Apple Vision Pro: Exciting Indie Apps And Games For The New AR/VR Headset


With the highly anticipated release of the Apple Vision Pro, consumers are eager to explore the world of AR/VR and the array of apps that will accompany this cutting-edge device. While major companies like Disney+, Max, TikTok, Zoom, and Reddit are contributing to the app lineup, there is also a wave of independent developers creating visionOS-optimized apps for the Vision Pro. Apple has revealed that over 600 apps and games have been tailored for this new platform, promising a diverse and engaging experience for users.

Key Takeaway

The Apple Vision Pro is set to revolutionize the AR/VR experience with a diverse range of indie apps and games, offering users an immersive and engaging journey into the world of spatial computing.


  • Soul Spire: A spatial puzzle game designed exclusively for the Vision Pro, challenging players to free friendly ghosts trapped within color-shifting cubes.
  • Blackbox: A unique spatial puzzle game that requires unconventional interactions, such as singing and rotating, to solve puzzles presented as floating bubbles in the physical world.
  • Ploppy Pairs: A card-matching game that offers a SharePlay feature for multiplayer fun, allowing players to manipulate and position the cards in their physical space.
  • Doodle Draw: A digital drawing pad with various tools for creative brainstorming and doodling.


  • NowPlaying: A comprehensive music app that provides detailed information about artists, 3D models of music awards, and ShazamKit integration for identifying songs in the environment.
  • Djay: An AI-powered DJ app that simulates the live DJ experience with a hyperrealistic 3D turntable and futuristic environments.
  • Spool: A music video editor that allows users to add visual effects while performing, enhancing the music video creation process.


  • MindNode: A visual brainstorming app that facilitates the organization of notes in the form of floating thought bubbles within the virtual space.
  • Numerics: A dashboard app that consolidates KPIs from various tools, offering a centralized view of tasks and data.
  • OmniPlan: A project management tool with a dedicated app for the Vision Pro, providing a large window visualization of Gantt charts.


  • Study Snacks: An app that engages users in learning by splitting words across the space and challenging them to reassemble the words correctly.
  • Subjects: A class and homework tracking app tailored for the Vision Pro, aiding students in managing their academic responsibilities.

Other Fun Apps

  • Sky Guide: A constellation finder app reimagined for the Vision Pro, offering an immersive stargazing experience within the home environment.
  • Planner 5D: A home improvement tool that allows users to view 3D design projects, customize items, and explore a vast catalog of furniture and decor in VR mode.
  • Elite Hoops: A basketball play creation app that brings basketball drills to life in the living room, catering to basketball coaches.

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