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12 Best Time Tracking Apps for Work and Productivity

Best Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking apps help those who are currently working from home, as it can be a daunting task. Those who are not used to home-based work can find it difficult to stay productive and motivated.

Now that most of us are working from home, our teams, companies, and we find ways to do efficient work. Time tracking apps help us in doing this. They are available on different platforms and can be accessed almost anywhere now.

Whether you use Android, iOS, or desktop, you can use these apps. Some even integrate them with other productivity apps. Downloading the best productivity apps is a quick and easy work-from-home fix as well.


What Are Time Tracking Apps?

What is Time tracking?
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Time tracking apps are productivity tools for both individuals and companies. Their features include timers, invoicing, scheduling, and digital clock-punching. It does not stop there. Most time tracking apps monitor how you use the features, sending updated records to your administrator. This information guides future payment methods, company rules, and project strategies.

For freelancers and the like, these apps boost your productivity. They can remind you if you are working too fast or too slow. Some of these time tracking apps can even tell you if you are on “essential” or “non-essential” sites. When you are working remotely, buying the best business laptops is only the first step to working effectively.

Moreover, there are also apps that block websites at a specific time. This is only if you program them to, though. In using the best time tracking apps, teams complete projects and deliver them to clients on time. Teams also use these apps in listing down their projects, mobilizing employees, and tracking work hours.

Utilizing their features results in a well-documented guide to each employee’s work habits, productivity, and team efforts. Each time tracking app has its own set of tools and tricks. The list below features the different time tracking apps you should consider downloading.


Features of Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking apps have different features
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Best be sure that your time tracking apps have timesheets. Such a feature makes it easier to sort through your paid working hours. More importantly, these contain your attendance reports, holiday leaves, and absences. Keeping track of each employee’s billable hours can now be done hassle-free.

If your main concern is collecting data for payroll, timesheets are your friends. They are built to manage your invoices in different formats, whichever suits you.


User Management

Some companies have a heavy-set employee count. For more effective organization, they split employees up into teams.

A helpful time tracking app has this feature. It can divide the employees into teams, departments, or groups. Team leaders can be granted access to their groups, so that each group can work by themselves.

A large benefit of this would be successful group management. For larger companies, human resources cannot observe all employees alone. This is even more true for those working from home. Sharing the workload with leaders who know their team best can shape better reports and performances.


Analytics and Reporting

Data and Analytics
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Time tracking apps are either accessed online or through computers. Because of this, users expect them to deliver automatic data analyses. These days, it is no longer enough to go by your work schedule day by day.

Each employee provides their own data, from their absences to their deliverables. The most effective time tracking apps provide leaders a graph of the employees’ data. Customization of these data visuals should be offered, too.

Each employer, employee, and company is different. The best time tracking apps know this and give them the tools to best organize themselves. Your data is a cog in the machine that is your company. Company goals are possible if teamwork is harmonious, so your team must be well-kept and well-documented.


Online Invoices

At the very start of this list, we already mentioned timesheets for online payrolls. Going further, online invoices are also an important feature.

These invoices are automatically computed for and are free of human errors. Of course, they will still be audited by a moderator, but this lessens the faulty workload by a lot.

Moreover, the automation of employees’ time-in and time-out data make invoices come quicker.  Bills get out quick, with full transparency. This not only lessens workload errors, but it also lessens payroll disputes among employees.


Best Time Tracking Apps




Toggl is the most popular free time tracking app. Using Toggl, tracking the time it takes to finish projects comes with ease.

One of its biggest selling points is its hassle-free time tracking. Most time tracking app users have to take note of several other details before they can start. Any employee knows that knowing all the details of a project is not always that easy. Clients and tasks vary from project to project. These also change as projects continue. Most notably, these happen simultaneously.

You only want to track the time you are using. This is what Toggl hands you. You can get Toggl through browser extensions, and once you have it, a Toggl timer button is available for use. Where is it available? Everywhere. Any G suite platform is a relevant example. Toggl’s presence on such platforms already solves half of the time tracking equation.

Other Toggl features include scheduled time tracking and idle detection. The former avoids inaccuracy in timekeeping. More often than not, employees find themselves forgetting to log time-outs. This is what scheduled time tracking is for.

The latter, moreover, is helpful in keeping track of one’s unproductive time, which is always a difficult factor to track. Working can be a slow burn for some. When one starts running on an idle computer, Toggl does not fail to keep track. An unrelated conversation is not included in your logged time. This time tracking app is the easiest and cheapest to use. Although team features are not available in free mode, Toggl still manages to provide basic time tracking needs.

Toggl is one of the best time tracking apps. It is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.

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Companies thrive on collaboration. It would be quite rare if a company does not enjoy time tracking apps that help divide employees into teams.

As mentioned earlier, tracking employees of larger companies is hard. Team divisions make working more efficient and easier to control. Harvest is a time tracking app that’s created for these very purposes. Although it is also good for soloists, collaboration is what it is most known for. Harvest walks the talk, too. Time tracking apps like Harvest integrate with other productivity apps. You no longer have to log individual hours and workload on different platforms. Harvest can receive information from famous productivity apps such as Asana, Slack, Trello, and Basecamp.

One can use Harvests’ functions, online or offline. This means you can edit and review your timesheets whenever, wherever. After taking responsibility for your own time and tasks, your administrators’ account/s receive your data. Like other time tracking apps, this is processed and presented in easy-to-understand graphs. Should you also be interested, Harvest also offers an app extension of invoice processing. This is optional because the app is open to integration with other platforms.

Anyone can install Harvest on their phones or browsers. This time tracking app is available for download on Android, iOS, and Windows, to name a few.

Download the App for Windows

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EverHour Via Google Chrome Web Store


Another example of time tracking apps that are open to integration is Everhour. This is exclusive to online use but boasts easy syncing and scheduling.

Everhour also knows of the struggles of having to keep so many tabs open to manage your workload. Because of this, the app supports syncing with project management apps like Asana, Basecamp, Bitbucket, and Teamwork Projects. A simple log on one ends up on the other, giving you more time to focus on your tasks at hand.

This also has standard features of time tracking apps. Everhour’s syncing can add timer buttons to your project management platforms of choice. The workload in Asana, for example, can now be tracked by starting (and stopping) a timer. If you’re not sure how long it will take you, you can opt to add an estimate.

Team members on Everhour can also track their work hours per project and per day. Should you be interested in working more efficiently, you can assign the most number of hours to a certain project. This Everhour feature is best for those who want to work more quickly but more effectively.

Everhour is one of the several time tracking apps that are not yet available for mobile. Being an exclusively web-based app, Everhour users must have a constant internet connection and access to a computer.

Still, Everhour is one of the best time tracking apps because of its lightweight style and use. It is available for download as a web app or browser extension for popular operating systems.

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FreshBooks Via Google Chrome Web Store


Of the list so far, only FreshBooks is a time tracking app known for its accounting software. Access to FreshBooks’s full package will show you why it’s one of the best time tracking apps out there.

A full FreshBooks feature boasts detailed tracked sessions and working hours analysis. When you have FreshBooks, a running clock is at your disposal on every page you are on. No worries, this clock is collapsible if you need to take your time to focus.

Whenever a new task starts, FreshBooks offers different ways of time tracking. Like other time tracking apps, FreshBooks integrates buttons with other project management platforms. These are the standard productivity apps like Asana, Daycast, Trello, and Intervals.

The options do not stop there because FreshBooks is available for download as a mobile app. Time tracking apps like this consider your needs. FreshBooks knows that you may need access to their platform at all times. Thanks to this, you can even track your time politely when you’re in a meeting.

Your expenses and work hours are automatically tracked and computed, ready for your processing. Invoices for clients are also quick and easy processes for FreshBooks. They can also pay you through the platform for safe transactions.

FreshBooks gives you the digital steering wheel in managing your businesses. It is available on Android, iOS, and on the web (not excluding browser extensions).

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Timely is made for people who work one at a time. If you’re not a serial multitasker, then a time-tracking app like this is your best choice.

A calendar-like layout is where you track your time and projects on Timely. You can manually log your projects and run them through a timer. The timer can be set in advance if you want to manage your time. This feature is especially helpful if you are working on several projects at the same time.

This time tracking app is one of the most user-friendly. Navigate Timely through drag-and-drop commands. You can also control blocks of time for each project on your calendar. At the end of each working day, you can see the total of your time rendered. If you are a freelancer, you might be interested in the next feature.

Timely also shows the amount you earn based on the hourly rates you set through the app. Projected earnings based on your set schedule is also shown. The latter is especially useful if you need motivation. Since it uses a calendar view, Timely integrates with a lot of popular calendar platforms. Your meetings and planned events are visible on your work calendar, in case you need to fix your schedule. If you are an administrator, know that Timely supports teams.

Through collaborative efforts, teams can track their own time and logs. These automatically sync with the company’s data. Central administrators always have access to this. Last, a premium Timely subscription has a Memory Tracker. This holds you accountable to the schedule you set for yourself. This tracks the programs you use and how long you use them.

Timely is available for download on operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows. It is also available for web use.

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VeriClock: Best Time Tracking App


VeriClock does time tracking well. Its interface is easy to move in, and it does not have unnecessary features that further complicate your time tracking.

More often than not, time tracking apps add too many features that it becomes counterproductive. VeriClock gives an automatic look but deeper access to how people log their time.

For those who use other project management platforms and are exclusively looking for time tracking apps, VeriClock is a stable choice. This is true overall for administrators who do not want to work on a crowded platform. VeriClock is straight to the point—it effectively tracks your time.

This is not to suggest that VeriClock is a one-trick pony, though. Administrators can customize VeriClock to their liking.

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Zoho Projects

ZohoProjects: Best Time Tracking App


Zoho Projects is one of the more sophisticated time tracking apps. It has a wide array of features and integrations with other management platforms. Its collaboration with GSuites is most known.

There is no wonder why this is a popular choice amongst time tracking users.

This time tracking app offers it all: it has a localized chatbox, forums, status updates, and an activity feed. You and your colleagues can leave comments on your collaborative projects. Moreover, you can all access said projects’ editing histories.

Zoho offers an all-in-one platform to its users, but it does not force them to solely use Zoho Projects. In setting up, the platform asks you to choose what features you want to use. If you are set on using one platform for communication and Zoho Projects for another, customize away.

Zoho is available for download on Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems.

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Wrike: Best Time Tracking App


For the busy bees: no pressure. This is your best choice.

First, Wrike does not limit the number of projects you’re working on. After a quick free set-up, Wrike gives you full authority over your account. Customize your dashboards, reports, and documents with this time tracking app.

Time tracking apps are notorious for being too much for some, and Wrike is not that. If you are looking for a platform with undemanding project management, then consider downloading Wrike.

This app is a great choice for businesses that are starting out or keeping their operations small. Integrate Wrike with your day-to-day processes and chat where you feel comfortable. The transition from one platform to the other will be seamless. Get this app on your operating systems of choice, whether Android, Mac, or Windows.

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Timeneye: Best Time Tracking App


As with Wrike, if you are managing pools of small teams, consider downloading Timeneye. It is efficient in tracking time and is best for those who are not assigned to invoicing.

Timeneye uses a calendar layout and is not feature-dense. This makes its interface easier for users of all ages. In organizing your workload, you can list down clients and tasks for your projects. That does not stop there, however, because you can also list down project phases.

From brainstorming, development, and delivery, Timeneye lets you keep track of them all. You can also keep track of the time spent by each member of each project. Even though you cannot use Timeneye for invoicing, it keeps track of billable hours. A popular feature of Timeneye is its ability to document even phone calls or “consultations.”

Timeneye is one of the more ubiquitous time tracking apps. In a feature called “suggestions,” the app suggests tasks you should consider listing down. The app bases this off of other productivity apps you use, as long as it’s integrated.

Download this time tracking app on Android, iOS, and even on a desktop. Timeneye is a quick and easy time tracking app.

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BQE Core

BQE Core


If you’re looking for a time tracking app that has standard time tracking and customization, get BQE Core. You can keep track of your and your team’s reports through the app’s cloud-based software. There is no limit to what data you want to store through BQE Core.

As time tracking apps come and go, BQE Core offers the usual services. It can track expenses, manage projects, process invoices, and make reports. Despite these features, using BQE Core is not difficult. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can access this anywhere.

You do not have to be a tech guru to use BQE Core. The app’s dynamic software lessens the pressure for companies to make and maintain their own. You can get BQE Core on any mobile or web operating systems.

Download the App



HourStack: Best Time Tracking App


Similar to other time tracking apps, HourStack uses a calendar-like layout. You can color code and label your projects as you add them to your weekly schedules. Additionally, you can also estimate how much time you will spend on them. Don’t worry, too. The app’s built-in timer holds you accountable for that.

This app does not only serve your productivity purpose. HourStack has a time limit feature that you can set on any day. If you are a workaholic that wants to lessen your work hours, use HourStack. It reminds you (and notifies you!) of your overtime.

Other features of HourStack include integration with other productivity apps and processing of official reports. Note that the HourStack timer is not present on other productivity platforms.

Android, iOS, and web users have access to HourStack. This is to say, almost anyone can use it.

Download the App



Rescue Time: Best Time Tracking App


RescueTime is a time tracking app that works in the background of your computer usage. It is automatic in logging your work hours, and this reflects on your RescueTime dashboard. This time tracking app gets rid of tedious log-ins and log-outs of each employee.

Most notably, RescueTime categorizes your computer use. It classifies your habits on the spectrum of “very distracting” or “very productive.” Although, you can train the app around your habits. This is useful for people who do have to be on “unproductive” sites for work, like social media managers.

This time tracking app looks out for you and your habits. Through a feature called “FocusTime,” RescueTime blocks distracting websites in order for you to finish your work. You customize this, of course, so RescueTime needs you to be honest with yourself. The “FocusTime” feature is also a burnout prevention system. Customize your timers to give you alerts when you hit your goals or work too long.

RescueTime stores all this data on its software. Your website usage is backed up by three months. Receive this information through a weekly report sent through email. This time tracking app is available to all people in the virtual space. RescueTime is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems as well as desktop use.

Download the App


How Do Time Tracking Apps Help?

How do Time Tracking Apps Work?
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Categorization of Tasks and Projects

Time tracking apps help in differentiating the productivity of your tasks. They keep your habits in check and can prevent you from working too less or working too much. As seen above, some can even record your Facebook use.

Timers are the usual features of time tracking apps. Set one and it will remind you of your team’s semi-strict project schedule.


Successful Time Management

Successful time management with the best time tracking apps
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With the right time tracking app, you can be more efficient with your time. Increase or decrease your pace according to your project goals. But how will you plan around your project goals?

Time tracking apps give you a platform to estimate how much time you will spend per project phase. These are not limited and can be changed as your project changes. The longer you use a time tracking app, the more accurate your estimates will be.


Quick Turnaround of Deliverables

You do not only keep track of time in these apps. Time tracking apps keep track of you, too. Apps like these can be programmed to adjust rates of work according to changes in schedule. Payments to clients and employees are easier because of this.

Moreover, projects and tasks are clear and defined through time tracking apps. When a team does not finish an entire project last minute, they deliver detailed deliverables on time. Data on the team’s quickness and efficiency is then stored in time tracking apps. All this data is used in delivering reports to the company at large.


Team Harmony

Successful team harmony with the best time tracking apps
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Scheduling ahead is easier with time tracking apps. With this feature, teams have a clear idea of their tasks for the week. There is no need for daily updates or assignments, where last-minute choices can overlook project needs.

Procrastination is avoidable most of the time. However, it is more possible if team members have accountability over their work. If a project schedule is set, team members make decisions on the time they spend on their team’s projects. These plans are set by them but play into the team’s weekly goals.

12 Best Time Tracking Apps for Work and Productivity

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