Dying Light 2 Gameplay Preview: What to Expect

The usage of zombies in movies and video games saw a major rise in the last decade. We’ve seen shows revolve around the plot of a zombie outbreak. However, that might have fatigued most consumers as most releases have followed a certain formula. When it comes to video games, developers have released games like The Last of Us and Dying Light—games that have innovated the zombie survival genre. And now Dying Light is seeing a new sequel. Dying Light 2 is set for a 2021 release.

Dying Light was a pretty innovative title in the genre, so let’s see if the sequel continues that trend.


What Is Dying Light?


The game is the direct sequel to Dying Light. The first game was released back in 2015 and innovated the first-person zombie genre. The most famous being the gameplay, most significantly in the player’s movement. Traditional first-person games allow players to walk, spring, jump, and duck. However, the first Dying Light title allowed players to traverse buildings and level uniquely.

Players can parkour their way from building to building, run up walls, and more. This gave players more options on how to approach quests. Another great feature that the first title gave us is the day-and-night cycle. During the day, you’ll have more vision but human enemies can detect you more. Yes, aside from zombies, you’ll have to combat humans as well.

However, it does not get better once night falls. During the night, stronger and more unique zombies appear to make your life a living hell.

In terms of size, the first Dying Light drops players off literally in the city of Harran. Dying Light boasts an open-world map that you can explore.

While Dying Light received praise for how innovative it was, it still had flaws, which the second game Dying Light 2 can improve on.


Dying Light 2 Availability

As of this moment, Dying Light 2 is scheduled for a 2021 release; however, no specific date has been announced.

Dying Light 2 will be available for PC gamers via Steam. It will also be playable on current-gen consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One. Lastly, it could also see a release on the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

While waiting for the Dying Light 2 to release, check out our list of the best horror games.


Dying Light 2 Gameplay Preview

Dying Light 2 Enemy
Photo by Dying Light


To improve on the first release, Dying Light 2 looks like it’ll build on what made the first game a good one. Since Dying Light 2’s reveal, people are curious as to what are the new things in Dying Light 2 as well as elements retained or removed from the first game. Let us now take a look at what the new game has in store for both new and returning players.


Story and Setting

Photo by Dying Light


Dying Light 2’s story is set 15 years after the events of the first game. The world is now feeling the effects of the Fall and survivors are struggling to live their lives. Not only are the infected still ever-present but different factions have risen to take control of the City. It is the player’s job as Aiden Caldwell to deal with these factions and make sure that no faction dominates the City.


Choices and So Much More

The City
Photo by Dying Light


In Dying Light 2, your choices during quests have bigger implications for the overall game world. In the first title, your choices can impact a mission or an ending. However, in Dying Light 2, the way you deal with different factions will change your overall environment.

One example is a mission given by the Peacekeepers faction. You’ll have to deal with entities holding up the water supply. Deal in favor of the Peacekeepers and see law and order implemented albeit with obvious abuse in power. Side with the people holding up water and renegades will use water as a form of currency. Your choices become more consequential as you progress into the game. This can either help or hamper the different districts within the City.


Return of Day and Night Cycles

One of the best features from the first game was the day and night cycles. As stated, during the day, you’ll see better but you’ll also be susceptible to enemy factions and renegades. The trade-off is that you’ll be able to move more silently versus human enemies during the night. However, the infected will now be more active and more dangerous.


Enemy Variation

Photo by Dying Light


Speaking of the infected, they are back and they have evolved. The infected looks to have new abilities and types. Such is one enemy called the Drowner, an infected that lives in watery and muddy areas. This enemy type has spikes in its body, which will result in an even bigger challenge.

In terms of human enemies, expect them to be more armed especially with different factions vying for power within the City’s districts. You can expect your typical armed goons, as well as those who wield heavier weapons and are comparatively bigger. You’ll need to use your weapons and gadgets to defeat your enemies.


Weapons and Weapon Customization

In Dying Light 2, not only can you pick up new weapons but you’ll also be able to craft and customize them. These will be your main tools to ward off human and infected enemies. You’ll have a wide array of weapons for both close quarters and ranged engagements. However, do remember that some weapons require you to manage their durability. Use a melee weapon too often and it gets broken. Using guns, on the other hand, creates more noise as well as limited ammo.

Your weapons can be used in combination with your gadgets to take down enemies in different ways.



UV Light
Photo by Dying Light


In Dying Light 2, you’ll be able to use multiple gadgets during your playthrough. These gadgets can help you during combat. You can latch on to environmental pieces using your grappling hook to take down enemies. The grappling hook also lets players traverse levels vertically or horizontally, which can help you parkour through numerous obstacles. It’s handy if you are trying to surprise or run away from enemies.

Another gadget shown in the trailers is a UV flashlight or lamp. This acts as your light source in dark areas. This light source is also a great tool to combat infected enemies since this hurts and confuses them.

You’ll be able to unlock more gadgets once you play through the game.


Movement and Parkour

Of course, since this is Dying Light, we have to talk about parkour and level traversal. In Dying Light 2, there is an emphasis on moving through rooftops and avoiding the ground. This is due to numerous human and infected mobs. One way of avoiding them is by using your parkour skills to climb buildings and cross the roof of buildings.

Based on the gameplay trailer, several environmental pieces will help you move from point a to point b faster. Also, your gadgets can help you in exploration and combat as they add a new dynamic to your overall movement.


Graphics and Visual Presentation

Photo by Dying Light


Six years have passed since the first Dying Light title and basing on the trailers, there is a significant upgrade in the graphics department. The City looks very detailed even if it’s way bigger than the first game’s setting. Visuals look smoother as well as the sprites for humans and the infected.

Another great upgrade is how the City can look based on your choices. If a certain faction gets too powerful, that can affect how a district will look.

The lighting looks better as well, especially with the UV light effects.


Dying Light 2 vs Other First-Person Horror Games

Dying Light 2 is not the only horror game due to come out this year. Thus, it’s better if we take a look at horror games that have been released or will come out this year.


Resident Evil: Village


Resident Evil 8 or Village is an upcoming horror survival game. Like Dying Light 2, it uses a first-person perspective to amp up the horror factor. You’ll be able to see enemies head-on, as well as experiencing scares even more.

However, Village is a more ambient and slower game compared to Dying Light 2. The latter focuses more on fast movements and has better melee combat.

However, both games have differing crafting mechanics that will help you survive and finish the game.


Outlast 1 and 2


Speaking of atmospheric first-person horror games, a few titles can match Outlast 1 and 2. These games offer players a true horror experience that has been replicated by other games. Imagine being helpless as you only have a camera to help you walk through dark levels. Also, the lack of weapon use makes the focus more on not being seen than fighting back.

Outlast is more of a direct opposite of Dying Light’s formula.


Is Dying Light 2 Worth the Hype?

If you’re a fan of action-horror games, Dying Light 2 is worth waiting for. Backed up by a world that changes through your actions, this game looks to have massive replayability as well. It lets you be creative on how to take down enemies, as well as how to approach quests to get the desired outcome. There is reportedly a multiplayer mode as well and the ever-changing world can affect how you and your friends play the game.

Hopefully, once this game is released, it is as good as advertised and does not fall short of expectations.

Dying Light 2 Gameplay Preview: What to Expect

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