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How To Download Newgrounds Games



Welcome to the world of Newgrounds games! Whether you’re a long-time fan of this iconic online platform or just discovering it for the first time, you’re in for a treat. Newgrounds is renowned for its vast collection of entertaining and addictive games, created by talented developers from around the globe. With a myriad of genres and categories to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

While playing games directly on the Newgrounds website is convenient, you may want to explore options for downloading and playing these games offline. Whether it’s to enjoy them on-the-go, save them for later, or preserve them before Flash officially becomes obsolete, there are a variety of methods available to help you achieve this.

In this article, we will explore four different methods for downloading Newgrounds games and playing them offline. From downloading directly from the Newgrounds website to using browser extensions, third-party software, and even the innovative Flashpoint platform, we’ve got you covered. Each method comes with its own advantages and considerations, so let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Newgrounds game downloads!


Method 1: Downloading Games from the Newgrounds Website

One of the simplest ways to download Newgrounds games is by directly obtaining them from the Newgrounds website. Many game developers on Newgrounds provide a download link alongside their game, allowing you to download and play it offline.

To download a game from the Newgrounds website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Newgrounds website at
  2. Use the search bar or navigate through the different categories to find the game you want to download.
  3. Once you’ve found the game, click on it to open the game’s page.
  4. On the game’s page, look for a download link/button provided by the developer.
  5. Click on the download link/button to begin the download process.
  6. Save the game file to your preferred location on your computer.
  7. Once the download is complete, locate the game file and double-click on it to start playing the game offline.

It’s important to note that not all games on Newgrounds have downloadable versions available. Some games may only be playable online using the Flash player on the Newgrounds website. However, for games that do have download options, this method offers a straightforward way to play them offline at your convenience.

Keep in mind that the availability of download links may vary from game to game. Some developers may choose not to provide a download option, so searching for games with download capabilities is recommended if you specifically want offline access.


Method 2: Using a Browser Extension to Download Newgrounds Games

If you prefer a more streamlined approach to downloading Newgrounds games, using a browser extension can be a convenient option. There are several browser extensions available that allow you to easily download games from the Newgrounds website directly from your browser.

Here’s how you can use a browser extension to download Newgrounds games:

  1. First, ensure that you have a supported browser extension installed. Popular options include extensions such as Flash Video Downloader, Video Downloader Plus, or DownThemAll.
  2. Once you’ve installed the extension, visit the Newgrounds website and locate the game you want to download.
  3. On the game’s page, the extension should detect any downloadable content present on the page, including game files.
  4. Look for the extension icon in your browser’s toolbar, usually located at the top right corner of the window.
  5. Click on the extension icon, and it should display a list of downloadable files for the current page.
  6. Select the game file you want to download from the list provided.
  7. Choose your preferred download location on your computer and initiate the download.
  8. Once the download is complete, you can access the game file and play it offline using the appropriate software or player.

Using a browser extension to download Newgrounds games makes the process quick and hassle-free. These extensions simplify the download process by automatically detecting downloadable content on the Newgrounds website, enabling you to save game files with just a few clicks.

It’s worth noting that the availability and functionality of browser extensions may vary, so it’s advisable to read reviews and choose a reliable and reputable extension that suits your specific browser and requirements.


Method 3: Downloading Newgrounds Games with Third-Party Software

If you’re looking for more advanced options and features when it comes to downloading Newgrounds games, utilizing third-party software can offer a broader range of functionalities. These software programs are specifically designed to assist in the process of downloading and playing games from various online platforms, including Newgrounds.

Here’s how you can download Newgrounds games using third-party software:

  1. Choose a reputable third-party software application that supports game downloads. Some popular options include Internet Download Manager (IDM) and JDownloader.
  2. Install and launch the software on your computer.
  3. Open your preferred web browser and navigate to the Newgrounds website.
  4. Find the game you want to download and copy the URL of the game’s page.
  5. Go back to the third-party software and locate the option to add a new download or create a new download task.
  6. Paste the copied URL of the game’s page into the appropriate field within the software.
  7. Configure any desired settings, such as the download location or file format.
  8. Initiate the download process and let the software retrieve the game file for you.
  9. Once the download is complete, you can access the game file and enjoy it offline using the appropriate software or player.

Third-party software provides a more comprehensive set of features for downloading Newgrounds games. This includes options to pause and resume downloads, organize your downloaded files, and even schedule downloads for later. Additionally, some software may offer faster download speeds and the ability to download multiple files simultaneously.

However, it’s important to research and choose a reliable and reputable third-party software application. Ensure that the software is compatible with your operating system and antivirus software to avoid any potential security risks. Additionally, be mindful of any potential cost associated with certain software applications, as some may offer free trials or require a paid subscription for full functionality.


Method 4: Using Flashpoint to Access and Play Newgrounds Games

As you may be aware, Flash is being phased out and will no longer be supported by major web browsers in the near future. This poses an issue for playing Flash-based games on the Newgrounds website. However, an ingenious solution called Flashpoint has emerged to preserve and provide access to a massive collection of Flash content, including Newgrounds games.

Flashpoint is a webgame preservation project that aims to archive and keep various Flash games and animations playable even after Flash’s official discontinuation. By using Flashpoint, you can access and play a vast library of Newgrounds games offline on your computer.

Here’s how you can use Flashpoint to access and play Newgrounds games:

  1. Visit the Flashpoint website at
  2. Download the Flashpoint Ultimate or Flashpoint Infinity package based on your system’s requirements.
  3. Install the Flashpoint application on your computer following the provided instructions.
  4. Once installed, launch the Flashpoint application.
  5. Search for Newgrounds games within the Flashpoint application using the built-in search functionality or browse through the available games.
  6. When you find a game you want to play, click on it to launch the game using the Flashpoint player built into the application.
  7. Enjoy playing Newgrounds games offline without the need for an internet connection.

Flashpoint offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for accessing and playing Newgrounds games without worrying about the demise of Flash. The project regularly updates its library, ensuring a vast collection of games from Newgrounds and other platforms are available to users.

Keep in mind that Flashpoint is a community-driven project, and while it strives to include as many games as possible, it may not have every single game from Newgrounds. Nonetheless, it offers an extensive selection for your offline gaming pleasure.

By utilizing Flashpoint, you can relish the nostalgia of classic Newgrounds games and discover hidden gems you may have missed, even after Flash is no longer supported by modern browsers.



Downloading and playing Newgrounds games offline opens up a whole new level of convenience and accessibility. Whether you choose to download games directly from the Newgrounds website, use a browser extension, third-party software, or explore Flashpoint, the options are plentiful.

Method 1, downloading games from the Newgrounds website, is the most straightforward approach. If the game offers a download link, you can save it to your computer and enjoy it offline at any time.

Method 2, using a browser extension, provides a quick and convenient way to save Newgrounds games directly from your browser. With just a few clicks, you can download games and play them offline without hassle.

Method 3, utilizing third-party software, offers additional features for more advanced users, such as pause and resume functionality, organization options, and faster download speeds.

Finally, Method 4 introduces Flashpoint, a remarkable solution that preserves and allows offline access to an extensive collection of Flash-based games, including those from Newgrounds. With the Flashpoint application, you can relive the joy of playing Newgrounds games even after Flash becomes obsolete.

Remember to always choose reliable and reputable sources when downloading games or using third-party software. Be cautious of potential security risks and ensure compatibility with your computer and operating system.

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of these different methods, you can embark on your journey to enjoy the vast selection of captivating and addictive Newgrounds games, no matter where or when you choose to play them.

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