Authorities Seize Notorious ALPHV Ransomware Gang’s Dark Web Leak Site


An international coalition of law enforcement agencies has successfully seized the dark web leak site of the notorious ransomware gang known as ALPHV, also referred to as BlackCat. This coordinated effort was led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and involved agencies from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

Key Takeaway

An international law enforcement effort, led by the FBI, has successfully seized the dark web leak site of the notorious ALPHV ransomware gang, enabling the release of a decryption tool that has already assisted over 500 victims in restoring their systems and preventing millions of dollars in ransom payments.

International Takedown Operation

The U.S. Department of Justice confirmed that the takedown operation enabled authorities to gain visibility into the ransomware group’s infrastructure, leading to the seizure of “several websites” operated by ALPHV. As part of this operation, the FBI released a decryption tool that has already assisted over 500 ALPHV ransomware victims in restoring their systems, preventing ransom payments totaling approximately $68 million.

Impact and Criminal Activities

According to the DOJ, ALPHV compromised the networks of over 1,000 victims globally, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in illicit profits. The gang’s targets included critical infrastructure in the United States, such as government facilities, emergency services, defense industrial base companies, critical manufacturing, healthcare and public health facilities, as well as other corporations, schools, and government entities.

Confidential Human Source

The FBI engaged with a “confidential human source” close to the ransomware gang, who provided crucial credentials to access ALPHV/BlackCat’s affiliate panel used for managing the gang’s victims. This engagement played a significant role in the successful disruption of the group’s operations.

Government’s Response and Impact

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco emphasized the significance of disrupting the BlackCat ransomware group, highlighting the deployment of a decryption tool that facilitated the reopening of businesses, schools, healthcare, and emergency services. The Department of State has also announced rewards for individuals with information about BlackCat, their affiliates, or activities, reinforcing the government’s commitment to combatting cybercrime.

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