Twitch’s Monetization Strategy And Efforts To Mend Ties With Creators


Twitch, the popular livestreaming platform, has been facing backlash from its community over recent policy changes that have impacted the monetization of content for creators. In an effort to address these concerns, Twitch’s Chief Monetization Officer, Mike Minton, has spoken out about the company’s decisions and plans to rebuild its relationship with streamers.

Key Takeaway

Twitch is working to address the monetization concerns of its community by adjusting its eligibility criteria for revenue share programs, improving the ad experience, and expanding sponsorship opportunities. The company’s CEO and Chief Monetization Officer have expressed their commitment to engaging with streamers and prioritizing their perspectives in future policy changes.

Reevaluating Monetization Policies

Last year, Twitch announced the end of its 70/30 subscription revenue split deal for select streamers, which caused disappointment among creators. However, Twitch introduced the Partner Plus program in June, offering eligible creators a 70/30 subscription revenue split on the first $100,000 earned per year. Initially, the program faced criticism due to the high requirements for eligibility. Streamers needed at least 350 monthly paid subscriptions from viewers, excluding gift subs and Amazon Prime subs.

In response to the feedback, Twitch adjusted its eligibility criteria to focus on sub points, giving higher-priced subscriptions more weight. This change was positively received by the community and demonstrated Twitch’s commitment to supporting smaller creators and providing access to higher revenue shares over time.

Improving Ad Experience and Sponsorships

Another controversial decision made by Twitch was the restriction on embedded ads and sponsored content. However, following feedback from streamers who rely on branded partnerships for income, Twitch reversed this policy. The company acknowledges the importance of ads as a reliable source of income for streamers and has introduced features to synchronize ad breaks with stream content, ensuring viewers do not miss out.

In terms of monetization, Twitch differentiates itself from other platforms by emphasizing community support through subscriptions, gifting, and cheering, which allows viewers to directly support creators. However, Twitch acknowledges that it needs to improve its sponsorship opportunities for streamers to provide more diverse income options.

Engaging with the Community

Twitch’s new CEO, Dan Clancy, has prioritized engaging with streamers and incorporating their perspectives into policy changes. The company’s receptiveness to feedback has generated a more positive sentiment within the community, as evidenced by the improved atmosphere at TwitchCon 2023 in Las Vegas.

Minton emphasizes that Twitch’s recent decisions are not driven solely by competitive pressures but by a genuine focus on strengthening its relationship with the community. The introduction of Partner Plus, the ability to simulcast on other platforms, and the changes in embedded ads are all examples of Twitch’s commitment to listening and responding to its streamers’ concerns.

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