Google Enhances Security Tooling With Generative AI


Google has unveiled new generative AI capabilities in its security product line, aimed at simplifying the process of analyzing vast amounts of security data. The goal is to enable users to find relevant information by asking questions in plain language.

Steph Hay, head of User Experience (UX) for cloud security at Google, emphasized that these AI enhancements are designed to improve security effectiveness and efficiency. By leveraging generative AI, Google aims to mitigate threats, reduce the burden on security teams, and bridge the cyber talent gap.

Key Takeaway

Google is integrating generative AI into its security tooling to enhance security posture, generate AI summaries of threats, analyze security data for patterns, and provide recommendations to proactively improve security.

Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence

One significant addition is Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence, which assists security teams in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the information they encounter. By offering relevant summaries, Duet AI helps professionals quickly grasp the nature of specific threats. The effectiveness of this feature depends on the quality and depth of the summaries, as well as the ability of less skilled analysts to comprehend the information.

Duet AI for Chronicle Security Operations

Google’s Duet AI suite also extends to Chronicle Security Operations, empowering security teams to ask more profound questions without requiring familiarity with complex syntax. This enables analysts to assess the potential danger posed by a threat and determine the appropriate response. The efficacy of these answers depends on asking relevant questions and the model’s ability to provide accurate summaries and recommendations.

Duet AI in Security Command Center

Furthermore, Duet AI in Security Command Center aids less experienced security analysts in understanding threats to a company’s operations. By providing analysis of security findings, potential attack paths, and proactive actions, the tool enables analysts to gain insight into the nature of the threat. This feature serves as a crucial resource for analysts without extensive experience, empowering them to contribute effectively to security efforts.

While these generative AI-powered features have the potential to enhance threat comprehension for security professionals, concerns about the hallucination problem may arise. Large language models can generate inaccurate information when faced with ambiguous queries. Nenshad Bardoliwalla, AI/ML product Leader for Vertex AI at Google Cloud, suggests that providing a more limited dataset based on authoritative sources could help mitigate this issue and improve the trustworthiness of the system.

The Duet AI products for security are currently available in preview and are expected to be fully released later this year.

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