Snapchat And MTV Collaborate To Revolutionize VMAs Voting Experience


MTV and Snapchat have joined forces to revolutionize the way fans vote for the Video Music Awards (VMAs) by incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) Lenses into the process. By utilizing Snap’s Camera Kit, MTV plans to integrate immersive AR experiences into the award show, enhancing user engagement and making voting interactive.

Key Takeaway

MTV has teamed up with Snapchat to introduce AR-based voting for the VMAs through Lenses. Users can select their preferred artist from the Best New Artist category by using a special Lens and indicating their choice with their fingers. The impact of Snapchat’s user base on the final results remains to be seen.

Embracing Innovative AR Voting

Through a special Lens created by Saucealitos, users will be able to participate in the voting for the coveted Best New Artist category. Once the three finalists are determined, users can use the Lens to cast their vote by indicating with their fingers the number one, two, or three, corresponding to their preferred artist. These votes will contribute to the final count, although it remains uncertain whether Snapchat’s vast user base will significantly impact the results.

Immersive AR Experiences at the VMAs

In addition to the voting feature, MTV plans to enhance the VMAs livestream experience by incorporating an AR Moonperson. Throughout the POV VMA livestream, fans’ self-submitted selfies, featuring the Moonperson, will appear. Previously, fans were required to submit selfies via a form ahead of the event, but they can now enjoy the AR Moonperson effect within the comfort of their own homes. By selecting a selfie from their camera roll, fans can witness the Moonperson floating around, with their own face visible in the visor.

A New Era of Collaboration

The collaboration between MTV and Snapchat marks a significant milestone as it is the first official partnership between the two entities. While Snapchat featured last year’s VMAs on its Stories page, this collaboration takes the integration to a new level, bringing AR experiences to the forefront.

Furthermore, this collaboration also highlights the first instance of an award show utilizing Snapchat’s Camera Kit. Previously, Snap collaborated with various music festivals, touring artists, and sports tournaments to introduce AR experiences to fans. Notably, Drake incorporated Snapchat’s crying filter, showcasing fans displayed on a big screen appearing to shed tears. The LA Rams football team similarly employed comparable technology in their stadium, projecting fans on the screen. In May, the team unveiled their new uniform through a Snapchat lens.

Paving the Way for Future Partnerships

These endeavors underline Snap’s ongoing dedication to generating revenue through branded and AR-based camera solutions. In its mission to drive innovation, Snap previously launched the AR Enterprise Services offering (ARES) in March, introducing tools like AR Try-On and 3D product viewing. In April, Snap continued to expand its reach by introducing the AR Mirrors product under ARES, allowing brands to incorporate their technology into physical spaces.

As the VMAs approach, fans can look forward to a more interactive and immersive voting experience through Snapchat’s AR Lenses, signaling a new era of collaboration between MTV and the popular social media platform.

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