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All Clipchamp Features You Can Enjoy for Free

Video editing is one of the most important processes when making an effective and engaging video. It is as important as the content of, say, a film or a vlog because execution is a great contributing factor. Although it is not a simple process, some companies managed to make it a little easier to edit videos. Some may not give the most satisfying outcome, but most produce decent output.

There is a number of video editing software that you can install, but there are also online video editors available for easier access. One of the top free video editing software that you can use through your browser is Clipchamp.


What is Clipchamp?

Top free online video editor: ClipChamp
Screenshot from Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a free online video editor that has all the video editing features you would need. With this, you can do a lot from recording to editing your videos without having to switch to another software. It does not require installation since it is browser-based, making it more convenient to use than other software. It also has a mobile app that is only available for iOS devices.

The best part is it offers services for free, but there are certain limitations with the features you can enjoy as a free user. Of course, they wouldn’t give you everything without getting something in return, so if you want to unlock more, upgrade your plan. You’ll know more about Clipchamp’s products, features, and functions as you read further on this article.


Clipchamp Products

Clipchamp offers two products to suffice all your video editing needs. Worry not, because you can use only one account to enjoy the free features of both products. The paid subscription, however, will have a different setup which you will find out later in the Pricing Plans. Each product provides various tools to unleash your potential as a video editor and help you create amazing output. To know which product you should use for specific editing needs, here are some information that you need to know.


Clipchamp Create

Clipchamp create software
Photo from Clipchamp

If you’re planning to stitch together videos or images and add some music to it, you’ll find Clipchamp Create as an indisposable tool. To put it simply, this is an online video editor that has all the functions you need when your clips are ready for editing. With this, you can trim, combine, crop, and control the speed of your videos with ease. You can also add text, apply filters, and insert transition effects which can contribute to the creativity of your video project.

You can use footage from your computer or the videos and audio files from Clipchamp’s stock library. There are free assets that you can use for your videos, but there are also faetures that would need a paid plan for full access. It is also possible to import media files from your mobile phone, Google Drive, Box, and Zoom account. When you’re importing files from your phone, you would have to go to Clipchamp’s website and enter the code that appears on your PC. There’s so much more to do with this product that you will find out later.


Clipchamp Utilities

Clipchamp utilities software
Photo from Clipchamp

For those who have problems with the video format or the file size, Clipchamp Utilities can help you get through it. This product offers web-based tools such as a video converter, video compressor, and webcam recorder. Each tool can do a specific function to make your videos usable and prevent any kind of problem from hampering your creative process. You can get rid of the pop-up messages that would say the device cannot open a certain file because it’s not supported. You will also no longer receive a warning that says the file is too large when attaching files in an email.

Clipchamp Utilities will help you do these by processing your videos with their specific tools. With the Video Converter, you can convert any video file’s format into something that your device supports like MP4. You can also reduce the file size of your videos while retaining their quality, thanks to the Video Compressor tool. Clipchamp Utilities also offers a tool that lets you record with your webcam that you can edit later with the Clipchamp Create. You can use these tools for free but, again, you won’t be able to use these Utilities at their fullest unless you pay for a subscription.


Pricing Plans

Different pricing plans for clipchamp create
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

Since not all features are available for free, Clipchamp offers subscriptions that you can upgrade to if you wish to do more. By getting any of the paid plans, you will unlock premium features that you cannot initially enjoy with the free plan. Although you can use only one account to access both Clipchamp products, there’s a separate pricing plan for each.

The Clipchamp Create offers four plans: Basic, Creator, Business, and Business Platinum. The Basic or the free plan is suitable for personal use, while the Creator plan is for casual use that exports higher video resolution. The Business plan unlocks all features but with limitations on the premium templates and video stock usage. The Business Platinum is the superior plan because it has all the features with no limitations. There’s also an upcoming type of subscription, Teams, which gives access to over 50 people. This is ideal for marketing departments or small-scale video production companies.

The Clipchamp Utilities, on the other hand, only offers the Basic and Business plans. The Basic plan lets you enjoy all this product’s features, but your output will have a Clipchamp watermark. It also limits your webcam recording to only five minutes. The Business plan extends this to up to 30 minutes and would not include any watermark in your videos. You can check their pricing plans page and see how much each plan from both products costs.


Sign Up Options

Sign up options for clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

When you sign up with Clipchamp, it will ask what your video projects are for to personalize your experience. Whether it’s for educational or personal purposes, you will have a great number of options to maximize its features. After choosing, you will then see different options to sign up. You can create an account using your Facebook, Dropbox, or Google account. You can also use your email to sign up. Once you’ve done these, you can then explore everything that Clipchamp has to offer.


Clipchamp Create Features for Free

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of editing functions that Clipchamp Create can do. Whether working with footage online using an online video downloader, or clips you’ve saved yourself, anything is possible with Clipchamp. Here are the things that you can do with this product for free.



Trim video with clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

There are times that your videos would have unnecessary parts that you need to remove to improve the output. Say, you recorded a video of a baby trying to say “Mama” that took minutes before the baby finally does, you can trim it to quickly get to the good part. You can also trim videos at the end if it’s too long or has details that you don’t need at all.

To trim your video using Clipchamp, you can add the video clip to the media library and drag it to the editing timeline. After that, select the video and adjust the green frame on either end of the clip by pulling it inwards. You can also pull it back out if you accidentally trimmed more than you planned. You can trim as much as you want to get the perfect time for the video clip to begin or end. If you want to preview your trimmed video, simply play it in an instant by pressing the spacebar.


Split and Combine

Split function in clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

Splitting and combining are some of the basic functions that you will always do when editing videos aside from trimming. Splitting is essential when you have to remove a portion somewhere in the middle of a video clip. Combining, on the other hand, is also important when you’re trying to make a sequence of events or a montage. These two editing tools are vital as they are responsible for stitching your video clips together, telling a story.

With Clipchamp, you can split and combine your videos with ease, as it would only require you to click and drag clips. To split video, click on the part where you want to cut and click the split option on the upper part of the editing timeline. You can also use a shortcut by pressing S on your keyboard. To combine videos, add them to the timeline and arrange them accordingly.


Rotate and Flip

Rotate and flip option in clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

Have you ever recorded a video using your phone horizontally, but the saved video was vertical? How about recording using your front camera and see an inverted video in your gallery? The Rotate and Flip tools can help you correct your video and turn it into something you expected. All you need is a few clicks, then you’ll get the footage you want.

To Rotate or Flip a video clip with Clipchamp, you only need to drag the file/ files from Library to the Timeline. After that, click the clip you want to apply the action onto, and then go to the Transform option on the menu above. It will then show you the options to rotate or flip so choose how you want to transform your video. You can rotate a video clockwise or counterclockwise as well as mirror your video clips horizontally or vertically. Once finished, you can export your video and save it to your computer.



Resize video
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

Another tool from the Transform menu is the Resizing option, which lets you crop and change the aspect ratio of a video. This tool is helpful, especially when you want a certain clip to fit into the project you are working with. There are various options for dimension so you can resize your video file however you want. For example, you have a video file with a wide format and you want to make a square video for Instagram, this will solve it.

From the mentioned example, you can either crop the wide video or fit it into a video with a square aspect ratio. If you choose to fit it into a square project, you will have black bars above and below your video clip. This maintains the entire frame, keeping all the data from your recording. On the other hand, your video will lose some parts of the frame if you choose to crop, but it will not have black bars. The same thing applies with other sizes, but the black bars would appear on its sides if you are going to fit a square into a wide video.

To do these, click the video clip and hover over the Transform option from the menu that will appear. Under Transform, there are two options to Resize which are Auto fit and Crop to fill. The Auto fit will preserve the entire frame of the video clip while the Crop to fill will occupy the entire project size. You can also change the aspect ratio of the entire project by clicking the ratio button beside the playback. It will then show you different ratio options that you can choose from.



Edit video with clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

If you want to be more creative and enhance your video output, you can use some editing tools that will give it a better look. Clipchamp does not only let you trim, link, or resize your videos, but it also allows you to add text, audio, and even filters. You can also adjust the colors and opacity of the clips for fuller customization.

When adding text, you can change its font, color, and size, then place it anywhere you like. You can do this by clicking the Text button from the side panel, which will show you different text format options. Once you’ve chosen one, you can type in what you want and change text settings according to your desire.

To add a filter or adjust color, click the clip you want to edit and hover over to either Filters or Color Balance option on the menu. There are a lot of filters available including but not limited to Black and White, Blur, and Glitch. The Color Balance tool, on the other hand, allows you to adjust Exposure, Saturation, Temperature, and Contrast.


Apply Transition

Apply transition tool in Clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

Putting video clips together might sometimes look a little plain when you do not include some transition effects. Applying it to your videos would improve the feel and sometimes help with the story-telling. You should note, however, that adding transition effects still depends on what is required by your project’s narrative. With that, you should keep it consistent so you don’t lose the meaning of your work. If your project is not as delicate as that, you can explore the transition options and apply what looks great.

To do this, go to the Transitions option on the side panel and put the pointer over each transition effect to see a preview. Once you have picked one, drag it in between the two video clips you want your transition to be in.


Create Slideshows

Slideshows feature brief
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

If you have ever had photos that you want to compile or link with videos, creating a slideshow is your answer. Clipchamp lets you transform your photos and videos into engaging slideshows that anyone would enjoy. Creating a slideshow will let you tell a story by animating images and make it something that will not bore the audience. You can also add some music or voice over and edit it using the tools mentioned above to enhance the entire project.

When making a slideshow, you can use a template or start from scratch. You only need to transport media files from the Library to the editing timeline and put together everything. After arranging images and clips, you may sync your music and apply filters on the still images to make them move. This will 


Green Screen

Green screen applied using Clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

The use of green screens is not new to someone who has tried editing video, but for most, this one is hard. It is one of the most delicate things to do in video editing, as it would affect the quality of a video clip. If you do not do it right, some details of the footage would sacrifice, affecting the entirety of the output. Fortunately for you, Clipchamp offers a great tool to turn a green screen into an amazing video.

To edit a green screen, all you need to do is upload your media files and add them to the editing timeline. Put the video that you want to be seen in the background and overlay it with the one that has a green screen. After that, click the video with a green screen and go to the Filters option from the menu. There you will see the Green Screen filter which would remove all the green elements on the video clip. Once it’s finished, the video below will appear on the removed green screen.

You should note that when doing so, all the green from the video will be removed, so remember that when recording. Aside from that, you also have to make sure that the green background must be smooth and bright to avoid any problem. You can use the stock videos to practice by adding them to your library and see how it works.


Picture in Picture

clipchamp picture in picture preview
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

If you are someone who likes to produce reaction videos or video lectures, this feature is perfect for you. Clipchamp offers a Picture in Picture tool that allows you to overlay videos or images in a video project. With this, you can have multiple videos playing at the same time with a full-frame or position a photo or video on top of another. Aside from creating a reaction video or a lecture, this can also help when you’re editing something with a video call setup.

This is easy because all you need to do is upload the video files you want to layer and drag them to the editing timeline. Put the video you want to be smaller on top of the other and click it. After that, go to the Layout option from the menu and use the Picture in Picture tool. Assign where you want to put it from the nine positions available and adjust the video size to suit your tastes. Once finished, you can export or share it directly on your social media.


Record Screen

Record screen option in clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

Have you ever instructed someone to do something from their computer but are uncertain if they understand what you meant? Teaching a friend about Clipchamp’s trimming, splitting, and combining videos, for example, can be done on video by recording your screen. Screen recording is surely the perfect way to explain the step-by-step process without elaborating on what you meant. This will keep both parties on the same page and save each other’s time.

Clipchamp offers a tool that lets you record your screen while capturing the audio from the browser as well. It also captures the audio picked up by a microphone from your computer, which is convenient on some occasions. To do this, click Add Media from the side panel then click the Record Screen option. After that, hit the record button that will appear below and pick which screen you want to share. You can share the audio by checking the box from the pop-up window.

It is worth noting that you can only have a 30-minute limit when screen recording, but you may record more than one. Once done, you will see the recording in the Media Library so you can edit it using the mentioned tools available. The file will also be saved directly to your computer as an individual file once you finish screen recording.


Clipchamp Utilities Features for Free


Another product you can use is Clipchamp Utilities, which offers helpful tools that you may need once in a while. Here are the features you can enjoy with this product for free.


Video Compressor

Clipchamp video compressor brief
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

You have most likely received an error message when trying to attach large files in an email. Large files also causes the download or upload process to slow down. It is also harder to edit videos with large file sizes compared to the smaller ones because the latter loads faster. You can solve these problems by compressing your video clips to make them smaller while maintaining the exceptional quality of your footage.

Clipchamp Utilities has a Video Compressor that lets you reduce the file size of your video using only your browser. It supports various file formats such as MP4, AVI, and even WebM, so there are lesser things for you to worry about. Your output’s quality and size would depend on your video clip’s quality and the settings you choose before compressing. There’s a Web setting that would fit well on YouTube or Facebook, while the Mobile setting would have a smaller resolution.

This tool also allows you to compress multiple video files at once, but they would have the same output settings. You can upload your video straight to your social media or even Google Drive. However, Clipchamp will include a small watermark on your output if you are a Basic Plan user.


Video Converter

Clipchamp video converter brief
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

Video converters are useful when you have a video clip that you can’t view for some reason. You may have encountered a message that says your device cannot open the video that you wnt. This happens because the file format of the video is not one of the formats your device supports. You can avoid getting an error message by converting the video clip’s format into something that your device can play.

Thanks to the Clipchamp Utilities Video Converter tool, you can turn unsupported formats into something you can view. You can convert files to MP4, WebM, FLV, or even WMV that plays in Powerpoint presentations. You can also choose to keep the resolution of your output so you’ll get the same quality as what you imported. This tool also lets you pick a lower output setting if you want to reduce its resolution.

Like the Compressor tool, Video Converter also lets you share your output directly on your social media or Google Drive. You can also save it to your computer or edit it with the Clipchamp Create tools. This tool will also export with a small watermark for Basic Plan users, but you can remove it by upgrading your plan. You may also consider checking our best online video converter piece for more options.


Webcam Recorder

Record webcam option in clipchamp
Screen capture from Clipchamp software

The Webcam Recorder tool comes in handy, especially when you forgot to record something, say, on your vlog. This allows you to film a video in an instant and saves you time since you wouldn’t have to upload anything. You would not also have to import anything from your computer as the file will go straight to the Library. With this, you can do whatever you want with your webcam recording right away. You can record videos with the resolution your webcam supports, so the quality depends on your equipment.

If you have more than one webcam or microphone, Clipchamp will let you choose whichever produces better quality. Once finished, you can save your video to your computer. You can also use the output to edit in Clipchamp Create, say, on the Picture in Picture feature mentioned earlier. 


Clipchamp Create and Utilities Free Plan’s Limitation

Clipchamp premium templates
Screen capture from Clipchamp website

Although it is possible to use some tools and files on Clipchamp, there are limitations for Basic Plan users. With Clipchamp Create, you have limited access to templates and media files from its Stock Library. Some premium templates and assets are only available for paid users. You can use premium assets if you agree to have a watermark on your video, but the free features can provide you with superb video editing capabilities on their own. The video output also exports only in 480p resolution for free users, while paid subscribers can go up to 1080p.

The Clipchamp Utilities also has a limitation on its three major tools. This product’s free plan will let you compress and convert unlimited videos, but the output will have a watermark. Its Webcam Recorder also has limited functions, as it can only record videos of up to five minutes. You can only have a webcam recording of up to 30 minutes if you upgrade to a paid plan. The upgrade will also let you get rid of the watermark in your compressed and converted video output.



Who would have thought that you only need an internet connection and a browser to be able to edit videos like a pro? Clipchamp surely gives convenience to its users, and the fact that it offers services for free is a bonus. It provides useful tools in both its products, allowing you to do everything you want with your video project. From recording to uploading, there is nothing else you would need that Clipchamp doesn’t already have.

Upgrading to a paid plan is not a bad idea as you could get unlimited access to the rest of its assets and templates. It would also give you an output with the best quality and with no watermarks. Although this may be true, it will not cost a cent to try Clipchamp so you can explore whatever is available. After all, the only way to know if it’s worth it is by experiencing what features it can offer.

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