Google Unveils Duet AI For Developers With Gemini Model Integration


Google has officially launched Duet AI for Developers, a suite of AI-powered tools designed to assist developers with code completion and generation. The company has also revealed its plans to integrate the powerful Gemini model into the platform in the near future.

Key Takeaway

Google has introduced Duet AI for Developers, offering a comprehensive set of AI-powered tools with the integration of the Gemini model, and aims to provide enterprise-grade support for businesses.

Partnership with Industry Leaders

Google has teamed up with 25 prominent companies, including Confluent, HashiCorp, and MongoDB, to leverage their datasets for training Duet AI. This collaboration aims to enhance the platform’s ability to aid developers in writing and troubleshooting code for various platforms.

Expanding Capabilities

Aside from code completion and generation, Duet AI for Developers will also incorporate documentation and knowledge sources from partners like Datadog, JetBrains, and LangChain. This integration will empower the platform to provide valuable insights for development and operations teams, such as test automation, issue resolution, and vulnerability remediation.

Enterprise-Grade Product

Google emphasizes that Duet AI for Developers is an enterprise-grade product, featuring access controls and Google’s indemnification guarantee to meet the needs of businesses deploying these tools into production.

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