Graylog Raises $9M In Equity And $30M In Debt To Fuel Growth And Expand Product Offerings


Graylog, a leading log analysis and security firm based in Houston, has announced that it raised $39 million in its recent funding round. The funding round was co-led by Silver Lake Waterman, Piper Sandler Merchant Banking, and Harbert Growth Partners, reflecting increased investor interest in the cybersecurity sector.

Key Takeaway

Graylog raises $39 million in funding round co-led by Silver Lake Waterman, Piper Sandler Merchant Banking, and Harbert Growth Partners. Only $9 million of the funding was in equity, with the majority ($30 million) being obtained through a “flex debt” facility. This funding will support the company’s growth plans and expansion of its security offerings.

It’s worth noting that out of the $39 million raised, $9 million was in equity, which was an extension of Graylog’s Series C round that closed in June 2021. The remaining $30 million was obtained through a “flex debt” facility. According to Graylog CEO Andy Grolnick, this funding structure allows the company to maintain its growth trajectory and bridge the gap to profitability while minimizing dilution for investors and employees.

Graylog’s Journey and Expansion in the Cybersecurity Market

Graylog traces its origins back to an open-source project launched in 2009 by software engineer Lennart Koopman. The project aimed to create a more efficient way of managing and analyzing machine log data. Over time, Koopman commercialized the open-source project and founded Graylog the company. In late 2020, Andy Grolnick joined as CEO.

Initially, Graylog focused on providing log data collection, storage, and analysis tools for IT troubleshooting and error detection. However, the company has since expanded its portfolio through a combination of acquisitions and in-house research and development. Graylog now offers cybersecurity products, including Graylog API Security and Graylog Security, which provide capabilities for API threat monitoring, security analytics, incident investigation, and anomaly detection.

According to Grolnick, Graylog Security, launched in May 2022, now represents more than 50% of the company’s net new customer sales. This shift towards cybersecurity has been instrumental in Graylog’s recent success, as organizations increasingly seek effective security solutions that deliver results while managing costs.

Competing in the Log Management Segment

In the over $4.1 billion log management segment, Graylog faces competition from established players such as Splunk, Elastic, and Sumo Logic. However, Grolnick believes that Graylog has gained momentum and is well-positioned in the market. The company currently serves over 200,000 users across more than 50,000 installations, including renowned defense customers like the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin, and SAIC.

Graylog’s recent performance has been promising, with new bookings growing by 67% in Q3 compared to the previous year. Grolnick anticipates that the company, which currently has 110 employees, will achieve cash flow positivity in the second half of 2024.

Driving Growth with New Capital

Grolnick explains that raising capital at this time was opportune for two reasons. First, Graylog wanted to capitalize on the opportunity to build market share, especially as its growth has been accelerating. Second, due to the company’s notable trajectory, Graylog received strong interest from both existing and new investors, making the fundraising process relatively smooth.

The newly secured funds will be strategically invested in product development, global sales, channel expansion, and customer success, all aimed at driving further growth and facilitating the company’s path to profitability.

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