MGM Resorts Faces Ongoing Outage Due To Cybersecurity Issue


The renowned hotel and casino giant, MGM Resorts, is currently dealing with a significant outage across its Las Vegas properties, with a cybersecurity issue being identified as the cause. In a statement released on X (formerly Twitter), the company acknowledged the incident and assured the public that they have taken immediate action to investigate the matter with the help of external cybersecurity experts. Law enforcement agencies have also been notified to address the issue, and certain systems have been shut down to protect data and operations.

Key Takeaway

MGM Resorts is grappling with an ongoing outage caused by a cybersecurity issue affecting its Las Vegas properties and other locations. The incident has led to disruptions in various services and features, including cash dispensers, slot machines, and electronic payment systems. The company is actively investigating the matter with the assistance of cybersecurity experts and law enforcement. Updates on the nature of the cyberattack and the timeframe for system restoration are yet to be provided.

The Impact on Las Vegas Properties

The outage has had various effects on MGM’s Las Vegas casinos. Reports on social media indicate that the incident has caused disruptions in ATM cash dispensers and slot machines, leading to inconvenience for guests. Furthermore, hotel restaurants are only accepting cash payments, as the electronic payment systems have been affected. Guests have also encountered difficulties using their digital room keys and charging services to their rooms.

The situation has prompted MGM Resorts to post a notice on its website, which is also impacted by the ongoing outage. The company acknowledges that the incident affects all of its Las Vegas resorts, including well-known establishments like Aria, the Bellagio, Luxor, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay. Visitors are advised to contact the company directly for reservations or any assistance they may need during their stay.

Extent of the Incident

While the focus has been on MGM’s Las Vegas properties, it appears that the incident has also affected the company’s other locations outside of the city. Several regional resorts, such as MGM Springfield in Massachusetts, MGM National Harbor, and the Empire City Casino in New York, have all experienced website outages. MGM Resorts has not disclosed further details on the nature of the cyberattack or whether any data has been compromised. Additionally, there is no specific timeline for when the computer systems are expected to be fully operational again.

Previous Security Incident and Current Response

MGM Resorts faced a significant cybersecurity incident last year, during which the personal information of over 140 million guests was shared on the messaging platform Telegram. The stolen data included details like full names, addresses, contact information, and even passport and driver’s license numbers in some cases. It remains unknown if the current cybersecurity issue is related to the previous incident.

The company’s spokesperson has yet to provide more information about the ongoing incident or the current accessibility of MGM’s corporate email systems. Further updates are awaited as MGM Resorts works diligently to resolve this disruption and ensure the security and smooth functioning of its operations.

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