8 Predictions For AI In 2024: What To Expect Next Year


As we move into 2024, the landscape of AI is set to undergo significant changes and developments. Here are some key predictions for the year ahead:

Key Takeaway

2024 is set to be a transformative year for AI, with a shift towards practical applications, increased scrutiny on marketing claims, and the growing influence of AI in legal and political domains.

OpenAI’s Evolution into a Product Company

Following a leadership shake-up, OpenAI is poised to transform into a product-focused entity under the helm of Sam Altman. The launch of the GPT store and a shift towards a more market-oriented approach are expected to mark a new era for the company.

Advancements in Agent-Based Models and Generative Multimedia

AI applications such as agent-based models and generative multimedia are anticipated to move beyond experimental stages, finding practical use cases in areas like ticketing interfaces and creative content generation.

Challenges and Opportunities for Large Language Models

The limitations of monolithic LLMs are likely to become more apparent in 2024, prompting a shift towards more efficient and specialized models. The year may also witness a reevaluation of the cost-effectiveness of training extremely large models.

Reality Check for AI Marketing Claims

As the initial hype around AI begins to wane, companies will face scrutiny over the practical benefits of their AI tools. This could lead to a wave of customer withdrawals and potential legal action against providers that fail to deliver on their promises.

Apple’s Foray into AI

Apple is expected to make significant strides in the AI space, leveraging its user data and ecosystem to offer practical AI applications. The company’s approach is likely to focus on user-centric functionalities and may introduce new agent capabilities.

Legal Landscape and AI Misuse

The year ahead may see a mix of ongoing and new legal cases related to AI, particularly concerning issues of misuse and bias. While some lawsuits may falter due to lack of specific regulations, they could pave the way for future legal frameworks.

Impact of Regulatory Changes on Early Adopters

The introduction of new AI regulations, such as the E.U.’s AI Act, is expected to drive proactive changes among early adopters in the industry. Compliance and standardization efforts are likely to gain momentum in response to evolving legal requirements.

AI’s Influence on the 2024 Presidential Election

The upcoming presidential election is poised to see an unprecedented use of AI-driven tactics for influencing public opinion. From generated content to targeted campaigns, AI is expected to play a significant role in shaping the narrative and potentially impacting the election outcome.

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