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Nero Video Review: Is It The Best Editor for Beginners?

Nero Video Featured

The early 2000s was the boom of video editing because it was right around that time when YouTube also started gaining popularity. Here, you can witness the early and often crude representation of video editing as it was no longer confined in film and television but was slowly becoming more popular with mainstream media. The rise of internet users also increased the number of people who needed to edit videos. This is why tools like the Nero Video Editor became popular.


What Is Nero Video?

Nero Video
Screenshot from Nero


First known as Nero Vision until the company rebranded itself in 2011, Nero video has two options for its users to choose from. The first being an Express mode which is perfect for newbies. Here, the software offers a simple user interface that boasts comprehensive, often one-click solutions for all your video editing needs.

The second option is more suitable for people who need and use hardcore video editing skills. The Advanced Mode includes enhanced video editing functions such as keyframing functions and even a multi-track timeline!

Nero Video is your one-stop shop for all your video editing needs. As is with any other video editing software, it includes the ability to upload images and other videos into your track and a broad selection of transitions, effects, and audio for you to choose from. Clients can choose to download their edited video or upload it directly to their chosen social media site using the software. Users also can burn their video on a DVD or CD and even have a personalized menu to boot!


Device Compatibility

Nero Video is not choosy when it comes to device compatibility. For the import features, Nero Video is compatible with all devices, be it your phone, your camera, GoPro, camcorder, or video camera. You are guaranteed that while Nero Video does all the needed security scans for your files, you will not have any issues in transferring your files.

With Nero Video’s easy-to-use Wi-Fi+ Transfer App, you can also experience a hassle-free transfer procedure without those confusing cables and wires. You can also choose to upload them in Nero’s Cloud app during your free time!


Minimum System Requirements

  • 5 GB Hard drive space
  • Microsoft or DirectX compatible graphics card
  • DVD slot
  • 1 GB Ram (minimum)
  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Windows 7 – 10
  • Windows Media Player 9 or higher
  • 2 GHz Intel Processor
  • CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc (if needed for burning)
  • For mobile apps: Android 4.4 and higher, iOS 9.3 and higher


Subscription Plans

Nero Plans
Screenshot from Nero


Nero Platinum Suite (1-year license)

The Nero Platinum Suite has a 1-year license is priced at $50.42 or €42.95. This includes access to over 1000 templates, effects, and audio files. Your software also continually updates and refreshes whenever there are new patches or updates available. Do note that your subscription is automatically renewed after a year. Should you need to stop your subscription, you can do so in the subscription panel.


Nero Platinum Suite (Unlimited Access)

This pricing plan of Nero Platinum Suite offers you a one-time payment for all your video editing needs. It is priced at $105.59 or €89.95. Here, you can use all the video editing features that Nero Video offers at no extra cost.


Nero Video Features

Nero Video follows a simple model when it comes to its video editing philosophy. It starts with how clients manage their photos and videos, then how they create their videos, how they edit their film using the comprehensive templates that Nero Video offers, how users can export and burn their film (if need be), and lastly, how they can stream, share, and play their videos!


Manage Videos

Screenshot from Nero


Nero Video allows you to have more storage space to help you manage your photos, videos, and audio files. While another video editing gives you the basic feature of allowing you to import videos from your computer’s hard drive or external hard drive, Nero Video helps you manage your files through OneDrive.

Aside from Nero Video saving you a lot of computer space, this software is also compatible with all mobile devices, hard drives, cameras, and camcorders. Plug it in your computer or laptop, and Nero Video will do the mandatory security scans, and it will automatically open your files for you so you can access them whenever you need to. You do not have to experience the hassles of devices that are not supported because Nero Video supports all of them!

Another neat feature in the Management aspect of Nero Video is that it automatically processes and labels important information such as recording date once you access your photos and videos. Its AI feature also allows the software to label where it was shot and who the people in your photo or video are. This makes it extremely easier for you to manage and access your files.


Create Projects

Nero Video allows you to create videos with just one click. Its one-click Video story is a video editor’s dream come true! It comes with the complete package – sound effects, transitions, and a remarkable entry and exit effect that will make your video stand out from the rest and be memorable!

Nero Video offers a wide range of effects you can choose from! It ranges from the more classic transitions and effects such as slow-motion to more contemporary effects such as tilt-shift. The advanced edition of Nero Video also offers added effects and video editing tools such as audio filters and keyframe animations.

Nero Video also has a neat little trick that will surely make the lives of video editors easy. The 1-click bar remover allows you to enhance your photo and video so that it can be exported or streamed in its best, most optimal condition. This is perfect, especially for streaming on a big screen!



Nero Video offers over a thousand templates for you to choose from. This means that whatever the occasion – be it Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or Halloween – there will always be a template for you and for that specific occasion! Because Nero Video also offers a handy new video editing tool called the effect drop zone, the software automatically recommends an effect for you depending on the theme of your photos or videos.

Another neat tool that Nero Video offers is the Vertical Video template. Don’t you hate it when you took a photo from your phone vertically that will force you to edit it out so that it can fit in a landscape type of video? Well, Nero Video has solved that problem for you with their Vertical Video template. Nero Video automatically edits your photo or video and blends it perfectly with a landscape type of video with this feature.


Export and Burn

Sometimes, even though you have edited your video beautifully, the problem comes during the export process. Some video editing software would limit your video’s quality during the export process to save on storage space. Fortunately, Nero Video does not compromise on the quality of your videos. If you need your video to be of the highest quality, like Full HD or Blu-ray movies, then export it in those formats!

If you are a video editor who needs to export a certain scene from a long movie, Nero Video can also help you. With their export feature, you can easily cut, paste, and import that scene into your video.

Once you export and burn your video, most people would then want to design their CD. Save time in downloading another software that does that because, with Nero Video, you can do it within their software! Nero Video offers a Nero Cover Designer feature which easily allows you to choose from their many templates (or you can even customize your own!) for your CD cover. You can also organize your videos with their menu and chapter selection feature. Indeed, Nero Video offers you all that and more with their software.


How To Burn a DVD using Nero Video on Windows/Mac

  1. Put your CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray in the CD slot.
  2. Launch Nero StartSmart (this feature can be accessed through your menu program).
  3. Scroll through the features and find the Data Icon.
  4. Choose Make Data CD. This will launch your Nero Express Software.
  5. Click Add or the Green Plus Sign. From there, you can scroll through your files and add the videos that you want to burn on the CD.
  6. Click Finished.
  7. Click Next, then name your CD.
  8. It is recommended that you click on “Verify data after burning” if you want to check that you have correctly burned the CD’s video.
  9. Click Burn.
  10. Please wait for it to Burn and get your CD from the CD slot.



Screenshot from Nero


You can download the Nero Streaming Player app so you can have a hassle-free experience in accessing and streaming your videos! If you have photos and videos on your phone that you would want to show to your friends during girl’s night, say goodbye to the hassle of connecting your phone or computer to your TV. Utilize the Nero Streaming Player App so you can connect with absolutely any device and stream it right away on your TV!

Another feature of Nero Video is the WIFI Transfer App. With this app, if you have a good Wi-Fi signal, you can easily transfer your photos or videos from your phone to your computer without needing any cables or connectors! You can enjoy a hassle-free transfer experience as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Do note that the Nero Streaming Player App and the WIFI Transfer App are available on iOS and Android devices.



Whether you are playing a slideshow collage of all your favorite photo memories with your best gal friends, or you are re-watching the sweet video anniversary of your wedding, Nero Video can support all those photo slideshows, videos, and more.


Nero Video Pros and Cons


  • Over 1000 templates, video effects, and audio files to choose from
  • Excellent format support
  • Burning features that allow users to save videos in CD, DVD, or Blu-ray format


  • No 3D support
  • No motion tracking feature


Other Nero Software

Nero Platinum

Nero Platinum
Screenshot from Nero


Nero Platinum is one of the most comprehensive video editing tools in one software. It is so comprehensive that it does the work of 6 different apps all rolled into one! One of the reasons why Nero Platinum stands out from other video editing software is that it supports high-quality editing and exporting functions. Like other Nero Software, this is your go-to when it comes to burning media in your CD or DVD.


Nero 6

Nero 6 is the forerunner when it comes to anything related to data management and video editing. Your one-stop-shop for all your data management needs includes storing, editing, exporting, and burning your videos. It also connects with Nero StartSmart, which is the command center for all your files. This makes for a hassle-free editing experience.


Nero Video Ultimate

Ultimate is another amazing product from the Nero suite. Here, it combines the best features of all the other Nero software. This is designed for heavy video-editing users because it boasts of the latest video editing tools available!


Is It the Best Editor for Beginners?

Nero Video is a cost-efficient video editing software that provides the best tools for a newbie or an expert. It prides itself as one of the video editing software that can export files without compromising its quality. Its burning feature also makes it stand out because, in just a few clicks, you can burn your media in a CD, have a great CD cover, and even organize your files!

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