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Quire App Review: Is It the Productivity App for You?

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If your goal is to be competitive, you have to be productive. This applies to everyone and every business. For this reason, a lot of individuals and companies are looking for project management tools and collaboration tools to help them out. And since there are a lot available and evolving ones, it’s hard to choose what’s right for you. With that, you have to select the one that can help you organize your work at minimum effort and offer a smooth workflow. Quire is one of the ideal choices that you have to take advantage of when it comes to project management.

In this Quire app review, we will discuss what Quire is. Also, we will tackle its rich features and the pros and cons of using it.


What Is Quire?

Quire Task Management
Photo by Quire


Launched in 2014 by Taiwan-based entrepreneurs Tom Yeh and Henri Chen, Quire is a new-generation collaborative app that helps you accomplish your goals. It lets you manage your projects by breaking them into smaller and more manageable steps and work collaboratively with your team to complete them. Moreover, it enables you to personalize, plan, organize, and prioritize your tasks in any manner more comfortable to you.

Quire offers an organized and easy-to-use interface to its users. With that, it makes project management simple, manageable, and hassle-free for everyone. Furthermore, it provides updated results when any changes are made, making it easier for you to cope with your team members.


Quire Subscription

Quire App
Photo by Quire

As of now, you can use Quire for free. But in the future, you may be able to enjoy subscription plans with bigger perks for larger teams. You may request a demo for Quire’s basic, professional, and enterprise subscriptions by sending them an email at

You can take advantage of Quire on different devices, from PC to mobile.

Sign up on Windows or Mac

For Android users

For iOS users

Get the Google Chrome extension


Quire Project Management Features

Quire Features
Screenshot from Quire


Unique Tree Structure

Quire’s tree structure does not follow the trend or traditional way of task segregation methods. Instead, it lets its users note down ideas and accomplish them later on. Quire simplifies your job concerning tasks and subtasks, and all you have to do is let all good plans push through. It does not give limitations to the number of tasks and subtasks you want to add to the project, allowing you to collect and put down ideas and then turn them into actionable ideas.

Moreover, this feature adapts with the Kanban board so well, so you need not worry about using this methodology. Also, it helps to organize your complex projects and work together with your team.


Unlimited Nested Task List

This Quire’s To-Do list feature is ideal for organizing and illustrating the big picture of your project. It allows you to consolidate all your tasks in a well-planned list, thus helping you set priorities and let your productivity flow. You can have a list of your unlimited tasks and subtasks, break them into smaller and more manageable tasks, and carry them out promptly. You can also use different levels, including tasks, projects, and organization.

With that, instead of getting buried in a long messy list of tasks, you can efficiently organize and manage them. This feature will keep you on track and move ahead until you reach your goals.


Kanban Board

Quire Kanban
Screenshot from Quire


This feature makes the execution of tasks easier. It helps you focus and track the more critical tasks on the same project and complete them promptly. It lets you visualize all your tasks and break them down according to priority.

On the Kanban board, everything is laid out so you can easily track your progress and have a big picture of workflows across members. Teams will be able to organize tasks, and the manager can assign and sort things out so no task will be left behind. Also, it lets everyone on the team on the same track and enables the manager to monitor what the team members are working on.



You can create unlimited sublists as long as you want. Creating sublists helps you efficiently deal with or focus on more essential tasks concerning the project. It lets you and your team members focus on the right tasks and not be distracted by other tasks accompanied on the project. You will know what should come first and focus on them, then work on the other after finishing the important ones. With that, you can stay ahead and not get left behind with the deadline.



This feature lets you gather all the tasks that you can’t immediately finish but still check them out for later review. With that, you won’t be buried with your list of long tasks. You can always check them out and make progress every day by working on each task one by one, so the tasks won’t pile up.


Collaboration With External Members

You can invite external team members and collaborators to help you work on different tasks and collaborate with your team. Also, you can assign tasks to an external team but still have the ability to manage them. You can share the tasks with them, but they can’t see the whole thing you are working on. They can follow the project’s progress and make contributions, but the confidential information won’t be compromised.


Multiple Assignees

Multiple Assignees
Screenshot from Quire


This feature lets you assign the task to multiple people who are good at what they are doing. A project can be given to different people, and they will assign a person or group who are capable and can efficiently work on the tasks or subtasks.



It helps project managers and team leaders visualize how well each team member is performing and how well they progress. Also, it provides helpful insights into how the processes are executed. You can also have access to the data on every task and project. For this reason, you will always be on top of all the developments of your teams.


User-Friendly Interface

Quire offers an intuitive system that makes it easy for its users to find anything that they need. It provides an open for customization and flawless interface, which assures users to work with it comfortably and focus on tasks rather than navigating the system and getting distracted by the interface.


Recurring Tasks

To make your plan work, you need to schedule deadlines or due dates. Recurring tasks are of great help for any tasks that need repetition. You don’t need to schedule them over and over. You have to set up the start dates, due dates, and recurring dates to be reminded and see a Gantt-chart view of tasks on the calendar.



Screenshot from Quire


Quire comes with API for easy integrations to several third-party apps and productivity systems. It works harmoniously with Google Drive, GitHub, Google Calendar, Microsoft Team, iOS Calendar, Siri, Slack, Zapier, Microsoft Team, Outlook Calendar, and many others. Also, it offers Chrome extension and CSS styles.


Real-Time Communication and Collaboration

This feature allows you to assign tasks to anyone with its dedicated comment area. You can leave comments under each task and let the team members be on top of their assigned tasks. Moreover, it allows teams to participate in discussions by adding descriptions, statuses and providing ideas. Team members can instantly see the files and messages added by anyone.

With that, they can exchange opinions and share ideas, and see the progress in real time. This results in effective collaboration of the team members as it makes everyone engage in a meaningful discussion.


Real-Time Syncing

Quire offers a sync system that makes changes on the list updated. With that, if one of the team members goes offline or lost an internet connection, the app will re-sync as soon as the member goes online and will keep everything updated. Moreover, they can still work on the task and add comments or suggestions even if he is offline.


Undo Panel

If you accidentally deleted a file, you can still recover it through the undo panel. This is very helpful as sometimes we can’t avoid accidents.


Drill Down Views

This feature helps you have an overview of the sublists. You will see how many sublists you have, how many are completed, and how many are due in the coming days. With that, you won’t miss a task.


Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts
Screenshot from Quire


Quire provides intuitive keyboard shortcuts during your first use of the application. These keyboard shortcuts will help you work on your project without using the mouse.


Share Links

This feature allows you to share the project that you finished with your clients. You just have to send them an invitation link, and once they click it, they can view the project. They don’t have to sign up on Quire to view it. It’s very effortless on their part. Just one click and they have it.


Support Team

Quire provides a preparatory guide with tips and best techniques in using the app. It also has a database that frequently asks questions that you can view if you have questions. If you have inquiries about the app, you can reach them through e-mail.


Pros and Cons of Using the Quire App


  • Chrome extension
  • Perfectly tailored to the needs of every business and individual
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Cross-platform operations
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Smart search
  • Tags and priorities
  • Free to use


  • Limited integrations
  • No built-in chats


Quire Alternatives


Photo from Trello


Trello is a collaboration app that helps you organize, coordinate, and monitor a team’s progress on a specific work. It empowers a productive team by helping it create unlimited checklists, boards, cards, and attachments and organize projects into boards. It offers a customizable panel where you can set up and manage work and workflows. Moreover, it provides an overview of what’s happening on a project and who’s working on it. Also, it lets you share your board with outside collaborators.



Project management
Photo from Asana


Asana is popular team management and collaboration tool that helps teams manage a wide range of tasks. It lets you track every team member’s performance and who is in charge of the specific task. Also, it helps team leaders organize their work and assign tasks to their members. With that, team members will be clear on what they have to do and how to get things done. With Asana, team managers can stay on top of everything as they can monitor things and keep updated on what’s going on with the project.

Also read: Asana vs Trello Comparison Guide





Wrike is a digital work management app that lets its users track and coordinate projects with its easy-to-use and simple interface. It helps the team manage projects and ongoing work all at the same time. Moreover, it offers a work intelligence feature that lets you know if your project is at risk or behind schedule. It also helps you manage your work and collaborate with your team members. You can even see your team’s progress in real-time.



ClickUp is a project management tool that works for every type of team. It makes you become more productive and helps you save your precious time. This is because you can use it to plan and organize projects and collaborate with your team. ClickUp features Docs, Reminders, Task Board, Notepad, Goals, Voice Assistance, Calendars, Scheduling, and Inbox. All of these are of great help in managing all your projects.


Is Quire the Productivity App for You?


If you want to make complicated things simple, Quire is an ideal productivity app for you. It lets you take a giant leap with your big goals by letting you take one small step at a time. Moreover, Quire offers significant features to help you carry on the different projects you are handling.

What’s best about this app is that it is free to use so you can enjoy all the features without spending a penny. So, if you are a manager or a business owner who wants to collaborate with a team, you should give Quire a try and see if it suits all your preferences.

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