CapCut Launches CapCut For Business, Targeting Businesses With AI-Enhanced Video Editing Tools


ByteDance-owned video editing app CapCut has announced the launch of CapCut for Business, expanding its services into the business sector. CapCut, known for its user-friendly templates and AI effects, has become one of the top consumer video editing apps, ranking consistently in the top 10 or 20 overall apps on the iOS App Store. With CapCut for Business, the company aims to provide tools that enable marketers, brands, small businesses, and creators to generate ads and branded content.

Key Takeaway

CapCut expands into the business sector with the launch of CapCut for Business, offering AI-powered video editing tools for marketers and brands to create ads and branded content. The platform’s features include an AI script generator, AI-generated presenters, and a virtual try-on feature. CapCut’s popularity has grown globally, with widespread usage in countries outside of China. By providing easy-to-use video editing tools, CapCut aims to empower businesses in creating compelling videos for social media platforms.

AI-Based Tools for Ad Creation and Marketing

CapCut for Business offers a range of AI-powered tools to assist advertisers and marketers in creating engaging content. One of the standout features is an AI-powered script generation tool that helps generate script ideas based on product or business descriptions. Additionally, the platform provides commercially licensed business templates and a smart tool that can convert URLs of products or landing pages into videos.

AI technology is further utilized with the introduction of AI-generated presenters. These virtual presenters can showcase a company’s products through demos and explainer videos, while a virtual try-on feature allows customers to virtually try on products and generate photos. This feature is particularly useful for e-commerce businesses and clothing merchants.

Collaboration and Integration for Teams

CapCut for Business is specifically designed for team use, with collaboration features that enable multiple users to work on ad campaigns together. Users can grant permissions for editing, access, review, and add notes and suggestions, promoting seamless teamwork and greater efficiency.

Expanding Globally and Gaining Popularity

Originally launched in China in 2019 as JianYing, CapCut expanded globally and gained popularity due to its ties with TikTok. As of August 2023, CapCut has been used by approximately 490 million iOS and Android users worldwide, accounting for around 25% of TikTok’s user base. The app has seen significant growth in countries such as the U.S., U.K., Germany, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Brazil. CapCut has also become the most profitable video editing app globally, pulling in $50 million during the first half of 2023.

CapCut for Business – Empowering Businesses with Easy Video Editing

CapCut is positioning its editing app as a solution for consumers and marketers to create compelling videos for social media platforms, including TikTok. By providing AI-enhanced video editing tools, CapCut aims to enable businesses to create engaging content without the need for expensive and advanced video editing software. The launch of CapCut for Business is expected to help marketers increase their video output, views, engagement, and drive online sales. The software is now available to brands, marketers, and creators at no cost.

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