Meta Expanding Verification Program To Businesses: What You Need To Know


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, has announced the expansion of its verification program, Meta Verified, to businesses. This move comes after the successful launch of the program for creators in March. While the verification program is currently being tested on Facebook and Instagram for select merchants, Meta plans to extend it to businesses on WhatsApp in the future.

Key Takeaway

Meta is expanding its Meta Verified program to include businesses, following its successful launch for creators. Verified businesses will benefit from a badge, improved reach, and impersonation protection. Meta Verified is initially being tested on Facebook and Instagram, with plans to extend the program to businesses on WhatsApp in the future. Businesses can purchase subscriptions starting at $21.99 per month per platform, with bundled options available. Meta Verified aims to provide smaller organizations with a more affordable verification solution compared to alternatives in the market.

Subscription Pricing and Benefits

Businesses can subscribe to Meta Verified for $21.99 per month per Facebook page or Instagram account. Alternatively, they can opt for a bundled package at $34.99 per month for both platforms. The pricing for verification on WhatsApp has not been disclosed as of now.

Similar to the verification program for creators, Meta Verified for Businesses offers several benefits. Verified businesses will receive a badge, enjoy better reach, and receive impersonation protection. The badge awarded to businesses is the same as the one given to creators, emphasizing equality in verification. The specifics of impersonation protection for this tier have not been confirmed.

Enhanced Reach and Placement

Verified businesses will experience increased visibility through better placement in search results and recommendations in user feeds. Meta has stated that paid business users will see their accounts appearing at or near the top of search results. These accounts will also feature in a new carousel called “Recommended Meta Verified Businesses” in user feeds.

Eligibility Criteria and Further Details

To purchase a subscription, businesses must fulfill eligibility criteria, including phone, email, or domain name verification, as well as meeting a minimum level of activity on their Facebook pages or Instagram accounts. Meta has refrained from sharing specific requirements at this stage and has promised to provide further details during the rollout of the program.

Verified Program for WhatsApp Businesses

Meta is in the process of developing a verified program for businesses on WhatsApp. While testing for verification on the messaging app will commence in the future, the company has shared some key features. Paid tiers will include the ability to create a searchable custom WhatsApp-based web page. Verification will also unlock multi-device support for up to 10 devices, allowing multiple individuals to manage customer queries and orders for business accounts.

Rollout and Pricing Comparison

Meta Verified for Business will begin rolling out in select markets over the next few weeks. However, there is no specific release date available for verification on WhatsApp for businesses at this time.

Compared to X’s business verification offering, Meta Verified appears to be a much more affordable option for smaller organizations. X’s base subscription currently costs $1,000 per month, with an additional $50 per month for each affiliated account.

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