comes to an Asana vs Trello review, the foremost thing that comes to mind is its usage. While Asana is more appropriate for business and professional work management, Trello is much more flexible as it can help you organize your life. What’s more, you can invite people to visit and add to your boards.


Pricing and Packages

Photo from Trello


Like Asana, it’s also a freemium app, which means its primary capabilities are freely accessible, but you will need to pay a fee to use its other features. Trello pricing is as follows:



  • Single Power-Up per board
  • Background of boards do not have images
  • 50 command runs each month via Butler Automation
  • Only JSON Board exports allowed


Business Class ($9.99 per team member per month)

  • Unlimited Team Boards
  • Advanced Checklists
  • Priority Support
  • Unlimited Power-Ups
  • Admin controls
  • Collections
  • Table View
  • Bulk-add members through Google Apps
  • Domain-restricted invites
  • Deactivate members
  • Trello Gold
  • Create outside observers
  • Bulk data export


Enterprise ($20.83 per user per month)

  • All Business Class features
  • Team Reports for Enterprise
  • Per-user licensing
  • Pay via invoice
  • Trello Enterprise Admin Dashboard


App OS Compatibility

To complete this Trello review, it is essential to know how you can access Trello. You can also download its dedicated app via Google PlayStore (Android), Apple’s App Store (iOS), and Microsoft’s Store (Windows).


Asana vs Trello Which is Better?

Photo by Peggy_Marco from Pixabay


As you can glean from the discussions above, both Asana and Trello are excellent platforms. However, this Asana vs Trello analysis cannot be complete without making a more specific feature comparison. To accomplish that, below are several criteria:


Ease of Use


Naturally, the best platforms, especially project management ones, must be most comfortable to learn and use. Both the Trello app and Asana app are intuitive and relatively easy to utilize. They both provide users with clean interfaces and are also inspired by the Kanban system. However, Asana is a step better since it offers users a Timeline or a user account feed that lets each member glean the systematic chronological order of posts made.

However, the Trello app can be utilized to create personal boards, allowing users to consolidate different materials into dedicated folders. In a way, the Trello app offers more chances for creativity within its walls.

Nonetheless, both apps are easy-to-use and straightforward. So, in terms of an Asana vs Trello competition, the result would be a draw.


Number of Features

In terms of content and file collaboration and integration, both the Asana app and the Trello app do not provide users with in-app editing and feedback capability. However, you can always use several third-party software and programs, including Microsoft and Google Docs. This can be an issue, but team members can still use links to provide editing capacity for specific document outputs currently in edit mode.

Regarding the customization of workflow, the Trello app strives to give team members the ability to glean an overview of the project workflow. On the other hand, Asana does not offer one. Assigning tasks, however, is better when using Asana. It has a specific feature that easily allows leaders to assign tasks to members. As regards reporting, Asana also offers particular features to make the said task easier.

So in this category of the Asana vs Trello comparison, Asana is deemed better.



Both the Asana app and Trello app are excellent in terms of production capability. However, Asana is more applicable for business use, while Trello provides features that allow it to be appropriate for personal use. Depending on your preferences, you can quickly try both apps and find out that they’re most likely the same.


Better Interface

While Asana uses a timeline to systematize everything, the Trello app uses boards to do so. In a way, Asana helps team members check out the chronological order of submissions and postings. At the same time, Trello permits members to see each board’s different implements in a broader scheme. In terms of Enterprise solutions, though, Asana provides more specific functions that are deemed highly essential for team collaboration. In this aspect, Asana is the better choice.



Trello pricing is a bit better than Asana. Trello’s Business Class is priced at US$9.99 per user per month, while its Enterprise plan is priced at US$20.83 per user per month. Asana’s Premium Plan is US$11.23 per user per month, Business Plan at $22.77 per user per month, and Enterprise for an additional, undisclosed cost. Trello is the more economical option of the two.


Final Verdict


In this Asana vs Trello comparison, Asana is better in terms of interface and number of features. However, the Trello app is deemed better when it comes to pricing. However, do not let this scoreboard take away the fact that both apps are superb as regards appeasement of usage and productivity rate.


Alternatives to Asana and Trello

Of course, there are other apps that are similar to Asana and Trello. You can also check out these programs:




Like both Asana and Trello, Filestage allows online collaborative work for teams. The app focuses on providing the capacity for workers to offer and receive timely feedback. This is crucial for people who are bent on following specific deadlines.




Primarily meant for enterprise management, Workfront offers portfolio management, time tracking, document management, issue tracking, and work management. It is also cloud-based. Workfront is more appropriate for larger businesses, which are harder to manage as well.




Also, like the Trello app, the Asana app, and all the other programs mentioned above, Brightpod is a project management platform. Nevertheless, it is different because it focuses on eradicating the chaos in project collaborations. Hence, it helps team leaders pinpoint priorities and zoom into the key points that need to be addressed immediately.

Asana vs Trello: Which Project Management Site is Better


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