Top 10 Internet of Things Stocks To Invest Today

Best IoT Stocks

Those investing in the Internet of Things (IoT) witnessed one more lucrative year in 2020 as the market for IoT devices and services is growing rapidly. The global IoT market size is forecast to reach $212 billion by the end 0f 2019 and expand to $1.6 trillion in the next five years to 2025. Investors might see some market fluctuations but the market for IoT and the Internet of Things stocks as a whole are set to grow.

Starters wondering how to invest in the Internet of Things oftentimes look for trendy startups and newly established service providers while some of the best IoT stocks are shares of big tech companies such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. The problem with new markets such as the Internet of Things is that an investor has plenty of options to invest in but many of options are quite a risky investment.  Internet of Things investment is not necessarily associated with starting up companies, you may well chose a “blue chip” company and still have investment in IoT stocks.

As we said, IoT companies to invest in include both big market players and new market entrants. That is why we have selected the best Internet of Things stocks to invest today.

Best IoT Stocks
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Top 10 IoT Companies To Invest In Today

We have selected an Internet of Things investment strategy that enables you to pick less risky IoT stocks  that bear lower interest but also bear no risk to get out of the market within a couple of years. Our list includes companies that all have income streams coming from the IoT space with some more involved in hardware while others are entirely into the making of IoT software platforms and services.


1. Microsoft

Microsoft Corp.
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Windows 10 IoT core is a simplified version of Microsoft’s widely popular operating system and it is designed for connected devices, actually any connected devices. This makes Microsoft one of the most trendy IoT company to invest in as Windows is an operating system you can embed in virtually any IoT device by any manufacturer.

Microsoft also offers a platform for developers to create IoT services and solutions that work with different devices. Their ambitions to play a huge role in the IoT market makes Microsoft one of the best IoT stocks available to both novice and experienced investors.


2. IBM

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IBM is another large company that bets bog on the IoT market, mainly through their artificial intelligence platform named Watson. The Watson AI platform is designed for enterprises to develop connected solutions that take advantage of AI and machine learning solutions available through Watson. Their platform has many uses across a variety of industry verticals, which makes IBM one of the top picks for Internet of Things stocks.


3. Amazon

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Amazon aims at being the company that enables anyone to have access to things to buy on the Internet. Their Amazon Dash button is an example of a simple connected device that enables you to purchase goods with a single click e.g. coffee or napkins or anything. More important, they have a huge cloud services business through Amazon Web Services (AWS), which serves as a backbone for multiple IoT applications and services as well. Amazon is one of the top IoT stocks for the coming years.


4. Apple

Apple is another big name that aims at controlling the IoT market, mostly by enabling users to manage connected devices through their iPhones. The tech giant offers a smart-home hub called HomePod that competes with Amazon’s Echo devices to provide consumers with a centralized control center for their connected homes and offices.

Apple provides software developers with an IoT version of their iOS operating system. Thus enabling companies to create devices and services that work on Apple’s IoT platform.


5. Alphabet

Google’s parent company already play a leading role on the IoT market, offering both enterprise-grade solutions and consumer products such as their Google Assistant for connected homes. Their Internet of Things investment is mostly in creating cloud-based solutions to collect and analyze data coming from connected devices. They are also a leading company in the field of AI. Which makes Google one of the best IoT stocks for years.


6. Intel

Intel Corp.
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The chipmaker is a stock not to miss when considering how to invest in the Internet of Things. Each and every connected device needs a chip inside to work and connect to other devices. And, Intel are really good at making chips.

Intel produces its own IoT products but also provides chips and processors to other companies involved in IoT. This makes Intel a safe bet when you invest in IoT stocks.


7. ARM

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ARM are strong competitors to Intel when it comes to providing chips and processors for the IoT market. Connected devices need more and more computing power that comes from chips made by companies like ARM and Intel. ARM is a good choice for any investor who wants to see his IoT stocks grow in value.


8. AT&T and Verizon

Verizon and AT&T are competing hard to be the first who provides a complete 5G offer, while the fifth generation of wireless technologies will play an important role in offering expanded IoT services in the future. IoT is getting mobile and both companies have a role to play on this market.


9. Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless
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Sierra Wireless is one of the most active companies investing in IoT products. They produce tablets, collaborate with automotive OEMs, and invest in connected utilities and security services. Their shares are one of the safest investment in Internet of Things stocks.


10. Marvell Technology

Marvell are not as popular a brand as Intel or ARM. But, they are a major supplier of 5G chips designed for connected devices large and small. The company is well established and is one of the good and stable IoT companies to invest in.


Final Thoughts On Investing In Internet Of Things Stocks

Investing in IoT stocks is a good method to see stable income todayDespite the market being a bit volatile. Nonetheless, the overall IoT industry is set to grow fast for at least a decade. And the best IoT stocks can grow in value multiple times every single year.

It is always a good idea, however, to research any IoT company thoroughly. This is to ensure you pick the best IoT stocks in which to invest.

Top 10 Internet of Things Stocks To Invest In 2020

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