Microsoft Copilot Unveils Music Creation Feature With Suno Integration


Microsoft has announced a groundbreaking update to its AI-powered chatbot, Microsoft Copilot. The latest integration with gen AI music app Suno now allows users to compose songs effortlessly.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft Copilot, in collaboration with Suno, now enables users to effortlessly create complete songs, including lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices, by simply entering prompts. This innovative feature aims to make music creation more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Creating Music with Microsoft Copilot and Suno

Users can now input prompts such as “Create a pop song about adventures with your family” into Copilot and witness Suno, through a plugin, transform their musical ideas into reality. Suno has the capability to generate complete songs, including lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices, based on a single sentence prompt.

Copilot users can access the Suno integration by launching Microsoft Edge, visiting, logging in with their Microsoft account, and enabling the Suno plugin. Alternatively, they can click on the Suno logo that says “Make music with Suno.”

The Future of AI-Driven Music Creation

According to a post on the Microsoft Bing blog, this partnership is expected to revolutionize creativity and entertainment, making music creation accessible to a wider audience. The rollout of this experience will commence today and gradually expand in the following weeks.

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