Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Copilot With New Plugins And Skills


If you’re a Windows 11 user, get ready for an even smarter Copilot experience. Microsoft has announced the addition of new skills and plugins to its Copilot feature, enabling users to perform a wider range of tasks directly from their desktop.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft is enhancing the Copilot feature in Windows 11 with new skills and plugins, allowing for a more seamless and efficient user experience. These updates hint at a future where Copilot can autonomously handle complex tasks on users’ PCs.

Enhanced Skills and Plugins

Microsoft is introducing new skills for Copilot, allowing users to change more Windows 11 settings and access plugins for services such as OpenTable, Shopify, and Kayak. Additionally, AI editing integrations have been added to default apps like Clipchamp and Photos, along with improvements to widgets and the Windows snap functionality.

The new skills, set to roll out in late March, will enable users to perform actions such as toggling the battery saver, displaying device, system, and battery information, launching live captions and the text-to-speech Narrator, showing the IP address, and emptying the recycle bin.

Future Implications

While the specific skills are noteworthy, they also hint at a future where Copilot can autonomously handle more complex tasks on users’ PCs. Microsoft’s long-term vision appears to be the development of a general PC copilot that can open and manipulate apps or even replace certain applications altogether.

Furthermore, the introduction of plugins for services like OpenTable, Kayak, and Shopify suggests that this is just the beginning. These features are expected to be rolled out over the next month.

Integration with Windows Apps

Microsoft is also integrating more AI features into its existing Windows apps. This includes a generative erase feature in the Photos app and a capability to automatically remove silence from videos in the Clipchamps video editor, which is available today.

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