Saying Goodbye To Twitter Circles: The End Of A Brief Era


The popular social media app formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as X, has bid farewell to its Circles feature, leaving users disappointed and questioning the future of their private musings. Twitter Circles, which allowed users to share posts exclusively with a select audience, offered a more intimate social media experience akin to Instagram’s Close Friends stories.

Key Takeaway:

X, previously known as Twitter, has discontinued its Circles feature, which allowed users to post to a smaller, designated audience. The feature’s glitches and inconsistent performance ultimately led to its demise.

Unfortunately, the joy of oversharing without worrying about the consequences has come to an end. Despite its overall functionality, Circles faced frequent glitches that compromised its effectiveness. As early as February, users reported their Circle tweets reaching unintended audiences. Although X acknowledged these errors in May and apologized for the inconvenience, the inconsistencies persisted, with the green banner denoting a Circle post appearing only sporadically.

One Twitter user humorously lamented the loss of his most treasured joke, where he exclusively shared a post with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, thanks to the ability to add non-followers to Circles without their consent. This quirk highlighted the unique capabilities of Circles, even amidst its flaws.

Concerns emerged among users regarding the potential exposure of their private thoughts now that Circles are no longer available. While there haven’t been reports of private posts going public, it’s essential to exercise caution due to X’s history of unpredictable glitches. Deleting any sensitive content would provide added peace of mind.

As for the reason behind X’s decision to sunset Circles, speculation remains. It’s plausible that the feature may resurface as a paid offering, similar to TweetDeck’s transformation into X Pro. However, users may express frustration if they have to pay for features that were once free.

Ultimately, the discontinuation of Twitter Circles marks the end of a brief era in which users could share their thoughts exclusively with selected friends. While the app continues to evolve, only time will reveal what lies ahead for X and its dedicated user base.

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