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Welcome to the fascinating world of, a wildly popular online multiplayer game where you control a snake-like creature and strive to become the longest and biggest snake on the leaderboard. As you immerse yourself in the gameplay, you might come across situations where you want to zoom out your view to have a wider perspective of the game arena. Fortunately, there are several methods available to achieve this, and in this article, we’ll explore them all.

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to enhance your gaming experience or a newbie wanting to learn the ropes, the ability to zoom out in can provide valuable advantages in strategizing your movements and avoiding obstacles or enemy snakes. By zooming out, you can assess your surroundings more effectively, spot potential threats from a distance, and plan your path to gobbling up those shiny pellets.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into different methods you can employ to zoom out while playing From using your mouse scroll wheel to keyboard shortcuts, and even utilizing mods, we’ll cover all the techniques to help you gain an edge in the game. So, get ready to expand your field of vision and dominate the leaderboard!


Method 1: Using the Mouse Scroll Wheel

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, using it to zoom in and out is a quick and convenient method. It allows you to effortlessly adjust your view and find the perfect zoom level for your gameplay. Here’s how you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom out in

  1. Launch your web browser and open
  2. Enter the game and start controlling your snake.
  3. Position your cursor in the game window.
  4. Place your index finger on the scroll wheel of your mouse.
  5. Scroll the wheel backward, away from you, to zoom out.
  6. Continue scrolling until you achieve the desired zoom level.

By scrolling the mouse wheel backward, you gradually zoom out, giving you a broader view of the game. This allows you to see more of the playing field and the actions of other snakes, helping you make better decisions and avoid potential dangers.

On the other hand, if you want to zoom back in, simply scroll the mouse wheel forward, towards you. Experiment with different zoom levels to find what works best for you and provides optimal control over your snake.

Using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom out in is a user-friendly method that doesn’t require any additional software or complex settings. It’s a straightforward approach that you can easily implement to enhance your gaming experience and gain a tactical advantage on the leaderboard.


Method 2: Using the Zoom Out Button in the Game

In, there is a built-in zoom feature that allows you to adjust your view without relying on external tools or shortcuts. The game provides a zoom in and zoom out button that you can use to modify your perspective. To utilize this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch your web browser and open
  2. Enter the game and start controlling your snake.
  3. Look for the zoom in/out buttons located at the bottom right corner of the game window.
  4. To zoom out, click on the “-” (minus) button.
  5. Repeat the click until you reach the desired zoom level.

By clicking the zoom out button, you gradually expand your field of vision, allowing you to see more of the game environment. This wider perspective can be advantageous in spotting potential dangers and planning your next moves strategically.

On the other hand, if you want to zoom back in, click on the “+” (plus) button. This will gradually restore your view to a closer and more focused zoom level.

The zoom in/out buttons conveniently placed within the game interface make it easy for you to adjust your view without the need for external mouse features or keyboard controls. Take advantage of this built-in functionality to zoom out and gain better situational awareness while playing


Method 3: Using the Keyboard Shortcut

If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts for quick and efficient control in, there is a handy shortcut that allows you to zoom out with a simple keystroke. Follow the steps below to utilize this method:

  1. Launch your web browser and open
  2. Enter the game and start controlling your snake.
  3. Position your cursor within the game window.
  4. Press the “Z” key on your keyboard to zoom out.
  5. If you wish to zoom back in, press the “X” key.
  6. Repeat the respective keystrokes until you achieve the desired zoom level.

By using the “Z” key, you can quickly zoom out your view and gain a wider perspective of the game arena. This expanded field of vision can help you make more strategic decisions, avoid obstacles, and seize opportunities to grow your snake.

Should you wish to revert to a closer view, simply press the “X” key. This will progressively zoom in, bringing your focus closer to your snake and the immediate surroundings.

Using keyboard shortcuts offers a seamless and efficient way to adjust your view in, especially if you’re familiar with using shortcuts in other games. Take advantage of the “Z” and “X” keys to effortlessly zoom in and out, enhancing your gameplay and overall experience.


Method 4: Enabling the Zoom Out Feature in Mods

If you’re looking for even more control over your zoom level in, you can consider using mods. Mods are user-created extensions that add extra features and customization options to the game. One popular feature found in some mods is the ability to zoom out further than the default game allows. Here’s how you can enable the zoom out feature through mods:

  1. Open your web browser and search for mods.
  2. Select a reputable mod website or forum to download the desired mod.
  3. Follow the instructions provided on the website to install the mod.
  4. Launch and enter the game.
  5. Check the mod settings or options for a zoom control feature.
  6. Adjust the zoom level to your preference using the mod’s controls.

By using mods, you can extend the default zoom limit set by the game, allowing for a greater field of view. This expanded perspective can be advantageous in strategizing your movements, assessing the positions of other snakes, and avoiding potential threats more effectively.

It’s important to note that when using mods, make sure to download them from trusted sources and exercise caution to avoid malware or other security risks. Additionally, mods may not always be compatible with the latest version of, so be sure to check for updates to the mod or the game itself.

Enabling the zoom out feature through mods can provide you with an extra level of customization and flexibility in gameplay. Just remember to use mods responsibly and respect the rules of fair play.



In the thrilling world of, being able to zoom out and have a wider perspective can give you a significant advantage. We explored four different methods to achieve this: using the mouse scroll wheel, utilizing the zoom out button in the game, employing keyboard shortcuts, and enabling the zoom out feature through mods.

By using the mouse scroll wheel, you can easily adjust your view to see more of the game environment. The zoom in and out buttons within the game provide a convenient way to modify your perspective, without relying on external tools. Keyboard shortcuts offer a quick and efficient method to zoom in and out, providing seamless control over your view. Additionally, mods offer the option to extend the default zoom limit, giving you even greater flexibility and customization.

With these methods at your disposal, you can strategically assess your surroundings, spot potential dangers from a distance, and plan your moves effectively. Each method offers its own advantages, so feel free to experiment and find the one that works best for you.

Remember, is all about strategy, agility, and skill. Utilizing the zoom out feature can enhance your gaming experience, but it’s important to balance it with other aspects of gameplay. Stay focused, be mindful of your surroundings, and keep adapting your strategy as you navigate the ever-changing world of

Now, armed with the knowledge of these zoom out methods, go forth and dominate the leaderboard! See you in the game!

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