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How to Download Flash Games: The Easy Way

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Flash is a software platform that has many uses in multimedia. It’s predominantly used in gaming, apps, and mobile devices. Since the use of web browsers became mainstream, flash games have been a favorite pastime. Like most things on the internet, flash games are also downloadable. In this article, we will teach you how to download flash games.

The games featured in this guide are free to play. We do not encourage downloading games that are for purchase.


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Flash has different file types. Each of these files is vital in running a flash program.


  • FLA – The actual flash file itself. It’s the source of a flash file and can only be opened with Flash (not Flash Player)
  • FLV – Flash Video, the preferred format for video clips with Flash
  • SWF – Flash Delivery File. It’s a compressed version of the FLA file and is best to view in a web browser.
  • SWT – Flash Template File. This is where you can edit a Flash file.
  • SWC – This is where you can customize the parameters for various application functions.


Flash games are free-to-play games in web browsers. Many websites allow users to play Flash games, which as their name, are made with the Flash software. Flash is not only available on PCs, but mobile devices as well. While still available today, it will soon stop because Adobe plans to phase it out by the end of 2020. The good thing is that you can play Flash games until the end of this year. The best part? You can also play Flash games offline.

As Flash games are usually played on browsers, it’s a no-brainer that you need to have an internet connection first to access them. There are wireless routers that you can buy that give a strong connection. And as Flash games are usually accessible on PCs, it’s best to play on 4K monitors to get the most out of your choice of games’ graphics.


How to Download Flash games

You have to make sure that you have a Flash player program on your computer. If not, you won’t be able to play downloaded Flash games.


On Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome. Enable Flash on your browser if needed.
  • Go to the website of the Flash game you want.
  • Open the Flash game you want to download.
  • Open the menu on the upper right, located below the X button.
  • Choose “More tools”.
  • Look for “Developer tools” and click it.
  • Click the cursor icon, located on the upper left of the developer tools popup.
  • Click on your Flash game. It’s best if you click in the middle of your Flash game’s window. The code of your flash game will then appear on your developer tools popup.
  • Find the SWF link and open it in a new tab. It will start downloading.
  • Open the SWF file and you’re ready to play.


On Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox. Enable Flash on your browser if needed.
  • Go to the website of the Flash game you want.
  • Choose the icon with three horizontal lines, which is the menu.
  • Click on “Web Developer”.
  • Look for “Page Source” and click it.
  • Bring up the “Find” menu by pressing CTRL + F.
  • Type in “SWF” to find the Flash game’s link.
  • Right-click the link and open it in a new tab.
  • Wait for it to finish downloading.
  • You can now start playing. You can do so as long as you have a Flash player on your computer.


How to download Flash games on mobile


On Android

Using the Flash Fox app is the easiest and best way to play Flash games on mobile.

  • Download the Flash Fox from the Play Store.
  • Open Flash Fox. It works like a browser.
  • Look for the Flash game you want to download in the Flash Fox browser.
  • Open it and start playing.

Unfortunately, iOS does not support Flash. Despite this, there are apps in the App Store that you can buy to access Flash on iOS.


Where to find flash games



Miniclip, a flash game website.
Photo taken from


Miniclip is a website where users can play flash games. It started in the year 2001 and has grown ever since. Tabs for different genres are in place to arrange games. It also has downloadable mobile games. Such mobile games include Plague Inc.,, and Mini Militia, to name a few. Flash game sites like this are usually pretty old. So, be sure to use a VPN to stay safe while browsing.



Kongregate, another flash game website. It’s also a distributor.
Photo taken from


Kongregate is another flash game website. Not only that, but users can also have their games put up on the website for other players to play. It has over 110,000 games and more than 30 mobile games. Besides having games to play, Kongregate also publishes games from other developers. The games that users can upload have to be either made with JavaScript, Shockwave, Java, and Unity.

It also has a storefront, Kartridge. It focuses on indie games and users can buy them. Free-to-play games are also available.



Newgrounds, a website where other content besides games are also distributed.
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Newgrounds is a user-driven flash website. Like Kongregate, Newgrounds also allows users to upload games for other users to play. Aside from games, other content is available at Newgrounds. These include movies, art, and audio. These four categories make up the portals where users go for content. Being a user-driven website, the community gives ratings for content. This is for uploaders to put improvements for their future content.


Crazy Monkey Games

Crazy Monkey, a flash game website that helps designers.
Photo taken from


Crazy Monkey is a good website for Flash games, despite having limited features. It has a wide catalog of games that users can play at their expense. It also has a Flash sponsorship program that helps Flash designers. The site releases a newsletter once a month to inform users of anything new, such as games or features.



Y8, a classic flash game website.
Photo taken from


Y8 Games is a free-to-play game website that has a sprawling catalog. It has a lot of genres, such as FPS, adventure, puzzle, and more. Most of the games in Y8 are single-player, but some titles are playable with two players.



Gamesbox, another flash game website. It was formerly Y3 and operated like Y8.
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Gamesbox is another free-to-play game website. It is a sister site of Y8 which is why it looks exactly like it with a little difference. Some titles are available with Gamesbox that’s not with Y8, and vice versa. Like Y8, it also has a huge catalog of games.



NinjaKiwi, a flash game website like Kongregate and Newgrounds.
Photo taken from


NinjaKiwi is not only a browser game website but also a video game distributor. NinjaKiwi’s games are playable on many platforms, such as PC, iOS, Android, and Steam, to name a few. It started in 2006 and has obtained awards twice for its developed games.


Addicting Games

Addicting Games, another classic flash game website.
Photo taken from


Addicting Games is yet another browser game website. It has lots of games available to play, with genres such as puzzle, adventure, sandbox, and strategy, to name a few. If users can’t think of what to play, they don’t need to worry. Addicting Games has a feature where trending games get featured. That way, users will have little to no hard time when deciding what to play.


Armor Games

Armor Games, yet another classic like Y8 and Addicting Games.
Photo taken from


Armor Games is another good source of Flash games. It has several notable games, such as the Fancy Pants Adventure series and Gemcraft. Games uploaded by developers to the site have each of their own achievements. Game genres include point and click, adventure, and puzzle, to name a few.


Best Flash games to play



Doom, a classic FPS game made available for Flash.
Photo taken from


Doom is a well-known game that has made a significant impact on the gaming industry. Whenever the term “FPS” is mentioned, chances are Doom is the first thing that comes to mind. In Doom, you play as Doomguy, a space marine, who has to fight his way through hordes of demons and creatures. It has expansive levels with lots of obstacles that hinder the player. There are also a lot of weapons, such as guns and a chainsaw.


Super Mario 63

Super Mario 63, a flash game reimagining of Super Mario 64.
Photo taken from


Super Mario 63 is a fanmade game in the vein of Super Mario 64 in a 2D environment. Being a 2D game, players navigate the same way in the early Mario games. Movements include moving left and right and jumping in a side-scrolling perspective. Like most Super Mario titles, the goal of the game is to rescue Princess Peach. Elements from other Super Mario titles make an appearance in the game as well.


Rogue Soul

Rogue Soul, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up flash game.
Photo taken from


Rogue Soul is a side-scrolling platformer game. In it, players assume the role of the titular character, a ninja who prides himself to be the best. When a rival bandit named Borin Hood rises to the top, Rogue Soul takes it upon himself to reclaim his title. Gameplay mechanics in the game are so fluid that players will not have a hard time playing it.


Frog Fractions

Frog Fractions, a defense flash game.
Photo taken from


In the game, players assume the role of a frog who protects a fruit from insects using its tongue. As the game goes, players can buy upgrades that will help in their insect-busting.



Electricman2HS, a beat ‘em up flash game.
Photo taken from


Electricman 2HS is an action-packed beat ‘em up game. In the game, players play as a stickman figure who has to fight off waves of stickman enemies. Lots of combos can be done and movement is sometimes done in slow motion, which adds to the fun.


Dino Run

Dino Run, an endless runner flash game.
Photo taken from


In the game, prehistoric extinction is imminent. Players assume the role of a dinosaur running away from the meteor that would kill all life in a flash. You jump over obstacles as you run. In essence, it’s like the dinosaur game in the Google Chrome browser that you can play when there’s no internet.


Double Wires

Double Wires, a strategy-esque flash game.
Photo taken from


In this game, you play a character like Spider-Man. The goal of the game is to cling to the surface using two wires to prevent your character from falling. The only thing you have to do is to get as far as possible.


Final Ninja

Final Ninja, a side-scrolling fighting game.
Photo taken from


Final Ninja is a side-scrolling game where players play as the titular ninja. Players go against incoming enemies with different tools and weapons from their arsenal.


Space Invaders

Space Invaders, another classic game made available for flash.
Photo taken from


Like Doom, Space Invaders also has a significant impact on the gaming industry. In the game, players kill waves after waves of incoming aliens using a laser beam and earn points.


Bloons Tower Defense series

Bloons, a defense flash game.
Photo taken from


From NinjaKiwi, this series, as its name, is about defending a tower. Players prevent balloons (called in-game as “Bloons”) from reaching the end of a course. Players can do so by placing traps and obstacles. Such methods include gluing and freezing the balloons.


Haunt the House

Haunt the House, a horror-comedy strategy flash game.
Photo taken from


Haunt the House is a hilarious horror game with cute aesthetics. In the game, players take the role of a ghost who scares away the human inhabitants of a mansion. Players do so by possessing various items in the house.


Line Rider

Line Rider, an endless runner flash game.
Photo taken from


In the game, players draw lines for a man riding a sled. The course goes as the game goes, letting players be creative when making the sled’s course.


Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy, a sandbox game where you torture the titular character.
Photo taken from


This game lets players live out their god fantasy. In the game, they have the titular “interactive buddy”. They are to grind for cash and will have to use said cash to buy torture devices. These torture devices are usable against the interactive buddy. A hilarious factor is that you can customize your buddy by dressing it up in different skins, such as Bill Gates.


Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917, a real-time strategy flash game.
Photo taken from


Warfare 1917 is a strategy game set in World War I. It has two campaigns, which are the British and German forces. Players are to use infantry, defense, and a clever strategy to overpower the enemy.


Software that can run Flash


Vectorian Giotto

Vectorian Giotto, a flash software that can be used with making flash media.
Photo taken from


Vectorian Giotto is one software that can run Flash. Not only that, but you can also make flash media with it. If ever you’re having difficulty with codes, Vectorian Giotto is one software to use. It makes coding easier compared to Flash, where coding is a little more complicated. As it’s easier to use than Flash, users are more to enjoy the creative process with creative freedom. Even if users experience difficulty, a manual is available for users so that they won’t get lost. It also has animation textures that are available for use. Vectorian Giotto is available on Windows.


Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash, the premier flash software.
Photo taken from


Adobe Flash is the premier software when it comes to Flash media. It started 25 years ago and has since dominated Flash creation. With Flash, users can make animation, video, and graphics. It can stream audio and video as well. Flash animation works best with Adobe Animate, another software for 2D animation. Flash is where the different file formats discussed earlier are put to work. ActionScript is the language used by Flash. It is available on different platforms, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Unfortunately, Adobe will stop Flash support at the end of 2020.


Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, a media player that can play flash.
Photo taken from


The Windows Media Player is usable with Flash, but users can only run Flash files and not make them. The only Flash file format you can run on Windows Media Player is .swf, or Shockwave Flash.



Puffin, a browser that has flash compatibility.
Photo taken from


Puffin is a web browser with excellent Flash support. It runs on cloud support, which makes web page loading run faster than normal. Puffle’s Flash player integration makes running Flash content easier. It has two versions, which are Puffin Web Browser and Puffin Web Browser Lite. It is available on Windows, Android, Android TV, iOS, and macOS.


Final thoughts about downloading Flash games

Flash games bring a sense of nostalgia, dating back to a time where a lot of us don’t know much about gaming in general. Flash games have been there for us and are a favorite pastime enjoyed by many.

It’s not much seen, but Flash games really made an impact on the gaming industry as a whole. If not for Flash games, aspiring developers would not have made a name for themselves. Not only that, but the said developers also would not have grown and made more games later on. We have to thank them and in extension, the developers of Flash as well. If not for them, we would not have these amazing games.

Downloading Flash games is a benefit as well. When you have a Flash game at your disposal, you can play it anytime. It works well with mobile devices because you can play not only anytime, but also anywhere. Flash games are playable on almost any platform, be it PC or mobile. In the end, what should matter is that we enjoy the flash games we play.

How to Download Flash Games: The Easy Way

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