Cisco Announces $28B Acquisition Of Splunk, Expanding Its Security And Observability Capabilities


In a surprising move, leading networking and IT company Cisco has announced its plan to acquire Splunk, a prominent data analytics and log management platform, for a whopping $28 billion. This mega deal signifies a significant shift in Cisco’s acquisition strategy, as the company has typically focused on smaller-scale acquisitions in the past.

Key Takeaway

Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk for $28 billion highlights its commitment to expanding its security and observability capabilities. The integration of Splunk’s observability platform will reinforce Cisco’s position in the market and enable organizations to enhance threat detection, response, and prevention using AI-enabled technologies.

Enhancing Security and Observability

With the acquisition of Splunk, Cisco aims to further strengthen its security business by integrating Splunk’s observability platform. This move will empower Cisco’s customers to gain deeper insights into security threats and efficiently analyze vast amounts of log data. The observability platform will not only enable organizations to understand and mitigate security threats effectively but also assist in troubleshooting system failures and resolving various enterprise system issues.

A Premium Deal

Under the agreed terms, Cisco will pay an impressive premium of $157 per share to acquire Splunk. This substantial offer signifies intense interest and potential competition for Splunk, as the company’s stock has been performing well, with a recent market cap of over $20 billion. Splunk shareholders are undoubtedly pleased with the generous acquisition deal.

The AI Angle

Cisco CEO and board chair, Chuck Robbins, emphasized the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in this deal, a common trend in the industry. Robbins stated that the combined capabilities of Cisco and Splunk will drive the next generation of AI-enabled security and observability. The integration will enable organizations of all sizes to improve their resilience against cyber threats.

Splunk’s president and CEO, Gary Steele, also expressed his excitement about the potential of this collaboration. He believes that joining forces with Cisco is the next phase of Splunk’s growth journey. Steele stated that the acquisition will not only accelerate their mission to help global organizations become more resilient but will also deliver immediate and compelling value to Splunk shareholders.

An Analyst’s Perspective

According to Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, the acquisition of Splunk by Cisco presents a natural synergy between threat detection, security, AI, and observability. Wang sees this deal as an opportunity for customers to benefit from enhanced network security while providing Splunk a strategic home. He believes that Cisco’s network telemetry combined with the Splunk observability platform will offer customers a comprehensive and valuable data perspective.

Regulatory Approval and Future Outlook

Although the boards of both companies have approved the deal, it is subject to regulatory scrutiny, a common challenge faced by such high-profile acquisitions worldwide. If all goes well, Cisco and Splunk anticipate the transaction to close in the third quarter of next year.

This acquisition stands out as the largest enterprise software deal of the year, surpassing previous notable deals. It showcases Cisco’s positive momentum in expanding its portfolio and adding crucial security and observability capabilities to its offerings.

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