‘Exadelic’ Takes A Shot At Being Silicon Valley’s ‘Ready Player One’


In a world where tech-centric fiction novels can sometimes fall short, Jon Evans’ “Exadelic” breaks the mold and captivates readers with an engaging storyline set in Silicon Valley. While drawing comparison to “Ready Player One,” Evans takes a fresh approach and elevates the genre by incorporating thought-provoking themes and unexpected plot twists.

Key Takeaway

“Exadelic” is a must-read for fans of techno-thrillers and sci-fi who are looking for a captivating story set in the ever-evolving world of Silicon Valley. With thought-provoking themes and unexpected plot twists, this novel offers a fresh take on familiar concepts and keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

A Techno-Thriller with a Twist

The story initially revolves around a tech executive targeted by a rogue AI, which sets the stage for a potboiler techno-thriller. However, just when you think you know what to expect, “Exadelic” rapidly evolves into a captivating narrative that explores an AI-driven deep tech conspiracy with global implications.

Without giving away too much, the book delves into the ethical dilemmas and existential questions surrounding artificial intelligence, venture capitalists, and the nature of reality itself. As readers immerse themselves in the pages of “Exadelic,” they’ll be drawn into a world that mirrors the technological and ethical zeitgeist of our own.

Pushing Boundaries with Imagination

Evans excels in pushing the boundaries of imagination, with his story offering a fresh perspective on familiar concepts. While some may argue that the novel relies too heavily on the nostalgia and culture of the Bay Area tech scene, this is also what makes it relatable and enjoyable for readers who are familiar with this world.

However, one criticism of “Exadelic” is that it tends to be limited by the present-day technology and attitudes from which it draws inspiration. Like envisioning a future with outdated technology, the story occasionally feels out of sync with its own imagination. Nevertheless, this doesn’t detract from the novel’s overall appeal.

A Fun and Nostalgic Ride

Despite its minor flaws, “Exadelic” is undeniably a thrilling and nostalgic ride. Evans successfully combines elements of sci-fi, technology, and adventure to deliver an original and entertaining story. The captivating companions of the main character add depth to the narrative and keep readers eagerly turning the pages.

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