Twitch’s CMO Emphasizes The Benefits Of Competition For Creators


TwitchCon 2023, held in Las Vegas, ended on a positive note as the popular livestreaming platform addressed past controversies and announced a significant change in policy during the event. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Delphin, discussed the platform’s response to competition, its commitment to the streaming community, and the importance of creator feedback in shaping Twitch’s decisions.

Key Takeaway

Twitch’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rachel Delphin, believes that competition from rival platforms is beneficial for both the livestreaming industry and creators. By embracing competition and offering new features like simulcasting, Twitch aims to maintain its position as the leading livestreaming platform while prioritizing the needs and feedback of its creators. The platform’s focus on community engagement and support, along with its 16 years of experience, solidify its position as the go-to platform for livestreaming.

A New Step: Simulcasting Allowed Across Livestreaming Platforms

One key announcement made during TwitchCon was the decision to allow streamers to simulcast on any livestreaming service, a major departure from the platform’s previous exclusivity clause. Simulcasting, which was previously banned, allows content creators to simultaneously stream on Twitch and other rival platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

This move by Twitch represents a shift towards embracing a more diverse online presence for creators, responding to the evolving demands of the industry. By giving streamers the freedom to explore multiple platforms, Twitch hopes to attract more viewers and expand the universe of livestreaming.

Twitch’s Livestreaming Dominance: A Combination of Experience and Community

When asked about Twitch’s continued dominance in the livestreaming space, Delphin attributed it to the platform’s long history and expertise in the industry. With 16 years of experience, Twitch has built a strong community that transcends technology itself, making it difficult for competitors to replicate. Delphin emphasized the importance of the engaged chat, loyal subscribers, and the culture fostered within the Twitch community.

Diversifying Features to Serve Streamers’ Needs

Twitch has been introducing new features, such as Stories and discoverability feeds, to enhance the livestreaming experience and accommodate different user preferences. Delphin clarified that these features are ultimately designed to support the needs of live content creators. While Twitch remains focused on providing a meaningful and engaged experience for viewers, it acknowledges the importance of catering to those who prefer quick content consumption or discovering new creators with ease.

Listening to Creator Feedback: A Core Philosophy at Twitch

Delphin emphasized Twitch’s commitment to soliciting and responding to creator feedback. The platform actively seeks input from the community through various channels, including TwitchCon, product Q&As, safety Q&As, and research forums. By maintaining a close relationship with its creators, Twitch ensures that their needs and concerns are addressed, shaping the platform’s ongoing development and policy decisions.

Embracing Competition as a Positive Force for Livestreaming

While acknowledging that Twitch faces competition from other livestreaming platforms, Delphin emphasized that healthy competition is ultimately beneficial for the livestreaming industry as a whole. She highlighted how the presence of more livestreams exposes more people to the medium, driving increased interest in content and expanding the livestreaming universe. Twitch remains confident in its position as the best home for livestreaming by continuing to invest in the community, providing support, facilitating collaborations, and engaging with streamers and fans.

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