Pluto TV Channels That Are Free and Worth Your Time

luto TV Channels That Are Free And Worth Your Time

Numerous free streaming services such as Pluto TV has revolutionized the way people stream movies or TV shows on the internet. Thanks to Pluto TV, many people can now enjoy hundreds of channels without paying a single centavo.

As one of the innovative streaming services, Pluto TV features 250+ channels, including popular TV shows and movies. Aside from numerous Pluto TV channels, this ad-supported TV streaming service is compatible with a diverse range of streaming devices.

Are you ready to transform your home theater with free Pluto TV channels? We will highlight everything you need to know when it comes to Pluto TV channel-related concerns.


Is Pluto TV Really Free?

Is Pluto TV Really Free?
© Photo by Pluto TV

Are you wondering if Pluto TV’s service is free? Indeed, it is! Yes, you’ve definitely read that right. Pluto TV channels are 100% free – no hidden charges, no in-app purchases, and no limits. That said, it’s one of the best options as a replacement for your cable TV service provider.

There is no need for a Pluto TV account and no credit card required for streaming a variety of Pluto TV channels. All you need to do is download the Pluto TV app or access Pluto TV’s web version.  Indeed, you don’t need much to enjoy watching different genres of movies and TV shows from several Pluto TV channels.

If you want to enjoy Pluto TV’s premium features, you must register for an account with Pluto TV. Some of the extra perks include resuming a movie on exactly where you’ve left on a different streaming device, and a feature that allows you to save your favorite Pluto TV channels.

For someone who doesn’t mind a few ads here and there, then switching to Pluto TV is a no-brainer. However, if you’re used to subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max, then you might need some adjustments in dealing with ads popping up once in a while. 


Why Is Pluto TV Free?

Why Is Pluto TV Free?
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Similar to other cable service providers, Pluto TV generates revenue through ads. Pluto TV’s service is 100% ad-supported. Hence, free streaming service with Pluto TV comes with a “price,” i.e., encountering commercials while watching your favorite Pluto TV channels. That said, you’ll have to watch two to three-minute commercials at the start of your streaming. 

In general, it’s similar to watching traditional channels on your cable TV. Every Pluto TV channel comes with frequent commercial breaks. Also, if you’d like to rewind to a specific part of the movie or TV show, you’ll encounter a set of ads. Before the film plays again, you should finish watching these ads.

Speaking of the ad’s length, they are generally short, ranging between 15 to 30 seconds per ad. However, you will encounter them more often, resulting in watching repetitive ads in between streaming. For a 30-minute TV show or episode, there are typically four commercials that will be played.


What Channels Are on Pluto TV?

For easier browsing and convenience, here is an updated list of all Pluto TV channels that you can watch for free anytime anywhere. 

Channel Lineup

Name Number
Channel Lineup 1

Anime & Gaming

Name Number
Pluto TV Gamer 801
IGN 805
minecrafTV 815
Play Roblox 816
Anime All Day 830
Naruto 836
Tokushoutsu 848


Name Number
Classic TC Comedy 501
Threes Company 508
The Addams Family 511
Johnny Carson TV 514
Classic TV 520
Western 526
The Rifleman 529
Doctor Who Classic 532
BuzzR 540
Shout TV 542
Classic Toons 548


Name Number
Funny AF 450
TV Land Sitcoms 455
Slightly Off IFC 458
Laugh Out Loud! Network 46
Comedy Central Pluto TV 465
Comedy Central Stand-Up 466
Stand Up 468
Tosh.O 470
Wild’N Out 480
MST3K 488
Rifftrax 489
AFV TV 494
Fail Army 498


Name Number
CSI 355
Crime Network 365
COPS 367
Forensic Files 370
Cold Case Files 373
The New Detectives 376
Unsolved Mysteries 379
Dog The Bounty Hunter 381
Midsomer Murders 385
Court TV 395


Name Number
TV Land Drama 130
Stories AMC 135
Leverage 140
Baywatch 142
Degrassi 144
Pluto TV Love Stories 147
Pluto TV Suspense 149
Star Trek 150
Sci Fi 151
British TV 154
Nosey 159
Judge Nosey 160
Deal Or No Deal 165
Game Show Central 167
Demand Africa 172
Bet Pluto TV 174
BET Her Pluto TV 175
MTV Pluto TV 178
CMT Pluto TV 182
Logo Pluto TV 187
ET Live 190
People TV 192
Awesomeness TV 194
Complex 197


Name Number
History 651
Military 655
BioGraphy 660
Cars 663
Animals 666
Pluto Paranormal 669
Science 672
Adventure TV 675
Travel 678
Voyager Documentaries 681
Chassy 687
Naturescape 692
Loupe 694
Slow TV 696

Home & DIY

Name Number
Food TV 601
America’s Test Kitchen 605
Frontdoor 612
Dabl 614
Lively Place 615
This Old House 618
Antiques Roadshow 621
Pluto Best Life 630
Weddings 632
Cats 24/7 635
Dogs 24/7 636
The Pet Collective 637
Faith TV 643
TBN 644
Awe Encore 647


Name Number
Kids Animation 976
Nick Pluto TV 977
Nick Jr. Pluto TV 978
Totally Turtles 983
Dora TV 985
Kids 989
After School Cartoons 990
Tween 991
Pocketwatch 993
Little Baby Bum 995
Nick Latino 997
Nick Jr. Latino 998


Name Number
Cine Estelar 901
Cine 902
Cine Accion 904
Cine Terror 913
Nuestra Vision 920
The Walking Dead Español 925
Forensic File Español 933
Investiga 936
Telenovelas Clasicas 940
Novelas Romance 941
Novelas Drama 942
Novelas Thriller 943
Narco Novelas 944
Spike Aventura 950
Realities en Español 953
Cocina 956
Mundo 959
Naturaleza 962
MTV Latino 965
Comedy Central Latino 967
Combate World 970
AAA 971


Name Number
TV Spotlight 51
Action 54
Comedy 57
Drama 60
Pluto TV Fantastic 66
Romance 70
Thrillers 74
Horror 75
Terror 76
Black Cinema 80
Documentaries 91
80s Rewind 95
Movie Channel 100
CMT Westerns 103
Classic Movies 106
Cult Films 109
Flicks of Fury 112
The Asylum 115


Name Number
Live Music Replay 855
MTV Block Party 868
MTV Spankin’ New 869
MTV Biggest POP 870
Yo! MTV 873
VEVO Pop 890
Hillsong Channel 898
Pluto TV 899

News Media

Name Number
Election 2020 200
Pluto News 202
CBSN 204
CBSN New York 206
CBSN Los Angeles 207
CNN 209
NBC News 212
NBC News Now 213
WeatherNation 217
Sky News 221
Bloomberg Television 224
Cheddar 226
CNET 228
Top Stories By Newsie 232
Today 234
Newsmax TV 236
Blaze Live 238
America’s Voice 240
OAN Encore 242
The First 244
TYT Network 246


Name Number
Reality 275
Lives 276
VH1 I Love Reality 282
Love & Hip Hop 283
VH1 Hip Hop Family 284
Black Ink Crew 285
Spike Pluto 290
Spike Outdoors 291
Hell’s Kitchen 294
The Challenge 298
Fear Factor 301
American Gladiator 303
Wipeout 305
All WWE Reality 310
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 315
Celebrity 320
MTV Dating 330
MTV Teen 332
People Are Awesome 340


Name Number
CBS Sports HQ 702
Fox Sports 705
NFL Channel 708
Major League Soccer 712
PGA Tour 713
Pluto TV Sports 725
Fight 726
Bellator MMA 730
Impact Wrestling 734
Glory Kickboxing 736
Bein Sports Extra 740
Fubo Sports Network 745
Stadium 748
Big Sky Conference 752
Back Country 755
Pursuit Up 756
SURF 759
Pluto Winter Sports 760
Red Bull TV 762
World Poker Tour 770


How to Activate Pluto TV Channels?

Similar to other movie or live TV streaming platforms, you can stream your favorite Pluto TV channels on a diverse range of devices and operating systems. That said, you can easily watch movies, documentaries, and TV shows on Pluto TV anytime, anywhere. If you’re a newbie, you can start streaming different Pluto TV channels on your desktop or laptop either from the web version or through the Windows and Mac Pluto TV app.

Pluto TV is also accessible through different media streaming devices such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, and Roku. Also, the majority of Smart HDTVs such as Sony, Samsung, and Vizio are compatible with Pluto TV. You’ll need to verify it with your HDTV’s brand and model if they are capable of streaming Pluto TV.

For Android and iOS platforms, you can easily download the Pluto TV app free of charge.


Register an Account

If it’s your first time to access Pluto TV, you can register for a free account. It’s simple and straightforward to create a Pluto TV account. Here are the steps to register for a Pluto TV account:

Register an Account
© Photo by Pluto TV
  1. Open a web browser and navigate to Pluto TV’s Log-In page. If you are using a mobile device, you should download and install the Pluto TV app first from the App Store, or Google Play Store.
  2. Click on Sign Up.
  3. Input the required information such as First Name, Email Address, Password, and Birth Year.
  4. Click on “Sign Up – Free.”


As mentioned, Pluto TV doesn’t necessarily require its users to create a Pluto TV account. However, if you want to enjoy some of its premium services, then signing up for a free Pluto TV account is required.

Another premium feature of Pluto TV is using your smartphone as a remote control to browse a diverse range of Pluto TV channels on your HDTVs. Hence, it’s necessary to activate your account on Pluto TV and pair it with a compatible device such as PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android TV.


Activate Your Account

If you want to know how to activate your account on Pluto TV on your devices, here are the steps:

Activate Your Account
© Photo by Pluto TV
  1. Depending on your HDTV brand and a supported device, navigate to the Guide on Pluto TV’s main panel. If you have a Roku device, navigate to Channel 02.
  2. Click on the Activate button from the left navigation menu on the Guide.
  3. Find the six-digit code that will be displayed on the screen.
  4. If you are using your smartphone, open your Pluto TV app and sign in to MyPluto.
  5. Tap the Activate button.
  6. Input the code to be activated from Step #2.
  7. If you don’t have an account or aren’t signed in, navigate to Pluto TV’s Activation site.
  8. Follow on-screen instructions that will be provided.


You’re now ready to ditch your traditional cable TV and switch to a free online TV streaming platform, thanks to Pluto TV! Let us know your favorite Pluto TV channels and your experience using this service. Please comment down below your insights and recommendations.

Pluto TV Channels That Are Free and Worth Your Time

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