New Agreement Allows DistroKid Users To Upload Songs To TikTok Music And CapCut


Independent artists using DistroKid will now have the opportunity to showcase their music on TikTok Music and CapCut, thanks to a new agreement between DistroKid and TikTok. This partnership allows millions of musicians to promote their songs on these popular platforms, gaining exposure to TikTok’s vast user base and building their audience.

Key Takeaway

Independent artists using DistroKid can now upload their songs to TikTok Music and CapCut, expanding their reach and gaining exposure to TikTok’s billions of users. This partnership signifies DistroKid’s dedication to empowering independent musicians and providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent on popular platforms.

Tapping into the Power of TikTok

TikTok Music, a recently launched subscription-based music streaming service, has quickly become a powerful platform for music discovery. Although it is currently available in only five countries, TikTok Music holds great potential due to the billions of users on TikTok who are eager to listen to and discover new music. With this partnership, DistroKid’s music catalog joins the catalogs of major record labels like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music on TikTok Music.

Additionally, DistroKid’s collaboration with CapCut, a popular video editing app owned by ByteDance, further expands the reach of independent artists. CapCut has approximately 490 million iOS and Android users, making it an ideal platform for artists to showcase their music and gain visibility.

The Benefits for Independent Artists

Having a presence on TikTok Music and CapCut is crucial for independent artists who rely on prominent platforms to promote their music and connect with a wider audience. With the ability to upload their songs to these platforms, independent artists can increase their chances of being discovered and potentially growing their fan base. This partnership signifies DistroKid’s commitment to supporting independent musicians by providing them with opportunities to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry.

DistroKid: Empowering Independent Artists

DistroKid, which distributes a significant portion of the world’s music, initially teamed up with TikTok in 2019, becoming one of the first music distributors to support independent artists in uploading their music to TikTok. With this collaboration, DistroKid users receive royalties each time their songs are featured in TikTok videos, with DistroKid handling the payment process. While the exact payment details are not disclosed, estimates suggest that artists receive three cents per video, with DistroKid providing artists with 100% of the earnings (excluding banking fees and taxes).

Furthermore, DistroKid’s services extend beyond TikTok, allowing musicians to sell their songs on various platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon, and iHeartRadio. Additionally, DistroKid artists have the opportunity to feature their music in ad campaigns through TikTok’s Commercial Music Library (CML), which is now fully accessible to all DistroKid artists.

DistroKid’s partnership with TikTok and the recent acquisition of website builder Bandzoogle further emphasizes their dedication to supporting independent artists by providing them with comprehensive tools for music distribution, monetization, promotion, and e-commerce functionalities.

The expanded collaboration between TikTok and DistroKid comes shortly after TikTok’s partnership with to sell tickets for its first live music event, demonstrating TikTok’s commitment to connecting artists with their fans both online and offline.

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