TwitchCon 2023: A Recap Of The Event And The Las Vegas Debacle


Last weekend, TwitchCon 2023 took place in Las Vegas, showcasing the latest developments in the world of livestreaming. Attendees were filled with anticipation, hoping that this year’s event would surpass the challenges faced in the previous year. And while Twitch was successful in addressing some of those concerns, the choice of Las Vegas as the venue left many disappointed.

Key Takeaway

TwitchCon 2023 marked a turning point in the relationship between Twitch and its streamers, as the company introduced simulcasting and embraced diversity during the event.

A Renewed Relationship: TwitchConnects with Streamers

TwitchCon 2023 started on a positive note, as Twitch announced the introduction of simulcasting, allowing streamers to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously. This decision was met with enthusiasm and was seen as a step towards rebuilding the strained relationship between Twitch and its content creators. Attendees felt a renewed sense of energy and excitement, with many expressing that TwitchCon truly felt like Twitch was “back.”

Among the highlights of the event was a heartwarming moment when a streamer proposed to her girlfriend on stage, symbolizing the progress made in embracing diversity and inclusivity within the Twitch community.

Twitch’s Leadership Transition: From Trepidation to Engagement

Twitch’s leadership underwent a transition this year, with Dan Clancy assuming the role of president. Initial concerns regarding Clancy’s understanding of the streamer community were alleviated during TwitchCon, as he engaged with creators and listened to their feedback. The presence of Clancy made a significant impact on the overall atmosphere, fostering a feeling that streamers’ voices were being heard.

In an interview, Lowco, a prominent streamer, praised Clancy’s commitment to understanding the culture of Twitch and his efforts to engage with creators throughout the event. This shift in leadership has contributed to a more positive and inclusive environment for streamers.

The Location Issue: Why Las Vegas Wasn’t a Hit

While TwitchCon 2023 itself received positive reviews, the choice of Las Vegas as the host city drew widespread criticism. Attendees expressed frustration about the lack of accessible and casual spaces outside the convention center, emphasizing that Las Vegas was an expensive and impractical location for a community-focused event. Streamers and attendees alike voiced their desire for a different host city for future TwitchCons.

Rachel Delphin, CMO of Twitch, confirmed that next year’s convention will not be held in Las Vegas, but details about the new location remain undisclosed. The Twitch community hopes that the next venue will better accommodate their needs and facilitate community engagement.

Accessibility and Third Places: The Need for Better Spaces

The issue of accessibility has been a recurring concern for TwitchCon. Last year’s event faced overcrowding and inadequate accommodations for disabled attendees. This year, Twitch managed to improve the situation, addressing the previously highlighted accessibility issues. However, the lack of accessible third places outside the Las Vegas Convention Center hindered meaningful interactions and organic networking among attendees.

Twitch streamers and users emphasized the importance of third places, which provide an opportunity for socializing and community-building. They expressed their desire for future TwitchCons to be held in cities with walkable environments and ample spaces for gathering.

Looking Ahead: The Search for the Ideal Venue

Twitch users’ feedback and concerns about the choice of Las Vegas have prompted discussions about alternative locations for future TwitchCons. Suggestions range from returning to San Diego, where TwitchCon has been successfully held in the past, to exploring the possibility of hosting two conventions on the East and West Coasts.

Ultimately, the goal is to select a venue that fosters a sense of community and makes it easier for streamers and attendees to connect with one another.

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