10 Latest Technology Trends That Will Shape the World

Latest Technology Trends

The use of technology is surging at an incredible pace. Every industry is bound to embrace it in one way or the other. For the last couple of years, we have seen a bombardment of questions related to the newest technology trends on search engines. The public is quite eager in knowing all these. Some of the technologies are quite new to everyone. The rest, like blockchain, have traveled quite far despite ‘not being new.’

This article is written to satisfy your tech-lust and explore what’s happening in the most trending niches around the globe.


1.   Blockchain

A layman would often link this name to Bitcoin. Blockchain offers strength and efficiency. The financial sector was the first one to experience them. However, it happens to be quite a generic technology and can be applied to almost ANYTHING!

Its primary advantage comes in the form of decentralization. Institutions, businesses, and governments (or anyone) can prevent the monopoly of a single entity. Moreover, it also favors a futuristic way of data storage. Everything is kept in a ledger. All the nodes are given a copy, hence, eliminating the probability of any forgery or alteration. These nodes only possess a ‘portion’ of the data. Even if someone breaches a single computer, it is almost impossible to take down the network.

This newest trending tech facilitates accessibility because the number of nodes can continue growing in a decentralized environment.

Due to these features, the application of blockchain stretches across all industries. Let it be cybersecurity, healthcare, finance, wealth management, or anything else.

Blockchain ETFs
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2.   Artificial Intelligence

AI has been around us for more than five to six decades. Since its inception, every year brings an entirely a lot of innovation related to this tech trend. AI developers happen to be some of the highest-paid professionals. The skills are trending like never before.

Since it’s all about making machines and systems more intelligently, the application is quite broad-based. AI is beneficial when it comes to the strength of cybersecurity. These intelligent algorithms can predict hacking patterns and learn from them. Then they react promptly to destroy any malicious attempt on the network. We can also apply it to enhancing the niche of customer support. Our programs can record user behavior and categorize them. Then bots can be created for talking to the clients and generating leads.

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning
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3.   NLP

Natural Language Processing refers to understanding, processing, and analyzing the speech delivered by a user then responding satisfactorily. The most obvious implementation of this newest technology trend falls under customer engagement. It is expected that the usefulness of chatbots would reach a whole new horizon.

One of the recent developments in this niche focuses on analyzing and processing the sentiments of the user. If a potential customer interacts with a chatbot and types a sarcastic comment, the bot must be able to respond accordingly. The customer should feel involved and valued.

Natural Language Processing
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4.   IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) happens to be a thing of the future, although plenty seems achievable today. Even though all of the new technology trends mentioned in this list are related to a practical use case, IoT takes a bit of an edge in the race. The reason is quite straightforward. It connects the devices that we use daily. It makes life incredibly easier for us.

Imagine if you have a meeting in 30 minutes and you are stuck in a traffic jam. In an IoT-based system, the phone will detect this disturbance and will notify the PC in your office. That computer will surf through your schedule. It will find a suitable time for the meeting (i.e. rescheduling) and will send a notification to all your colleagues and meeting participants. What’s more exciting is that your car, in the meantime, will optimize its performance.

It sounds impossible, but it is quite achievable now. Experts are expecting many developments in this industry next year.

Network, Iot, Internet Of Things, Connection, Cloud
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5.   5G

It may only refer to faster internet, but actually, 5G is way above that. It lays a complete infrastructure for different industries to help in incredible ways (through hardware and software) and experience breakthroughs while being thousands of miles apart. 5G can open doors to supporting plenty of connections for up to 500GB/second according to different researches. We can expect a tough competition between top telecommunication providers next year with its surging popularity.

Since it supports a large amount of bandwidth, if combined with IoT, this new technology can do wonders..

5G Network
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6.   Edge Computing

We are not familiar with it because we are so overwhelmed with Cloud, Wi-Fi, and 5G. However, edge computing is progressing again. This not-so-new technology is expected to show a bright emergence again in the industry.

It is quite understandable why businesses prefer using cloud-based solutions. The trend might start changing today. Edge computing helps in the transmission, processing, and collection of data among devices placed within a specific radius.

Since latency and connectivity problems often interrupt the intra-office communication, edge computing might play a crucial role. This is to revolutionize the way different devices communicate within an office by reducing the response time to just milliseconds.

Edge Computing
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7.   Facial Recognition

If you happen to use a smartphone, you already know the scope and perks of this newest technology trend. Its primary application mostly revolves around phone unlocking. The rate at which the popularity of face recognition and its related algorithms is increasing. It is quite fair to assume that we might be able to unlock our cars and homes by scanning our faces.

Who knows that in a short span, we might be able to withdraw cash from ATMs by just smiling at the machine?

Facial Recognition
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8.   Machine Learning

Machine Learning is growing quite rapidly. It is an essential branch of Artificial Intelligence. Since it is a very generic field, its application belongs everywhere. It ranges from autonomous vehicles to NLP and neural networks.

In the next couple of years, we can expect its market to surge towards $8+ billion. It is primarily used for mining, analyzing the data, and then finding any specific pattern or relation among a variety of parameters.

It is worth mentioning that as an end-user, you can observe its implementation in the following domains:

  • Real-time ads
  • Intrusion detection
  • Web search and much more

Machine Learning is creating plenty of jobs. It is also stimulating the industry.

Machine Learning
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9.   AR and VR

These two technology trends are following a steep upward approach. It is expected that in the next two years, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will have a net worth of roughly $75 billion and $130 billion, respectively. One of the important things to note here is that the utility of AR is far greater than its significant other. The primary credit goes to its seamless compatibility with mobile phones.

The most mainstream application of AR was probably in Pokemon Go. It was a major hit back in the time. It is easy to say that we might witness a lot of advancements in tech next year – mainly in business environments and advertising because it attracts plenty of prospects.

Talking about VR, the poor quality of headsets interferes with an excellent experience. However, we can expect that advancements will be made in the niche of VR, particularly for the hardware end of the business.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality
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10.  Automation

This newest technology trend is quite a universal phenomenon. Every year, we see a great deal of automation being applied in almost all niches around us. Let it be something as ordinary as pouring a glass of water or as sophisticated as flying a plane on autopilot. The World might collapse without automation. Therefore, there is only one direction where we can move in now – forward!

If the concepts of automation are merged with technological trends, we can expect a multitude of developments around us.

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Final Thoughts On Upcoming Tech Trends

All of the foretold technological trends are here to change the world. The developments in each one of them are quite astonishing. What’s crucial is that geeks and experts in every industry must cooperate to achieve something ‘big’ on a global scale.

10 Latest Technology Trends That Will Shape The World In 2020

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