TikTok’s New Feature Allows Direct Posting From Adobe Apps, CapCut, Twitch, And More


TikTok has introduced a new feature that enables users to directly post videos to the platform from a wide range of popular editing apps. This feature, called Direct Post, is aimed at developers of third-party apps who want to integrate more closely with TikTok. It builds on TikTok’s existing “Share to” integrations, which allowed third-party apps to publish content to TikTok.

Key Takeaway

TikTok’s new Direct Post feature allows users to post videos directly from popular editing apps like Adobe Premiere Pro and CapCut, as well as Twitch and SocialPilot. With this integration, creators can seamlessly share their content on TikTok while taking advantage of advanced editing options and automation features. The partnership with Adobe demonstrates TikTok’s commitment to embracing AI technology in the video editing process, providing creators with tools to enhance their creative workflows.

A Seamless Integration

With Direct Post, third-party apps not only have the ability to post video content directly to TikTok but can also take advantage of additional options. These options include setting captions, audience settings, and more within their own platforms, before sending the information to TikTok with just a single click. Additionally, long-form video creators can schedule their content to publish on TikTok through social media management platforms.

Embracing AI Technology

The introduction of Direct Post allows TikTok to leverage the advancements in the wider creativity app landscape, particularly those apps that utilize AI technology in the video editing process. Adobe, as a key partner of TikTok, is offering the Direct Post feature from Adobe Premiere Pro, an AI-powered video editing tool, and Adobe Express, a lightweight AI-powered creativity app.

“Now more than ever, publishing content in real-time has become a necessity, and creators of all skill levels need tools that can empower them with greater efficiency and without constraints,” said Deepa Subramaniam, Adobe VP of Creative Cloud product marketing. “With the new Direct Post feature for TikTok available in Adobe Express and Premiere Pro, creators can continue to create standout content, but with increased speed and without any interruption to their creative workflows.”

Partnership with Industry-Leading Apps

In addition to Adobe, TikTok has partnered with other industry-leading apps. CapCut, a popular video editing tool from TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, is one such partner. CapCut has recently hit the $100 million milestone, illustrating its success in the market. Twitch streamers can also benefit from this integration, as they will be able to use the Twitch Clip Editor to convert their clips to portrait mode and share them directly on TikTok.

Enhanced Social Media Marketing

SocialPilot, a social media marketing tool, is another partner that has adopted the Direct Post feature. This integration allows professionals, teams, agencies, and businesses to automate their social media posting.

Expanding API Support

The Direct Post API is open to developers of creative tools and video editing apps. TikTok has also announced that the API will soon support photos in addition to videos, further expanding the capabilities of the platform.

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