Google Launches $20 Paid Tier For Gemini Ultra


Google has made a significant move in the AI space with the launch of its Gemini Ultra model and a new $20 paid tier. This marks a major shift in the company’s approach to AI technology and its ecosystem. Let’s dive into the details of this groundbreaking announcement.

Key Takeaway

Google has unveiled its Gemini Ultra model and a new $20 paid tier, marking a significant advancement in its AI technology offerings. The introduction of Gemini Ultra and the AI Premium plan reflects Google’s commitment to providing advanced AI capabilities to users and developers worldwide.

Introducing Gemini Ultra

Google has rebranded its Bard model as Gemini, and the latest addition to this family is the Gemini Ultra. This advanced large language model is now available through a new $20 Google One tier, offering users a two-month-long free trial. In addition to access to Gemini Ultra, subscribers will also enjoy 2TB of storage and other Google One features, along with integration with Google Workspace apps.

Expansion and Features

The launch of Gemini Ultra comes with the retirement of the Duet AI brand, which will now be integrated into the Gemini platform. Google is also introducing a new Gemini app for Android and bringing it to the Google app on iOS. Furthermore, developers can look forward to API access to the Ultra model in the near future.

Gemini Advanced, which is currently available in English in over 150 countries and territories, is set to expand to include Japanese and Korean in the future. This expansion reflects Google’s commitment to making its advanced AI technology accessible to a global audience.

Implications for Users

For users who were previously familiar with Bard and Gemini Pro, the introduction of Gemini Ultra and the paid tier represents a significant shift. While free users will experience minimal changes, those opting for the Gemini Advanced plan will gain access to the powerful Ultra 1.0 model, enabling them to tackle highly complex tasks and engage in multi-model conversations.

The AI Premium Plan

Google’s new $20 AI Premium plan not only includes access to Gemini Ultra but also offers a range of benefits, such as 2TB of storage, exclusive Google Photos editing features, premium video features in Google Meet, and enhanced appointment scheduling in Google Calendar. This plan is poised to compete with other advanced AI chat tools in the market, with the added advantage of Google’s existing infrastructure and services.

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