15 Best Discord Bots to Include in Your Server

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Discord bots are the future of online communications. Millions of users are flocking to the free chat support application. The platform is practically a new version of Skype. The exception is that you can integrate it with plenty of configurable bots. Discord bots are very useful as they enhance all the servers that employ them on Discord.

Discord bots can facilitate music, games, factual references, translation, and more. These highly configurable and smart bots have no limit to the number of features they can have. Whether you are looking for an automatic moderator or music player, or gaming platform for your server, Discord bots are the way to go.

Discord Purple Logo
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What Is Discord?

Discord was originally intended as a chat and voice support for games. Multi-player games often require vocal and chat communication between members. The problem is that most in-app voice and chat supports are lacking in features and are of poor quality. Discord serves are a highly useful and completely free alternative to voice chats. It has an easy push-to-talk function that allows you to communicate during gameplay.

Nowadays, Discord is also widely used by online communities for non-gaming purposes. Most channels get divided according to interest. An example would be major channels dedicated to crypto traders and business people. Users can create their servers and channels on Discord. The channels may employ strictly chat or voice chat functions, and it is the moderator’s job to manage it. The program is not fully optimized for use by large organizations and businesses. Nonetheless, it offers privacy and anonymity, which attracts online communities.

The Discord platform is available for download online. The software is also able to run on most platforms. This includes Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It also runs on web browsers. The original software is available for free. However, there is also a premium version called “Discord Nitro Classic.” We recommend upgrading to Nitro if you are serious online gamers. For a small monthly fee, subscribers get animated avatars, customized emojis, and increased maximum file size.

If you’re a serious gamer, you might also want to check out this list of the best free game download sites. This should keep you pleasantly occupied for hours on end. You can find out more through this article about everything you need to know about Discord.


How Does Discord Work?

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Discord and other services rely on an existing server to transfer information. Discord itself is designed to facilitate the voice over internet protocol (VoIP). This is also called as IP telephony. VoIP technology can deliver voice communications and chat services. The information transmitted through VoIP technology comes in packets. This information gets transported over packet-switched networks. This makes for a clearer and smoother voice-chat experience. There’s just one thing we need to point out though. You still need a fast and reliable internet connection to have a smooth sailing server. You can refer to this article about the internet speed requirements for smooth online gaming. This will give you a clearer picture of just how fast your internet needs to be.

The Discord platform is different from social media, chat, and forum platforms. The latter platforms are entirely limited to written exchanges and sharing of posts. Discord can apply much more than just simple chat functions. Adding friends on Discord servers is also different. Each user has a unique “discriminator” shown as a four-digit number. This four-digit number gets attached to a username, and this comprises the Discord tag of the user. It’s possible to search for friends over the servers using Discord tags. Users are also able to add users to each server by invitation.


What Are Discord Bots?

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The management of online servers is a difficult task. Most servers have their own set of requirements, and most server tools just aren’t up to the task. They are also not linked to external utilities and references. Most also do not have any form of entertainment built into the program. This is where Discord bots come in.

Discord bots are internet robots designed to complete automated tasks. The bots have specific purposes. Notably, the most important purpose of the bots is to manage chat functions. Bots also have value-adding features. These range from providing information to gaming services. Most bots are available for free so server owners can simply pick a bot and implement them.

Server bots are specifically designed to improve the quality and features of a server. Bots can do plenty of things on the Discord servers. They are great for getting information through the servers. In addition, they are also useful for booking occasions and playing music. Some are also equipped to monitor hostile or malicious activities on the servers. They are very useful for promoting unmanned interactions on the servers.

In a sense, employing the right bots is important for running and maintaining your servers. They are also extremely fun additions to the otherwise bland server environment. Unlike Siri though, you will need to issue base commands on the Discord bots. This means it might be an advantage to have some knowledge of coding and basic Javascript. After all, the bot will only understand if you also understand how it works. Be sure to use a VPN when using Discord Bots to ensure total protection.


15 Best Discord Bots to Include in Your Server

Bots have developed significantly from its sparse and relatively unknown grassroots. Nowadays, bots are being hailed as a form of modern technology miracle. It allows users to explore and engage in activities without leaving the servers. These include gaming, entertainment, and utility features. Developers, gamers, and online communities alike get thrilled about the possibilities.

We just also need to point out the requirements for accessing a bot on your server. Some of these bots require Administrator or Manage Server permission. You also need to make sure that you log in to the right account on your web browser when you get them.

Here is a compilation of some fun and very helpful Discord bots that will improve your server experience.


1.Rhythm Bot

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Rhythm Bot is a feature-rich, high-performance music Discord bot. It’s a premium Spotify service for your servers. The bot makes use of a simple command list, which makes it very easy to use. It also has a multitude of music functionalities. The bot was specially designed to deliver high-quality music. The bot supports plenty of music sources to play on Rhythm. This includes YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. Rhythm Bot is regularly updated as well. This means you can expect better music quality as time goes by. The bot is currently used by more than eight million servers on Discord.

To get the bot, simply invite the bot into your server. You can start searching for songs to play right after the bot gets activated. On another note, you can also check out this guide on how to download Twitch videos. to keep interesting content on Twitch.


2. Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki Discord Bot
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Tatsumaki is a utility and modular Discord bot. The bot has an array of social tools and utilities to support server communication. The most basic example of what the bot does is it allows members to personalize their profiles. It also allows users to rank displays on different servers. Users can also add personal information, and change backgrounds. Users can earn points and progress into different levels through the levels system. The bot also promotes a positive reputation system. This lets members upvote other members of their choice.


3. GAwesomeBot

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GAwesomeBot is a powerful and fully-featured chat support Discord bot. The bot possesses plenty of powerful and customizable commands. It also has the ability to detect and kick out users who post inappropriate content or disrespectful remarks. The bot is also integrated with popular and much-needed tools. These include Wikipedia function, an urban dictionary, and unit conversion. You can also create your to-do lists, check the weather, and rank your fellow members. There’s also a moderator log to facilitate the server. It seems as though this chatbot has enough features to cover all of your chat support needs.


4. Pokecord

Pokecord Discord Bot
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Pokecord is a Discord bot that runs Pokemon games on the Discord servers. Users can catch, battle, and level up their Pokemon. You can do this with friends and gaming partners on the same servers. Users can also trade their Pokemons through the server. You can own or battle the random Pokemon that appears on your server. To own a Pokemon, you need to key in the right name using Pokecord commands. You can also challenge the Pokemon that appear on your server and battle it out with them. Of course, this is only a crude representation of the actual game, but it is still very fun to have. There’s little wonder then that it is one of the largest and most popular Discord bots available.


5. Mudae

Mudae Discord Bot
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Mudae is a multiplayer game and anime Discord bot. The bot features an array of original multiplayer games. These include word-based games and multiple quizzes. The bot is also notable for having an anime search function. This lets users search for anime quotes and characters. It also features a Pokemon game where you can catch different Pokemon. It’s not as comprehensive and developed as Pokecord, but it’s equally entertaining. There are also multi-colored crystals called “kakera” that users can collect. The bot is well-loved among the gaming community and is being updated regularly. This means you can expect even more features to come.


6. Dank Memer

Dank Memer Discord Bot
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Dank Memer, as the name suggests, is a meme generation Discord bot. Think of this bot as very similar to the GIF generator on your phone. The bot allows users to search for and post humorous or dark memes from the internet. This can be in the form of images, text, or both. Users also can create their memes and share them with friends and family. A word of caution though, some of the memes are not safe for work. The bot has several categories of commands for memes alone. This bot also has plenty of utilities and configuration tools for chat support.



YAGPBD Discord Bot
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YAGPBD is a general-purpose and modular Discord bot. Its main functions include auto-response, role-assignment, and chat moderation. Users can use custom commands, which will generate automatic responses to questions. Users can also assign single or multiple roles to themselves at once on the servers. Server statistics are also made available through the bot. This might include reporting on the number of users who joined and/or left the group.

The bot also functions as a configurable and automatic moderator. Players can incorporate a set of rules into the system, which the auto-moderator can act on. The bot is also able to kick a member out of the group once he/she has incurred a certain number of violations. This is just an example of its auto-moderation capabilities. Lastly, developers of this bot have included a rather quirky series of cat facts for cat lovers!


8. Octave

Octave Discord Bot
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Octave is another high-quality music Discord bot. Owned by the same developers of Dank Memer, the bot has been around for more than four years. As such, it has undergone a healthy dose of upgrades and picked up plenty of followers along the way. You can link the bot to music streams from various sources. The popular sources of music streams include YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify. It’s also connected to Twitch, Mixer, and Bandcamp. Users can play, pause, and resume selected tracks. And if you don’t like the current or incoming song, simply skip over to other songs. The commands are simple enough for quick and easy streaming.


9. MEE6

MEE6 DIscord Bot
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MEE6 is another general-purpose Discord bot. The main purpose of the bot is to give users complete control over their respective servers. Users get the option to customize commands for server moderation. Users are also given the ability to create custom commands. An example of this would be assigning new roles to all new members. You can also use custom commands to protect the server from trolls and other attacks. An example of this would be rewarding active users with level and XP upgrades to keep them active. It’s also possible to create commands to assign new roles to users and to give out rewards. The bot is also able to send alerts to the server about Twitch, YouTube, or Reddit.


10. Strodl

Strodl Discord Bot
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Strodl is a full-featured and leisure-based Discord bot. The bot features some serious chat support along with other leisure-oriented functions. It has plenty of chat support features that are necessary for conversing online. An example is its ability to search Google or Urban Dictionary for the meaning of a word. As for the fun part, the bot can run text-based adventures within the servers. These are like word games but for Discord chat. It includes the highly popular card game, Cards Against Humanity. There’s also a music player with access to various media streams to liven up the background.


11. Sesh

Sesh Discord Bot
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Sesh is an advanced calendar Discord bot. The purpose of the bot is for event creation, time zone conversion, and event polls. The bot is also highly configurable. It allows users to control the notifications for events. Users have the option to post their events through Google Calendar as well. The bot automatically sets the time zone for the users. It also converts events to local time zones for users who are in another location. The bot handles all scheduling and event planning activities. With a single message, users can set events and schedules for all the users of the server. The bot also makes it possible for users to vote on the best schedules.


12. Carl Bot

CarlBot Discord Bot
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Carl Bot is an overall utility and moderator Discord bot. The bot performs plenty of basic functions needed to run a server. It can assign a role to users as they join the server, and the bot can reassign roles if they leave and rejoin. Users can create custom commands and assign roles to the new members of their servers. They can also employ the automatic moderator function of the bot to assist in moderating server activities. The bot is also designed to take care of logging, timers, and announcements. The bot also handles the server Dashboard. This allows the Dashboard to be available for access on any web browser on any device.


13. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons Discord Bot
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Discord Dungeons is a role-playing Discord bot. The bot supports role-playing games (RPG) and other types of games. The bot allows users to do things that are typical in RPG games. These include fighting, training, and leveling up. The bot can help you level up your character in terms of speed, power, and health. There’s also competition and trade between friends and other gaming companions. Users can also join guilds, go on adventures, and fight alongside friends. The bot stores all characters played on RPG games centrally. This means that users can keep playing regardless of the server they are using. The bot saves all gaming information into secure databases. The bot also saves the smallest movements on gameplay progress.


14. Discord Translator

Discord Translator Bot
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Discord Translator is a heavy-duty translator Discord bot. As implied by its name, the main task of the bot is to translate text between two languages. The system can detect the source language automatically. Google Translate is fully functional on the bot and can support more than 100 languages for translation. The auto-translate feature translates messages for you almost instantaneously. This makes responding to comments so much easier. You can also translate phrases or sentences in multiple languages at the same time. You can also convert text into emojis or generate fancy-looking text.


15. Trivia Bot

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Trivia Bot is an open-source trivia game Discord bot. Users can choose from a wide selection of trivia games. The bot groups the trivia questions into a total of 24 categories for users to choose from. Popular categories include anime and manga, video games, and sports. There’s also trivia related to film and television for movie and TV buffs. The science and technology trivia is also a great learning opportunity. In total, the bot can generate more than 3,000 trivia questions for endless fun. You can play the games by yourself or with your server group of friends. Given the sheer number of questions though, it seems more practical and fun to make it a team effort.

Final Thoughts on Discord Bots

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Gamers and online communities alike have gone a long way. Online communication channels used to contain simple chat and video functions. However, some people find this basic functionality very limiting. Luckily for them, Discord servers and bots are now available. This platform. along with Discord bots like those featured here, has brought chat support to an entirely new level. Users can play games, discover new facts, and communicate in ways never seen before.

Discord bots are the long-awaited replacement for traditional forums and chats. The bots amplify the utility and entertainment value of an already amazing platform. They are primarily effective assistants and lightweight solutions. Discord bots manage the basic functions of the servers and radically improve performance. They are also, at certain times, sources of information and entertainment. Users now have plenty of freedom to customize and reconfigure the bots. This gives server owners the power to customize bot commands. This, in turn, meets the special requirements the server might have. Surely, Discord bots are the kind of disruptive innovation that deserves the spotlight. And if the latest gaming technology piques your interest, we also recommend this article about Vortex cloud gaming.

15 Best Discord Bots to Include in Your Server

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