Google Launches Gemini Pro For Vertex AI Customers


Google has announced the launch of Gemini Pro for its Vertex AI customers, expanding its GenAI model family. The lightweight version of the Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, is now available in public preview in Vertex AI through the new Gemini Pro API. The API is free to use within certain limits and supports 38 languages and regions, including Europe, offering features like chat functionality and filtering.

Key Takeaway

Google has launched Gemini Pro for its Vertex AI customers, offering advanced AI capabilities and features. The new API and pricing options aim to attract developers with attractive pricing and enhanced features.

Gemini Pro API

The Gemini Pro API in Vertex accepts text as input and generates text as output. Additionally, the Gemini Pro Vision endpoint, also launched in preview, can process both text and imagery, including photos and videos, and output text similar to OpenAI’s GPT-4 with Vision model.

Customization and Features

Developers can customize Gemini Pro to specific contexts and use cases within Vertex AI, leveraging fine-tuning tools available for other Vertex-hosted models. Gemini Pro can also be connected to external APIs to perform specific actions and can be grounded to improve the accuracy and relevance of its responses using data from an app, database, web, or Google Search. Citation checking, another existing Vertex AI capability, now supports Gemini Pro, serving as an additional fact-checking measure.

Pricing and Discounts

Input for Gemini Pro on Vertex AI will cost $0.00025 per character, while output will cost $0.00005 per character. Google is offering discounts, and for a limited time, Gemini Pro is free to try for Vertex AI customers until early next year.

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