DistroKid Launches Android App, Expanding Its Music Distribution Services


Independent music distribution service DistroKid has expanded its reach by launching its Android app, following the successful release of its iOS counterpart several months ago. The Android app mirrors the capabilities of its iOS version, which has garnered over half a million downloads. Artists can now conveniently upload their tracks directly from their phones, receive payment alerts, access analytics from platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, and modify metadata for their songs.

Key Takeaway

DistroKid’s launch of its Android app marks a significant expansion of its services, providing artists with more accessibility and convenience in managing their music distribution and promotion.

Expanding Services and Acquisitions

In addition to the app launch, DistroKid has been actively involved in other significant developments this year. In April, the company introduced “Mixea,” a new mastering tool priced at $99 per year. This tool offers various features such as optimizing tracks for radio, enhancing bass, and facilitating high-quality audio uploads.

Furthermore, DistroKid made headlines in September with the acquisition of Bandzoogle, a website-building tool tailored for musicians. Founded by musician Chris Vinson in 2003, Bandzoogle enables artists to directly sell music, tickets, and merchandise to their fanbase. At the time of acquisition, Bandzoogle was powering over 60,000 sites and had achieved a remarkable $100 million in inventory sales.

In October, DistroKid forged a partnership that allows artists to distribute their music on ByteDance’s TikTok Music service. As part of this collaboration, DistroKid artists will have the opportunity to showcase their songs on the CapCut video editing software.

About DistroKid

DistroKid, founded by Philip “Pud” Kaplan in 2013, has continued to make waves in the music industry. The company secured its latest funding round in 2021, achieving a valuation of $1.3 billion.

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